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basic of WAS
  1. What is websphere? The moment you ask this question, the first question that comes to mind is WebSphere applicaitonserver. In reality, WebSphere is the name of a product family. IBM has many more products under thebrand name WebSphere. WebSphere Application Server , WebSphere M, WebSphere Messa!e broker,WebSphere business modeler, WebSphere process Server, WebSphere business monitor, WebSphereinte!ration developer, WebSphere partner !ate ay are some of the products under this brand name. 2. Whats is a profile in websphere Application Server? When you install WebSphere application server, e#ecutable files and confi!urations files are seperated.This allo s you install the product once and create multiple sets of confi!urations hich uses the sameunderlyin! core e#ecutables of the ebsphere application server installation. These are the profiles in ebsphere application server. As you kno , there are many types of profiles and you can createmultiple profiles. 3. What does nodeagent do in websphere Application Server? We ill have one nodea!net per one node. The node a!ent acts as an mediator bet een the$eployment manma!er and the node. 4. What is Sync in websphere Application Server? WebSphere application server stores all the confi!uration data in one central location kno s as %Masterrepository%. And every node&server ill have the local confi!uration repository. The sycn process makesure that the confi!uration in both local and master repositories are same and in'sync. The sync is aone dimentional process means, it ill sync the confi!urations only from Master repository (() localrepository. 5. What is websphere plugin for web server and where do i need to install the plugin? It is common practise to have eb and app servers on different machines. WebSphere provides aplu!'in hich enables eb server to talk to application server, this is kno n as eb server plu!'in.Web server plu!'in ill have a confi!uration file named plu!in'confi!.#ml hich ill have referenes toall the servers, clusters, applications, virtual hosts of the ebsphere application server. *ou can!enerate this confi!uration file from administration console, servers '') eb servers. Select a ebserver and click !enerate plu!in confi!uration file and then propa!ate the plu!in. This plu!'in needs tobe installed on the eb server machine !. don#t have WebSphere installed on $y web server how do i add to the webspheread$inistration console ? If you like to add your eb server to that WebSphere administration console, you can do that bycreatin! a unmana!ed node and then add from servers'') eb servers %. &o i need a web server if i have a websphere application server? Web Server and WebSphere application server provide t o different functionalities. WebSphereapplication server do has an inbuilt eb server functionality but it is recomended to use a seperate eb server for many reasons. Some of them are+ . By seperatin! eb and application server  activities, your application servin! environment is more secure. -. sin! the ebserver you canloadbalance the requests bet een multiple application servers. '. (ow do edit)$odify the property)configuration files? It is recomended to modify all the confi!urations usin! the administration console. When you need tomake any confi!uration chan!es, you need do the apply chan!es and sync them. Any chan!es you doat local repository level are discarded upon the ne#t restart of that server because the sync is al aysfrom $M/0 to local repository and chan!es are not saved to master repository. 1or e#ample, if youedit a confi!uration file of server and restart it... the chan!es are lost. When the server starts itsyncs the confi!uration from master repository. *. What happens if $y &+,- is not running? $M/0 is the sin!le point of failure in WebSphere net ork deployment model. 2ven if $M/0 is do n,rest of the server ill contine to run and serve the applications. 3o ever, anychan!es you make in thissituation are not saved to master confi!uration repository. 1. installed a new application/ what do i need to do before i can access it fro$ the webserver 0-? When you install a ne application or update an application, your eb server need to be a are of thechan!es. Which means you need to update the eb server plu!'in confi!uration file. So after asuccessful installation of an application ith mappin! to eb server, you need to re!enerate the plu!'in confi!uration file and propa!ate it to eb server. 11. what is a connecting pool ? a connection pool is a cache of database connections maintained so that the connections can be reused hen future requests to the database are required. 4onnection pools are used to enhance the performance of e#ecutin! commands on a database. In connection poolin!, after a connection is created, it is placed in the pool and it is used over a!ain so that a ne connection does not have to be established. If all the connections are bein! used, a ne connection is made and is added to the pool. 4onnection poolin! also cuts do n on the amount of time a user must ait to establish a connection to the database. 12. What is virtual host in websphere application server? 5irutal host is a confi!uration not a physical one. A confi!uration that lets a sin!le machine resemble multiple host machines. 2ach virtual host has a lo!ical name and a list of one or more $6S host aliases by hich it is kno n. By deafult, e ull have a default7house and admin7host virtual hosts defined in ebsphere application server. 13. how do i connect $y application to tal to a database? To achive this , you need to create a 8$B4 provider and datasource. The 8$B4 provider ob9ect encapsulates the specific 8$B4 driver implementation class for access to the specific vendor database of your environment. The data source ob9ect supplies your application ith connections for accessin! the database. The best ay to learn more about this task is, lo!in to administration console '')!uidedactivities '') connectin! to a database. 14. (ow can i $ae sure that $y servers are available while restarting a cluster? se the option ripplestart ... It first stops and then restarts each member of the cluster.  15. #ve $ade so$e changes to $y applicaiton#s web.$l / how and where should i update this file? *ou can do this from the administration console. /o to enterprise applications '')select your application and click update. on the ne#t panel, you%ll have option to update the entire application, a sin!le module or even a sin!le file or multiple files. Select the sin!le file option and specify the file%s path you like to update . Specify a relative path to thefile that starts from the root of the ar&ear file. So it looks somethin! like this + app. ar&W2B'I61& eb.#ml 1!. (ow do i $ini$ie the downti$e while i#$ updating the applications ? se rollout update option. This option sequentially updates an application on multiple cluster membersacross a cluster. After you update an application%s files or confi!uration, click 0ollout pdate to install the application%s updated files or confi!uration on all cluster members of a cluster on hich the application is installed.0ollout update ill save the application confi!urations then stops the cluster members on a node then syncs the confi!uration and stat the clusters members on that node. Then it proceeds to the ne#t nodeand does the same steps. 1%. We are getting a #class not found# and developers lie to now/ if that class is being loaded or not. how can i assist the$ troubleshoot the issue? WebSphere administration console has an utility usin! hich you can see hat classes are loaded at hat scope for an application. /o to Troubleshootin! '')class loader vie er and select the module. 1'. We have so$e issue with our application server and we tried illing it using ill* co$$and/ the process disappeared for few seconds but it is bac again. We did not start the server but it started. What would be the reason? Servers ) Application Servers ) server7name. Then, under Server Infrastructure, click 8ava and :rocess Mana!ement ) :rocess $efinition ) process ) Monitorin! :olicy. 3ere e have an option Automatic 0estart, this Specifies hether the process should restart automatically if it fails. ;n distributed systems, the default is to restart the process automatically. 1*. s there a way i can start $y server along with nodeagent ? Servers ) Application Servers ) server7name. Then, under Server Infrastructure, click 8ava and :rocess Mana!ement ) :rocess $efinition ) process ) Monitorin! :olicy. 3ere e have an option 6ode0estart State hich specifies the desired behavior of the servers after the node completely shuts do nand restarts. ST;::2$ ' node a!ent does not start the server. 066I6/ ' the node a!ent al ays starts the server. :025I;S ' the node a!ent starts the server only if the server as runnin! hen the node a!ent
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