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AMERICAN SAMOA POWER AUTHORITY OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS WATER SUPPLY FACILITIES PLAN for the AMERICAN SAMOA BAY AREA January 4, 2008 RFP NO. 2008ESD-W1000 MICHAEL J. KEYSER Acting Chief Executive Officer - 1 - NOTICE TO OFFERORS REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS ISSUANCEDATE: RFP#: PROJECT: CLOSING DATEfTIME: Januarv ESD-W1000 Water SUDDly Facilities Plan for the American Samoa Bay Area Februarv COl2:00 D.m. American Samoa Time The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) issues a request for proposals to evaluate, negotiate, and contract with a professional consulting firm to prepare a Water Supply Facilities Plan (WFP) of sufficient quality and content to allow the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) to better identify and prioritize short and long term capital improvement projects and operational and maintenance issues for the villages of the Bay Area, with emphasis on the villages of Utulei, Fagatogo and Pago Pago. The selected firm must provide a document that specifically and completely addresses work tasks as specified in the Scope of Work. Qualified offerors must submit a sealed envelope or box and must be labeled RFP #2008ESD- W1000- Water SUDDlyFacilities Plan for the American Samoa Bay Area , attention loana Uli and showing date and time of proposal opening. An original and five (5) copies of the proposal must be received in the Procurement Office at Satala no later than 2:00 p.m. on or before Februarv Proposals transmitted by electronic means, such as via the Internet and facsimile instruments shall be accepted upon receipt by ASPA. Proposals may be transmitted via Air Mail Delivery through Registered, Certified USPS Express Mail, or use of DHL or Fed Ex, but must be postmarked no later than ten (10) days prior to the proposal opening date. The only acceptable evidence of date of mailing is a U.S. Postal Service postmark or similar mark by DHL or Fed Ex; the only acceptable evidence of time of receipt at the ASPA facility is the time-date evidence maintained by ASPA. Late submittals will not be opened or considered and will be determined as non-responsive. Complete proposal package may be picked up from the ASPA, Procurement Office in Satala. You may also view this on ASPA website: more information about this RFP, you may contact: loana Uli, Procurement (684) or or Joachim Fong, Engineering Services Department (684) or (684) or The American Samoa Power Authority reserves the right to: 1. Reject all proposals and reissue a new or amended RFP. 2. Request additional information from any firm submitting a proposal. 3. Select a firm for award based on other than least cost (e.g. capability to complete work in a timely fashion or proven technical capabilities). 4. Negotiate a contract with the firm selected for award. 5. Waive any non-material violations of rules set up in this RFP at its sole discretion....ecutive Officer Date: / -.3- ~flt'!? RFPNO. 2008ESD-WlOOO- WaterSupply Facilities Plan for the AS Bay Area - 2 - PROPOSAL INVITATION IOANA S. ULI MANAGER, PROCURMENT OFFICE AMERICAN SAMOA POWER AUTHORITY: OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT P.O. BOX PPB PAGO PAGO, AS (684) DATED ISSUED: January 4, 2008 PROPOSAL INVITATION NO: RFP# 2008ESD-W1000 INSTRUCTIONS: 1) This REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS shall require a Cost Proposal to be submitted in a separate sealed envelope, box, or other enclosure addressed to Ioana Uli, ASPA Procurement Manager, P.O. Box PPB, Pago Pago, AS An original and five (5) copies of the complete proposal must be received at the ASPA Procurement Office no later than 2:00 p.m. on February 22, The envelope or box must be labeled RFP# 2008ESD-W1000 WATER SUPPLY FACILITIES PLAN FOR THE AMERICAN SAMOA BAY AREA. Late submittals will not be opened or considered and will be determined as non-responsive. All Offerors shall provide sufficient written and verifiable information that responds to the requirements set forth herein. 2) Pre-Proposal Questions Any pre-proposal questions and/or clarifications shall be submitted to or the Procurement Manager in writing (through electronic mail or hard copy) no later than January 25, ASPA shall issue addenda to address any questions and/or clarifications as necessary on February 1, NOTE TO OFFERORS: This proposal is subject to the attached General Terms and Conditions of the Request for Proposals for the WATER SUPPLY FACILITIES PLAN FOR THE AMERICAN SAMOA BAY AREA. The undersigned offers and agrees to furnish within the time specified, the articles and services at the price stated opposite the respective terms listed on the schedule of the cost proposal. In consideration to the expense of the American Samoa Power Authority in opening, tabulating, and evaluating this and other proposals, and other considerations such as the schedule, the undersigned agrees that this proposal shall remain firm and irrevocable within One Hundred Eighty (180) calendar days from the closing date to supply any or all of the items which prices are quoted. SIGNED: DATE - 3 - AMERICAN SAMOA POWER AUTHORITY SPECIAL REMINDER TO PROSPECTIVE OFFERORS Offerors are reminded to read the Sealed Proposal Solicitation Instructions and General Terms and Conditions attached to a Proposal Invitation to ascertain that all of the following (see boxes checked) requirements of the proposal are submitted in the proposal envelope at the date and time for proposal opening. [X] 1. Proposal Forms a. Proposal Invitation Form (Page 3) b. Proposal Transmittal Form (Attachment A) c. Offerors Qualification Sheet (Attachment B) Statement of Qualifications (as prescribed here-in), as well as experience and identity (name and functional capacity of lead technical staff member). [ ] 2. Bond Forms (not applicable) [X] 3. Business License Offerors must submit business license as stated in Section XVII. [X] 5. COST PROPOSAL The Offeror shall submit a separate sealed cost schedule of the Proposal. This reminder must be signed and returned in the technical proposal envelope. Failure to comply with requirements will mean disqualification and rejection of the proposal. I,, authorized representative of, acknowledged receipt of this special reminder to prospective Offerors together with Proposal Invitation/Number RFP NO. 2008ESD-W1000 as of this date of, Offeror s Representative's Signature - 4 - SIGNIFICANT DATES The following are the significant dates for the RFP and the Anticipated Contract and Scheduling Dates: January 4, 2008 Proposal Advertisement January 25, 2008 Deadline for submitting questions/inquiries/clarifications before 4:00 p.m. February 1, 2008 Issue addenda to address questions and or clarifications as necessary. February 22, 2008 Closing Date 2:00 p.m.) February 25, 2008 Procurement to review proposals for responsiveness March 3, 2008 Source Evaluation Board (SEB) review/evaluate proposals March 21, 2008 SEB submit recommendations to Procurement March 24, 2008 Procurement submits recommendation to Board and CEO through the CFO for review, approval and final decision April 11, 2008 Award Project (send to Offeror) May 2, 2008 Contract Execution - 5 - AMERICAN SAMOA POWER AUTHORITY GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR WATER SUPPLY FACILITIES PLAN FOR THE AMERICAN SAMOA BAY AREA RFP NO.: 2008ESD-W1000 I. INTRODUCTION: The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) in order to better identify and prioritize short and long term capital improvement projects and operational and maintenance issues for the villages of the Bay Area, with emphasis on the villages of Utulei, Fagatogo and Pago Pago, hereby issues this Request for Proposals (RFP). Through the RFP, ASPA seeks to evaluate, negotiate and contract with a professional consulting firm to provide a document that specifically and completely addresses work tasks as specified in the Scope of Work. This RFP describes the specifications for the services to be provided in sufficient detail to permit full and open competition and to allow the Offeror to properly respond to the RFP. ASPA requires that the Offeror have extensive demonstrated experience in drinking water supply facilities planning, design and operation and maintenance of medium and large water supply systems especially with multiple pressure zones. Successful completion of projects similar in nature to this Water Supply Facilities Plan (WFP) as specified in the Scope of Work should be described in the proposal and will be considered in the selection process. Specific work experience in American Samoa is preferred, and should be documented in the proposal. The staff to be used should have demonstrated experience on similar projects, and experience on similar projects in American Samoa is preferred. The Principal Investigator/Author and other key technical participants should have a United States P.E. license. The capabilities and experience of local subcontractors that will be used for portions of the work must also be provided in the proposal. The complete description of required services and deliverables is listed in the attached Scope of Work, which is incorporated herein as if fully set forth. II. PROJECT BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The United States Territory of American Samoa is a group of seven islands (five volcanic islands and two coral atolls) located in the South Pacific Ocean at latitude 14 o south, longitude 171 o west. Total land area of these islands is approximately 76 mi 2. The five volcanic islands, which are the major inhabited islands of American Samoa, are Tutuila, Aunu'u, Ofu, Olosega and Ta'u. American Samoa's main port is Pago Pago Harbor located on the island of Tutuila, the largest and most populous island (~58 mi 2, pop. ~56,000), and the center of government and commerce. Aunu'u is a small island situated one mile off the southeast coast of Tutuila. The three islands of Ofu, Olosega and Ta'u, collectively referred to as the Manu'a Islands, are 66 miles east of Tutuila. Rose Island is an uninhabited coral atoll located 135 miles east of Tutuila. Swains Island is a coral atoll with a population of forty, located 200 miles north of Tutuila. The Bay Area is comprised of the villages of Utulei, Fagatogo, Pago Pago, Satala, Atuu, Leloaloa, Lepua and Aua. They are located on the island of Tutuila along the shoreline of Pago Pago Harbor. Currently, these villages are supplied by water from the west side of the island through the Fagaalu Booster Station, the Fagatogo and Vaipito MicroFiltration Plants, the Aua Tank (supplied by Aua Well # 99) and Well #101 in Fagatogo, and Wells #105, #107, #163 # in Pago Pago. The Bay Area villages have elevations ranging from 10 feet to 575 feet above mean sea level. The largest consumers in the area are the Port Authority and the two (2) tuna canneries. Due to the islands topography, right-of-way issues and lack of the necessary infrastructure, about 80 residential houses still don t have access to the ASPA water system. Those that are not supplied with ASPA water or have access but with minimal pressure rely on the non-epa compliant village water systems. A 16 PVC transmission main will soon be completed to replace the existing 12 AC pipe from Coconut Point in Nuu uli to Fagaalu Booster Station. This pipeline will greatly improve transmission capacity from the western side of the island to the Bay Area and beyond. In recent years, the Bay Area has been experiencing regular low pressure due to shortage of supply and operational storage and high unaccounted-for-water caused in part by old and deteriorated asbestos cement pipelines and galvanized iron service lines. Planning and developing a water infrastructure plan to alleviate chronic water pressure and source problems in the bay area villages will be the focus of this WFP. The Bay Area Map is hereby attached as Exhibit A. Completion of this WFP is one component of a comprehensive Water Systems Improvement Program funded by the United States Department of the Interior (USDOI). III. AUTHORITY: ASPA, which generates and distributes electrical power and provides water, wastewater and solid waste services for the islands of American Samoa, was formally established through legislative act by ASG on October 1, Prior to that date, ASPA was operated as a division of ASG s Department of Public Works. This separate, semi-autonomous authority was established to provide better accountability for the utility s operations and cost of service. ASPA is governed by a five-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the legislature. The first three members serve four-year staggered terms, and the fourth and fifth members serve four-year concurrent terms. All rates charged by ASPA are developed and promulgated in accordance with ASG Administrative Procedures Act (ASCA et. seq.) and certain guidelines of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act ( PURPA ) for electricity. ASPA operates a relatively well-developed utility and employs approximately 410 staff amongst several divisions, including Electric, Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste. Operated as a non-profit entity, ASPA generates most of its income from user fees and also relies on federal grants for capital improvements, except for those related to electricity, which are funded through loans. With electricity, provided by diesel powered generation plants, which use approximately 13,000,000 gallons per year, ASPA s operations and services are highly contingent upon fuel prices. From its inception, ASPA has continued to expand its customer base while making improvements to all utility components. For the most part, U.S. standards and regulations apply to the operation of the utility including but not limited to the Safe Drinking Water Act ( SDWA ), the Clean Water Act ( CWA ), the Clean Air Act ( CAA ) and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act ( RCRA ). ASPA is a member of the American Public Power Association ( APPA ), National Rural Electric Cooperative Association ( NRECA ), American Water Works Association ( AWWA ), Pacific Power Association ( PPA ), Pacific Water Association ( PWA ) South Pacific Geoscience Commission, ( SOPAC ), American Public Works Association ( APWA ) and other organizations associated with federal, international and state regulations IV. SCOPE OF WORK: 1. Introduction This Scope of Work (SOW) describes the basic requirements for preparation of a Water Facilities Plan (WFP) for the Bay Area villages, Tutuila Island, American Samoa. The required elements of the WFP are described in Section 4 below. This WFP is intended to be a detailed planning document. Representatives of USDOI, United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA) and ASPA will use this WFP to evaluate and define fundamental requirements for functional water infrastructure for the three villages of the Bay Area with the intention of improving the present water supply and planning for the future. As a planning document, this WFP will be used to determine if infrastructure alternatives are appropriate in terms of potential funding sources and reasonable implementation schedules. The WFP will also be used to justify funding requests, and will be used as a basis for the detailed engineering design of infrastructures. The Contractor will prepare a document of sufficient quality and content that can be used by an Architectural/Engineering (A/E) contractor as a basis for detailed engineering design. Detailed engineering and architectural design work is not specifically required in this SOW, except for elements of design work are required in order to provide accurate information for purposes of cost estimating and the evaluation of alternatives as detailed in this SOW. Engineering and architectural drawings that are required are intended to be conceptual, but must fulfill the specific requirements of this SOW. For each proposed facility, or combination of alternative facilities, drawings must accurately represent site layout, pertinent hydraulic, civil, architectural, environmental and mechanical data, general structures layout and general materials of construction. 2. Background Certain sections of Bay Area villages have regularly experienced low pressure service during the past few years. Deteriorating deep well sources and hydraulic facilities, an increase in population and commercial development and development of residential homes in higher elevations have all contributed to the present and future situation of the Bay Area villages. A computer hydraulic model of the central system, which includes the Bay Area, is under development by ASPA. As of this RFP, all existing facilities including their corresponding relevant data (e.g. elevations, tank volumes, well and pump characteristics, pipe type, lengths and diameters, etc.) and water demands, have been encoded in the Water GEMS Program. This program shall be made available to the successful Offeror to work on the present and future hydraulics of the system. It should be noted that the Bay Area has existing ground water and surface water supplies in addition to the supply coming from the western side of the island. Consideration should also be taken that the eastern side of the island is mostly dependent on the Bay Area s water supply. 3. Objectives As indicated above, this WFP is intended to be a detailed planning document. The primary objective of this WFP is to develop projects that are acceptable and eligible for possible funding by the USDOI, USEPA and other appropriate Agencies. The projects should contribute towards the improved delivery of potable ASPA water to the existing customers and to future customers of the Bay Area for the next twenty years The results of this WFP will also be used as an important resource for future planning and management of water infrastructures for the central system, of which the Bay Area is a component. 4. Prepare 60% Draft WFP for the A.S. Bay Area To meet the objectives of this SOW the successful Offeror shall prepare a 60% submittal of the WFP to include all items listed below. The purpose of the 60% submittal is to allow ASPA to review the Contractor's methods and content for Plan development and preparation. The 60% submittal must include work on all items listed below, but all items do not need to be fully completed for the submittal. 4.1 Describe Planning and Design Parameters The contractor shall describe the planning and design parameters of concern and limitations (e.g., line pressures, domestic, commercial and industrial demands, fire demands, storage requirements, etc.) applicable to the proposed facilities. All parameters should be in compliance with the USEPA regulations and requirements. SDWA, AWWA, ANSI/NSF and all other relevant potable water standards should also be taken into consideration. 4.2 Assess Existing Conditions for the Bay Area Villages This WFP must describe the existing conditions in the planning area. The following existing conditions must be described to the extent necessary to develop, analyze, and recommend alternatives for various facilities and to determine the environmental impacts of all proposed actions Planning Area Description: The Contractor shall describe the planning area by village boundaries, political jurisdictions, and physical characteristics including meteorology, hydrology, geology and soils. As a planning tool the Contractor shall prepare a topographic map in AutoCAD format of the entire planning area that shall show all major site features including but not necessarily limited to structures, elevation contours, roadways, buried utilities, water wells, stream courses (intermittent and perennial), wetlands, shorelines, and areas of significant vegetation. It is recommended that the Contractor should utilize ASPA, the American Samoa Department of Commerce (ASDOC), and the American Samoa Department of Public Works (ASDPW) to obtain existing topographic data for the planning area. Field instrument surveys will be required for ground trudging and data supplement, given that
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