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Wausau School District AC Kiefer Educational Center Pre-Kindergarten and Early Childhood Program PARENT HANDBOOK School Office: First Student: Dear A.C. Kiefer PreK
Wausau School District AC Kiefer Educational Center Pre-Kindergarten and Early Childhood Program PARENT HANDBOOK School Office: First Student: Dear A.C. Kiefer PreK and Early Childhood Families, WELCOME to the school year at A.C. Kiefer Educational Center. The Kiefer staff eagerly looks forward to forming a strong and positive partnership with you and your child. Since you are your child s first and most influential teacher, collaborating together will best prepare your child for future academic and social success. We will communicate regularly by group s and phone calls as well as bi-weekly newsletters. If possible, please plan to attend our Parent at School event the first Wednesday of every month. In this Kiefer Handbook you will find many useful items such as our safety, snack, and bus policies, information about transporting and visiting Kiefer School, our school calendar, and important educational and curricular priorities. Our policies are made to keep your child safe in the most stimulating learning environment possible. Please note that to improve the safety of our students, staff and parents, the district has installed secured entrances at all of our district buildings. When entering A.C. Kiefer you will be buzzed in once the school day has started. All visitors are required to check into the office before proceeding anywhere in the building. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. The Wausau School District Parent/Student Handbooks will be available for you to view online. To access the Wausau School District handbook please go to: wausauschools.org/forparents.htm (scroll down to find the Parents/Student Handbook). Please note that there are policies in the District Handbook that relate to such things as media events, prescription procedures, etc. Also included are the Wausau School District s Key Interests which are the basis of all current and future educational decisions. You will find our school rules on a poster you can hang at home. The expectation for all of our children is that we make good choices. The 5 rules are the cornerstone of our work on social-emotional and behavior skills at school. All of the rules can easily be applied at home. Talk about the rules and praise your child enthusiastically when you see him/her follow these rules at home. We welcome you as part of our Kiefer family, where state recognized programs and fun, individualized learning opportunities occur every day so that every student has the same opportunity for success. Please feel free to call our school office with any questions. If we are unavailable, we will return your call as soon as possible. Nyla Gebert and Patty Lammers are our friendly, dedicated secretaries available to help you. Your friends in the education of your child, Connie Zebro, 4K/Early Childhood Coordinator and the A.C. Kiefer Staff A.C. Kiefer Educational Center FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. WHAT TIME IS SCHOOL IN SESSION? AM session: 8:25 am to 11:00 am PM session 11:40 pm to 2:15 pm 2. WHAT ARE THE PROCEDURES WHEN MY CHILD RIDES THE BUS? If your child is riding the bus, please remember that the bus may be late the first few days. If for any reason, your child will not be riding the bus on a particular day, please call First Student at and they will notify the driver that your child will not be riding; calling saves time and fuel. Please be ready at least 10 minutes before your scheduled pick up time. The times can vary due to absent students. When your child is dropped off, an adult must meet the bus. Again, please be waiting for the bus at least 10 minutes before the scheduled drop off time. If an adult is not present, the child will be returned to school and the parent will need to pick the child up at the Kiefer Center. We understand that emergencies may arise, but being brought back to school is extremely stressful for the child. If your child is returned to school two times, we will ask you to come in for a meeting with the principal and social worker to brainstorm solutions for a smooth bus ride for your child. Due to the necessary time for First Student to set up routes, no busing changes or additions will be made from August 15th until September 15th. Parents of students who enroll during this time period will need to transport their child until the busing can be arranged. After September 15th, bus changes may be made. Please allow one week from the time we get the paperwork until the bus arrangements are made. 3. HOW CAN I ADD OR CHANGE MY CHILD S BUSING? All bus requests are done through the A.C Kiefer office, Please do not call First Student for bus changes. Information for any bus changes can be taken over the telephone. Remember any daycare must be located in our transportation area: Stettin, Grant, Jefferson and Maine attendance areas. 4. WHAT ARE THE PROCEDURES WHEN I TRANSPORT MY CHILD? Many parents choose to transport their child to A.C. Kiefer. If you choose to do so, please make sure your child is at school on time to avoid loss of valuable instructional and learning time for your child. Parents must accompany their child into and out of school during pick up and drop off times. If you are dropping your child off, doors will be open five minutes prior to start time, i.e. 8:20 am and 11:35 am. Please wait in the gym with your child until a school adult supervisor is available. The parent may then leave and the supervisor will walk the children to their classrooms. If you are picking your child up from school, the doors will be unlocked five minutes prior to dismissal, 10:55 am and 2:10 pm. Upon entering school, you will initially need to give your password to our supervisor. You will then be directed to the gym to wait for your child. The school staff will bring the children to the gym at dismissal time. Please do not go to the classroom for your child as it creates confusion and congestion in the hallways. Once the school day starts, the doors are locked and you will be buzzed in at the front entrance only. All visitors are required to check into the office and put on a visitor badge before proceeding anywhere in the building. It is our policy that every visitor must check into the office and wear a visitor badge except during pick up and drop off times. 5. WILL MY CHILD GO OUTSIDE EVERY DAY? YES! PLEASE DRESS YOUR CHILD FOR OUTSIDE RECESS EVERY DAY! There is new research with evidence of the far-reaching effects of regular exercise in improving the intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being of students. Regular exercise creates an environment in which the brain is ready, willing, and able to learn. If it is cold or rainy, we will use the gym as a substitute. 6. WHAT IF I WANT TO PICK MY CHILD UP EARLY? HALL PASSES All visitors, including parents, are required to register in the office before going to visit a classroom. If you wish to pick your child up early, please stop in the office to get a pass. No students will be released to parents without a pass. ALL ADULTS PICKING UP CHILDREN AT KIEFER MUST HAVE THE PASSWORD PROVIDED BY PARENTS DURING REGISTRATION. 7. WHAT IF MY CHILD IS SICK OR WILL MISS SCHOOL? Please call the bus company, First Student, at (if your child rides the bus) and Kathleen Naef, our Health Aide, at or call the Kiefer Office at We need to know the reason for the absence or it will be an unexcused absence. 8. CAN I VOLUNTEER? WE NEED and APPRECIATE ALL VOLUNTEERS whether it is one time or on a regular basis. Volunteers are an integral part of an efficient, high quality school. This also gives your child the message that school is an important place to be. There will be a volunteer sign up in your child s backpack. Any time you can afford contributes to our school success! 9. HOW CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT OR HOW MY CHILD IS DOING IN SCHOOL? Parents are welcome to talk with teachers or the principal if they have any questions. Please call the school office and leave a message and a call will be returned to you during office hours. Watch for the KIEFER CONNECTION, the school newsletter,every other week. In addition, you will be invited into your child s classroom every month to observe a lesson and participate in an activity with your child. THIS HAS BEEN AN EXTREMELY POPULAR ACTVITY FOR BOTH PARENTS AND STUDENTS. The Wausau School District has a phone messenger system that will call and leave you with a voice message for any emergency information or reminders. 10. WHAT OTHER EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES ARE OFFERED? As part of the 4K program, we offer over 90 hours of opportunities for families to learn more about their child s development as well as fun parent-child activities around the community. Please watch for and phone messages regarding these activities. 11. WHAT ABOUT SNACKS? In order to comply with our District snack policy in regulating the ingredients of snacks, we ask parents to pay a $40.00 fee and we purchase the snacks each day. It is greatly appreciated when parents send a packaged birthday treat or fresh food like vegetables, fruits, cheese, yogurt, etc. for the class. 12. CAN MY CHILD GO TO 4K FOR TWO YEARS? Please note that 4K programming is intended for one year only. Requesting a second year of 4K is considered retention and will be subject to Wausau School District Policy requiring a case by case approval system. Thank you for planning accordingly. 13. IS THERE HOMEWORK IN PRESCHOOL? Your child is in school only 10% of his/her waking hours. Therefore, we suggest you review items that are sent home and talk about and give names for EVERYTHING. A take home book will be sent home every three weeks. Re-read the story and ask lots of questions that start with why and what if. Teachers will occasionally ask students to bring things to school so the students can transfer newly learned information to a different environment. 13. WHAT SUPPLIES DOES MY CHILD NEED? 4K SUPPLY LIST Four 4-oz. bottle of white glue 1 box of crayons, 16 or 24 count 2 CRAYOLA watercolor sets, 8 color count NO OFF BRANDS 1 package of Crayola washable markers (Pip-Squeak preferred) 2 large boxes of facial tissues 1 3-pack of clear or white glue sticks jumbo size NO PURPLE GLUE 2 packs of stickers that 4 year olds would like 1 box of quart or sandwich size zip-lock bags 1 box of gallon zip-lock bags Large backpack, large enough to hold a two-pocket folder (which we will supply) and snow pants for winter. Please avoid wheeled backpacks for safety reasons. Extra set of clothing in a zip lock bag with child s name printed on bag. $40.00 Student activity fee for the entire year (if writing a check, make payable to the Kiefer Center ). This covers a daily snack and two field trips. Payment to be made at Open House, August 28 th, 4:00 to 6:00 pm. EARLY CHILDHOOD SUPPLY LIST 2 large boxes of facial tissues Sensory supplies (pick one only--new and in package) flour, salt, oats, cornmeal, birdseed, vegetable oil, rice Large backpack, large enough to hold a two-pocket folder (which we will supply) and snow pants for winter. Please avoid wheeled backpacks for safety reasons. Extra set of clothing in a zip lock bag with child s name printed on bag. Diapers, pull-ups and wipes if needed by your child Student activity fee for the entire year. This covers a daily snack and two field trips. Payment to be made at Open House, August 27 th, 4:00 to 6:00 pm or during the first week of school. Class meets 5 days a week = $40.00 Class meets 4 days a week = $35.00 Class meets 3 days a week = $30.00 Class meets 2 days a week = $25.00 The Wausau School District does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability. Federal law prohibits discrimination in education and employment on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or disability. Anyone who believes that the Wausau School District has inadequately applied the principles and/or regulations of Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, Section 504 or the Americans with Disabilities Act, may file a complaint with the WSD Equity Director at the Longfellow Administration Center, 415 Seymour Street, Wausau, Wisconsin , or by telephone at A.C. KIEFER EDUCATIONAL CENTER MISSION, VISION, CORE BELIEFS Our Mission: The mission of the Wausau School District s Early Education Program is to provide every child with the foundation to become a lifelong learner through school, family and community partnerships in a safe, caring and enriching environment. Our Vision: I LEARN, Individualized learning in an environment that is engaging, active, reflective, and nurturing with high expectations for all and includes family and community collaboration. Belief Statements: 1) All students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process. (key interests #1,2,3,7) 2) All students (e.g. special education, limited English proficiency, talented and gifted, etc.) need curriculum accommodations and resources to improve their performance. (key interests #2,3) 3) Students learn best when staff maintains high expectations for learning. (key interests #3, 5) 4) A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning. (key interest #6) 5) Teachers, administrators, parents, and community share the responsibility for helping students learn. (key interests #4, 8) Wausau School District Key Interests 1) Advance student learning, achievement, and success by keeping it at the heart and as the filter for our decision making. 2) Utilize research-based curricula that reflects 21st Century themes and applications and are responsive to the needs and potential of all students, preparing them for a global society. 3) Provide real-life, diverse learning opportunities with practical applications in the classroom and beyond. 4) Inform and engage the community in shaping educational strategy and formulating responses to change. 5) Attract, retain, and develop a high quality, diverse, creative, and innovative workforce of leaders. 6) Provide safe, secure, flexible, inviting, and well-maintained environments that nurture student well-being and enhance teaching and learning. 7) Identify, integrate, and expand technology to foster adaptability and maximize learning for all. 8) Foster mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations that expand learning opportunities and resources. Updated school year TEACHING AND LEARNING WAUSAU SCHOOL DISTRICT 4K CURRICULUM AND ASSESSMENT Children learn through exploring and play! There is a great deal new research indicating that the skills we teach and when we teach them are critical to a child s success in reading and his/her ability to regulate his own feelings and make friends as well as all developmental areas.because of rapid brain development, this critical learning has to take place as early as possible through the partnership of parents and teachers. In early childhood programming, children are provided with opportunities to explore and apply new skills through child and teacher initiated. We use the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards as the foundation to the Wisconsin Common Core State Standards and our Wausau School District Program Goals to guide our curricular and assessment decisions. The following is a summary of our curriculum components: Happily Ever After: This literacy component of our curriculum is rooted in solid, current research. Each three week unit consists of 10 lessons that are designed to prepare children for future reading success. Take-home books are sent home with each. You will get parent letters with each unit giving you ideas to practice skills at home. Phonic Soup: This is a sound awareness program where children learn to produce and listen for individual consonant and vowel sounds in a way that is concrete and meaningful. This is accomplished by having students experience a visual-tactile-auditory connection between common environmental noises and three-dimensional objects, referred to as sound toys . For example, the phoneme (sound) which is commonly associated with the alphabet letter Z is taught by making a connection with a zipper sound toy. The student holds the zipper and zips it up and down while making the z sound associated with the letter Z. Handwriting Without Tears: This is our handwriting curriculum. Research supports the active teaching of writing as it is an expression of what we are thinking and reading and builds fine motor skills. The Pyramid Model-Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (SEFEL): Our staff has advanced training in helping children to identify and regulate their emotions, problem solve their frustrations, and follow rules and expectations. You will hear a lot about Tucker Turtle! Nursery Rhymes: As part of our curriculum, we use traditional nursery rhymes and fingerplays. Nursery rhymes also greatly enrich young children s vocabularies and supply some early lessons in the ways our language works and encourages thinking skills. ASSESSMENTS: Our students are checked regularly on benchmarks in all areas of development and assessed specifically on vocabulary development, social emotional development and a fall and spring 4K Developmental Assessment. In addition, the state of Wisconsin requires that every student in 4K be given the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening instrument. Wisconsin teachers use PALS to identify students at risk of developing reading difficulties, diagnose students' knowledge of literacy fundamentals, monitor progress, and plan instruction that targets students' needs. Health Information Your child should be kept home or will be sent home for the following health issues: Fever (temperature 100 degrees F or greater) - child should be fever-free for 12 hours before returning to school Vomiting/frequent diarrhea Upper respiratory illness with frequent cough/drainage Strep throat - until 24 hours after treatment has begun Pink eye - until 24 hours after treatment has begun Head lice (until after treatment) Undiagnosed or untreated skin rash or sores that cannot be covered You can help your child stay healthy by encouraging frequent and thorough hand washing. Hand washing is the single most important defense against disease. Medications A medication form completed by the parent must be on file in our office for all medications, both prescription and over the counter. A doctor must sign the form for any prescription medication. Please contact our heath aide, Kathleen Naef, with any questions regarding your child s medications. The medication form is on the following page.
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