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Virtual Welding The training method of the future Realistic learning on the simulator Zero safety risk Resource-saving The success package GENERAL REMARKS The welding education of the future has a name:
Virtual Welding The training method of the future Realistic learning on the simulator Zero safety risk Resource-saving The success package GENERAL REMARKS The welding education of the future has a name: Fronius Virtual Welding. Trainees can now take course sessions virtually, under quasi-realistic conditions. Many firms are faced with a shortage of qualified welders. Fronius Virtual Welding is a step towards enhancing the image of welding, with innovative technology. Without needing any prior knowledge, beginners can start learning what welding is all about under true-to-life conditions without any safety risks, and using an ergonomically shaped torch, typical workpieces and adjustable welding parameters. ECONOMY Using Virtual Welding brings huge potential savings, consuming up to 25 % fewer materials and resources. The trainer can now concentrate on the essentials. Welding-training costs compared Consumables 25 % cost-savings Consumables Resources Resources Conventional Fronius Virtual Welding Fronius Virtual Welding is available in 2 versions: as a terminal and in a compact carry-case for mobile use. UTILISATION Learning while you learn Training Mode The training takes place in two steps. The first step is Training Mode, which is divided into three learning phases. An ideal type of assistance is provided by a virtual instructor known as the Ghost. The Ghost shows trainees the optimum welding speed, the tip-to-work distance and the torch tilt angle that they should keep up. Traffic-light colour signals and real-life welding noises give them real-time feedback, showing them where and how they are on-target or deviating from target. In this way, direct and instant correction is possible from right inside the process. Three-phase training: 1. Welding speed. 2. Welding speed and tip-to-work distance. The system offers a choice of workpieces so that trainees can practise different types of weld-seam and welding positions. 3. Welding speed, distance and torch tilt angle. The second step, Simulation, shows a real-looking representation of the torch with a workpiece. No more help from the Ghost here. Simulation Mode The sessions in Training Mode are followed by Simulation, in two consecutive learning phases that build upon what has gone before. To begin with, the novice welder practices in a real welding situation with no help from the Ghost. After this, trainees set the necessary parameters themselves. This well thoughtout teaching structure ensures a consistently high quality of training. Measurable results A pedagogically sophisticated points system means that comparable training results can be achieved again and again; this in turn allows the trainees to be assessed objectively and transparently. Assessment is made easier by the automatically generated ranking lists. Like in a computer game, these ranking lists show how well the players are measuring up against one another which makes learning a lot more fun. Training Mode: three learning phases Simulation Mode: two learning phases. Assessment is made easier by the automatically generated ranking lists. You ll find more product information at SYSTEM So easy that it s self-explanatory Virtual Welding is extremely easy to operate and scores for the self-explanatory structure of its software and its easy-view menu navigation. The touchscreen makes it even easier to select and work through the tutorials. As an optional extra, the helmet is available with a pair of built-in 3D goggles. These make working on the workpiece an even truer-to-life experience no need to look back and forward between the workpiece and the touchscreen during training. Virtual Welding an ideal tool for trainees of the young media generation. Be your own trainer with no risk to yourself or others. All-round view This ingenious training tool uses a magnetic field and magnetic sensors to transmit information about how the torch is being manipulated, the tip-to-work distance and even fine, oscillating movements of the trainee s hand. Another sensor on the helmet enables a 360 view of the workpiece either on the touchscreen or in the 3D goggles. A true-to-life welding feeling is achieved by 3D goggles built into the helmet. Updates Always up-to-date. The latest training units are available, easily and from anywhere, as online updates. It s also possible to create customised tutorials. As an optional extra, the trainer can communicate with all the training terminals in a network, and configure and control them, from a central Master Unit. Initially launched in 5 basic language versions (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish), the software can thus be used by trainees of many different nationalities. On request, the software can be made available in any desired language. Continuous information interchange Round-the-clock help is available from the integrated online support. In the event of a malfunction, an error report is ed immediately to the responsible network administrator and to System Support. As with all other Fronius products, users benefit here from the worldwide service provided by the VSP teams. All results are automatically backed-up and archived, protecting users from the unpleasant surprise of accidental data loss. At the same time, the saved data can be retrieved whenever they re needed. Self-explanatory software, simple menu navigation and the touchscreen all combine to make this training tool very easy to use. 40,0006,3082,EN v aw05 Text and illustrations technically correct at time of going to print. We reserve the right to make modifications. This document may not be copied or otherwise reproduced, whether in part or in its entirety, without the express prior written consent of Fronius International GmbH. FRONIUS USA LLC Citation Drive, Suite 1100 Brighton, Michigan 48116, USA Tel: Fax: FRONIUS INTERNATIONAL GMBH Buxbaumstrasse 2, P.O.Box 264 A 4602 Wels, Austria Tel: , Fax: FRONIUS CANADA LTD 2875 Argentia Road, Units 4,5 & 6 Mississauga, ON L5N 8G6, Canada Tel: Fax:
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