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The following lines show how to embed commands. Users may need to set proper values of SMTPServer, SMTPUserName, SMTPPassword in the printer setting or by embedded commands if using
The following lines show how to embed commands. Users may need to set proper values of SMTPServer, SMTPUserName, SMTPPassword in the printer setting or by embedded commands if using SMTP mode. %% Enable: True%% // True to enable ing %% SendMethod: 0%% // 0,1: client, 2: SMTP %% To: %% To: %% Cc: %% BCc: %% From: %% Subject: PLACE SUBJECT LINE HERE DIRECTLY%% %% Subject: : concatenate another line%% %% Content: The first line of content field%% %% Content: &The second line will be appended with a new line %% %% Content: &This is achieved by & special character. %% Usage Guide for Developers to Control edocprinter PDF Pro by Embedded Commands, Registry Settings, and Escape Codes Last update: Jan 2016 Changes Note: Ver 6.93 Build 6321 (Jul 02, 2015): (1) [Destination]: Support resolving environment variables in DestCommand and DestArgument fields. (2) [ ]: Support resolving environment variables in commands and settings SMTPServer, SMTPUserName, and SMTPPassword. (3) [ ]: Support resolving environment variables in From, To, Cc and Bcc fields. (4) [Doc Info]: Add new layout modes [Two Page Scrolling], [Two Page Scrolling with Cover], [Two Page], and [Two Page with Cover] for reader. The corresponding setting and command DocOpenLayoutMode values are 3, 4, 5, 6. (5) [ - ContentFile]: Add optional settings CFBOM with default value True and CFEncoding. When CFBOM is true, it will automatically detect any type of BOM header of the content file to determine its encoding (6) [ - Content]: Add an ContentUtf8 setting with default value True. When the value is true, it will automatically convert to UTF8 when processing Content for preserving characters for HTML or text format. (7) [Page Setup]: Update copies information properly from application. Set the default value [LayoutCopiesFromDevm] to [True]. (8) [Page Setup]: Add [LayoutCopiesOmit] with defaul value False. When it is True, it will not duplicate copies in PDF even when [LayoutCopiesEnable] is True. (9) [Redirect]: Save in registry setting with default value False for [RedirectCopiesFromDevm]. (10) [Redirect]: Support of Copies in Redirect [by reader openaction to print]. (NumCopies of PrintParams, it requires reader 8 or later) Ver 6.85 Build 6205 (Jun 06, 2014): (1) [ - Outlook]: Fix SendNow in Outlook 2013 (default SendAndReceive) (2) [ - Outlook]: Add OLClickSend registry setting and command. When it is true, in silent sending mode, it will emulate clicking Send button of the composing window instead of calling EMAPI SubmitMessage. (for Outlook 2007 or later) (3) [Destination]: Add double quotes to the PDF path when launching the associated PDF program (ShellExecute). Ver 6.83 Build 6171 (Aug 02, 2013): (1) [Embedded Commands]: Add a registry setting CmdStopDetect, with default value False. It is used for the default state of detecting embedded commands when CmdAutoDetect is True. With this setting, administrators may deploy the edocprinter installation with turning ON command detection. (2) [Embedded Commands]: Add commands %%ocv: %% and %%ocx: %% for start and stop command detection by commands. When commands detection is enabled (or forced enabled), these commands can be used to start or stop command detection in the print job. (3) [Page]: Add registry settings LayoutCopiesFromDevm, when it is True, the driver will use dmcopies from DEVMODE instead of the Page property page LayoutCopies. (4) [Redirect]: By adding a registry setting RedirectFlush with default value True, RedirectEnable can now be controlled by command in the build (5) [Redirect]: Add RedirectCopiesFromDevm registry setting and command. When it is True, the Redirect will pass through the copies information to the physical printers to be redirected by the DEVMODEW. (6) [Upload- FTPS]: Add support FTPS (FTP over SSL explicit and implicit) (7) [Upload- Amazon S3]: Add support upload files by Amazon S3 upload post (8) [Upload- FTP]: Support automatically recurive folder creation when uploading in FTP mode (FTP, SFTP, FTPS) - 2 - (9) [ - Gmail]: Add [Send by Gmail directly] mode. It supports sending by Gmail directly with optional SentboxPath and DraftboxPath parameters. When NotSubmit is true, it will upload into Gmail Drafts folder directly. Ver 6.80 Build 6067 (Aug 01, 2012): (1) [ - Outlook]: Add an UI option, registry setting, and command DraftboxPath for allowing Outlook to save items in the folder path assigned instead of the default Drafts folder when the is not sent. (2) [ - Outlook]: Add an UI option, registry setting, and command SentboxPath for allowing Outlook to save sent items in the folder path assigned instead of the default Sent items . (3) [ - Outlook]: Add an UI option, registry setting, and command SelectAccount with value True or False for selecting account (by From address) to send s in Outlook. (Outlook 2010 supports mulitple Exchange accounts in the same profile) (4) [ - Outlook]: Support selecting MAPIProfile silently on Outlook starting (for both [Prompt for a profile to be used] or [Always use the profile] on Outlook mail profile settings). It requires Outlook is NOT started yet. (Because Outlook.exe allows opening one profile for the Outlook instance, when in queued mode ( ThunkQueue=1), if it needs to change the profile on the fly, it has to use the command CloseOutlook to close the Outlook instance and set to the new MAPIProfile on the next job. ) (5) [ - ]: Add a registry setting and command ( ThunkQueue=1) for sending s in a monitor(queue) process when in thunking mode. It starts and connects to the Outlook session and keep it alive. Subsequent sending requests are queued and processed seqentially without initializing or restarting the session. It is automatically sending in this mode when in Process PDF Sequentially . ThunkQueue can be set by registry setting or commands. (6) [ - Outlook]: Add registry setting and command PasteContent (True/False) for sending by Outlook with signature (Outlook with WordEditor). It will copy and paste the Content to the composing window directly. (7) [Destination]: Add directly and do not save mode (DestSaveMode = 4) and directly mode (DestSaveMode = 5) for ing directly without prompting saveas dialog. In directly , users may specify the filepath by commands or Destination property page options. (8) [Destination- Overlay with]: Add an UI option for selecting auto-rotate mode for adjusting landscape or portrait fitting when the template page format is different from the created job page format. (It defines DestOverayRotate=1 for Counterclockwise Auto-Rotate, -1 for Clockwise Auto-Rotate) (9) [Destination- ]: Improve DestPDFWarning setting, with default value 1, it will show a warning dialog on foreground when the destination PDF cannot be saved. (When DestPDFWarning=2 or 3, it will show such warning message as - 3 - topmost window. If DestPDFWarning is 2, it will not launch the temporary PDF when it cannot be saved) (10) [Profile settings]: Support to define global default and must settings for all edocprinter printer profiles. ( by registry keys without Profiles\profilename\ ) (11) [Redirect]: Add special - DLG print for showing Windows standard print dialog for selecting printer to redirect by UI. (12) [Commands- Adv]: Add %%acil adv command. It is a simplified version of acit for adding links easily. The simple mode is %%acil: text to be stamped,uri%% The argument list is [text to be stamped,uri,bordersize, borderstyle, R,G,B,pagerange,fontsize,R,G,B,font family,font style]. (13) [Commands- Adv]: Support adding links to embedded files in PDF. For example, %%acln: efc:sample.pdf%%. (14) [Redirect]: Add command and registry setting RedirectSyncMode. When set to 1, it will wait the redirected job printed. (15) [Redirect]: Add 18th argument for specifying the dmscale. The default is 100%. (16) [Embedded Commands- Remap]: Add command occr, e.g., %%occr: tag char in hex, mapping definition in hex%% for supporting remapping the characters to others. For example, %%occr:,(aa)(102)(ab)(103)(ac)(104)(ad)(105)%% or %%occr: 5E,(41)(102)(42)(103)(43)(104)(45)(105)%% (it requires Ent. pack license for Remap addin) (17) [Embedded commands: Remap commands]: Add %%accr command for equivalent occr function but not requiring command in a single Textout. (it requires Ent. pack license for remapping addin) The remapping function is effective after an extra newline or %%acct command. (18) [PDFSealer- Append mode]: Add a new Destination save mode [Launch PDFSealer with appending] for the PDFSealer Append mode. (DestSaveMode: 6) It supports appending PDF from multiple printing application to a single document continuously. (For setting the initial append mode, default document directory, and file name) [ViewAppendInitOpen], the default value is 1, [Overwrite the defaul document] It will stamp a trial watermark if there is no ent. pack license installed when processed. Ver 6.68 Build 5772 (Jan 16, 2011): (1) [Destination]: Add Do not save mode (DestSaveMode: 3) for not saving PDF files (2) [ ]: Add a registry setting and command SkipNull with default value False. When it is True, the step will be skipped if the address fields are all empty (To, Cc, Bcc). (3) [ - Outlook]: Add OutlookMode. Default 0. 1 means using v6.48 old outlook send method. (4) [Embedded Commands]: Add a registry setting CmdMultiline to support detecting commands wrapped into multiple lines - 4 - [Embedded Commands]: Add an Adv. command %%acml for enabling or disblaing CmdMultiline by command. (5) [Encrypt- AES Addin]: Support 128bit and 256bit AES encryption of PDF (256bit AES is supported by PDF Reader 9 or later) (These 2 methods are supported by AES Addin, which requires Adv. pack license.) The registry setting and command EncryptMethod with value 2 and 3 are used to select the AES-128bit and AES-256bit encryption method respectively. (6) [FTP- SFTP]: Add SFTP (FTP over SSH) support. (New UI options, registry settings, and commands for FTPMethod, FTPPortNumSFTP) (The default method is FTP) (SSL Addin) (7) [PDFSealer]: Add PDF Certify function. (The corresponding registry setting and command is DestSignCertifyMethod) (sealbat.exe -sy 0/1/2/3) (8) [PDFSealer]: Add new digital signing filter methods PPKMS-256, PPKMS- 384, and PPKMS-512 for signing with SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA- 512). (DestSignFilterMethodPDF value is 2,3,4) (9) [ - Secure SMTP]: Add sending methods SMTP SSL and SMTP STARTTLS for supporting secure SMTP server like gmail. ( SendMethod value is 4, 5) (These 2 methods are supported by SSL Addin, which requires Ent. pack license.) Add SMTPSSLPort and SMTPTLSPort for specifying the port number in these modes. (Registry settings and commands) Ver 6.56 Build 5568 (Dec 24, 2009): (1) [ - Outlook]: Support UseSMIME registry setting and command for automating outlook digtally signing the mail. (Use Outlook) [ - Outlook]: Support ShowModal registry setting and command for showing composing window modal mode. (Use Outlook) [ - Outlook]: Support DelIfCancel registry setting and command for deleting item if not submitting when composing window shown in modal. (EMAPI and Use Outlook) [ - Outlook]: Support NotSubmit registry setting and command for not submitting item when sending in silent mode. (EMAPI and Use Outlook) [ - Outlook]: Support DeferredTime registry setting and command for assigning time in seconds or specific time for deferring delivery (Use Outlook) [ - Outlook]: Support ExpiryTime registry setting and command for assigning time in seconds or specific time for expiry time (Use Outlook) (2) [DocInfo]: Add UI option Duplex field (PDF 1.7) (DocViewDuplex 0/1/2/3 Simplex/Duplex Short/Short/Default) (3) [Redirect]: Add the option and parameter for duplex mode selection. Default is 0. // parameter 16: 0/1/2; Duplex mode; 0 for none(simplex), 1(short-edge duplex), 2 (long-edge duplex); - 5 - (4) [Redirect]: Add new parameter 17 for per printer Escape command. For example, &l2x;&l1o; Use a semicolon ';' to separate multiple escape command. It overrides the RedirectEscCmd which applies to all printers. (5) [Redirect]: Support resolving variables in the parameter printer name . %#WTSID% and %#WTCNAME% for representing the terminal session ID and client name. Hence users can define a special redirect printer name like (- HP 5L from %#WTCNAME% in session %#WTSID%) for printing to session printer without manual selection. (It need a prefix - for enabling variable resolving) (6) [FTP]: Add FTPAttach registry setting and command for uploading additional files by FTP in addition to the PDF created. (7) [FTP]: Add FTPAttachSelf (True/False) registry setting for not uploading the PDF created. Ver 6.48 Build 5428 (Mar 31, 2009): (1) [Page- Nup]: Support booklet mode. (the value of LayoutNup is 2) (2) [Overlay with]: Add a new UI option Use Template Page Format [DestOverlayUseTemplatePageFormat] for using the template page size as the final PDF page size. (3) [Destination- Merge by Insert Before]: Support Insert before a certain Page number of the existing PDF. The corresponding registry setting and command is DestBeforePage. (4) Redirect - control code]: Support sending escape code to the redirected physical printer. It is available by command RedirectEscCmd. For example, %%RedirectEscCmd:,&l2X,&l1O%%, where ',' comma is used for separating multiple escape commands. The first command is a must if the escape command is starting by symbol &. The escape leading character is assumed as 27, users may change it by RedirectEscCode. It is not necessary to enter it in commands since it is a non-printable character. (5) [Command2Action- Adv Variables]: Add %#USERDOC% for representing the user's documents directory. Support variable resolving of in watermark URI action and File action (local filename). Support %#Title%, %#Subject%, and %#Author% in Filepath, DestFile resolving variables. Support %#FNAME% and %#FDIR% variables for adding filename and dir in text watermarks. (6) [Adv Commands- acpd]: Add %%acpd for delete current page or specifying page range to delete by commands. For example: %%acpd: %% will delete the current page. %%acpd: 1-2%% will delete the page 1 and 2. (7) [Destination- PostAction]: Add Delete the destination PDF in for removing the final PDF without launching the PDF reader. DestActionMode=4 (8) [Adv Commands- acef]: Add parameters for flag, width, height, position. For example, %%acef: fpath,icontype,[r,g,b],[flag, w, h, ox, oy] (9) [Watermark]: Support special page range -101 or -10x for representing page number relative to the last page. (e.g means the reversed second page from the last page and so on) - 6 - Ver 6.42 Build 5230 (Mar 16, 2008): (1) [Command2Action- Variables]: Add %#USERDOC% for representing the user's documents directory. (2) [Doc Info]: Add option Display Doc Info Title for making reader showing Title on Window title bar. (DocViewDisplayDocTitle) (3) [Redirect2Print]: Add 2 parameters in RedirectPrinterList for allowing changing bin (tray) after some specific page when redirecting the printer spool job. For example, %%RedirectPrinterList: (HPPCL,False,True,0,False,False,Tray 1,False,,1,False,72,0,Tray 2,2)%%, the last 2 parameters are for RedirectSecondBinName and RedirectSecondBinPage (4) [PDFSealer]: Add registry setting DestSignCertPasswd (also available in commands) for integrating edocprinter PDF for signing with assigning the certificate password. It will automatically send the password to the CSP query dialog if the certificate private key is password protected. Ver 6.38 Build 5168 (Nov 24, 2007): (1) [Doc Info]: Add option Display Doc Info Title for making reader show Title on Window title bar. (DocViewDisplayDocTitle) (2) [Destination- PostAction]: Add Delete the destination PDF in for removing the final PDF without launching the PDF reader. DestActionMode=4 (3) [Redirect2Print]: Add option Use Reader to Printer (RedirectUseReader) for calling reader to print without the need of pdj. (4) [Command2Action- acnt]: New action command acnt is available for adding notes by commands. (5) [Command2Action- acpf]: The action command acpf is added for allowing processing existing PDF instead of the current PDF. The current job file can be used as pure embedded commands. (6) [Command2Action- Variables]: Support resolving environment variables and edocprinter defined date and time variables (%#DATE%, %#TIME%, %#DATEX%, %#TIMEX%%, %#YYYY%, %#MM%, %#DD%, %#HOUR%, %#MIN%, %#SEC%) in embedded commands DestDir, DestFile, Filepath, Subject, and Content command. %#FNAME%, %#FTPServer% and %#FTPServerDir% are only available in Subject and Content command. (7) [Command2Action- Variables in watermark]: Support resolving command2action variables (environment variables and edocprinter defined variables) in text watermarks. (8) [FTP- Ent. pack]: Support FTP for uploading the result PDF. Available commands and registry settings include FTPEnable, FTPServer, FTPUserName, FTPPassword, FTPPortNum, and FTPServerDir Ver 6.34 Build 5032 (Jun 9, 2007): (1) [Destination- Overlay with]: Support using images *.jpg, *.bmp, or *.tif as templates directly in DestOverlayPDFTemplatePath. (2) [Destination- Overlay with]: Support resolving environment variables in DestOverlayPDFTemplatePath. (3) [Destination- Filepath]: Support resolving environment variables in Filepath. (4) [Redirect2Print]: New special printer name - DEF, - TIF, and - TIFG3 are added. - DEF is used for redirect to print to the default printer. (5) [ ]: Add AttachExt, which is available in registry settings and commands. It is used for attaching the same path as destination PDF but with different file extension. For example, it can be used to attach the TIF created by redirect2print, %% AttachExt:.tif%%. (6) [Embedded Commands]: Add new commands %%ocbdc %%ocemc for adding layers by commands. Ver 6.30 Build 4782: (1) [Destination- Overlay]: Add new options for supporting overlay and then append using 2-pages template. These new values 4,5,6,7 in command DestOverlayWithType represent [As Foreground and Appended] [Inserted and As Foreground] [As Background and Appended] or [Inserted and As Background]. (2) [Redirect2Print]: Support the new modes 4,5,6,7 of DestOverlayWithType and DestOverlayType in Redirect printing. (3) [Shell Extension]: Add support of customization of Windows Explorer Shell Extension right-click shortcuts. (4) [PDF/A-1b]: New registry settings for setting the printer profile for PDF/A-1b compliant PDF creation. (5) [Printer Server]: New registry settings for supporting the printer server mode. (It requires per-server Intranet Server License) Ver 6.24 Build 4398: (1) [Watermark]: WatermarkEnable and WatermarkSelected are available as embedded commands to enable stamping watermark and selecting watermark to stamp. Administrators can define global watermarks and stamp mandatory watermark by watermarks in HKLM. (2) [Command2Action- Watermark]: New advanced commands %%acim:, %%acit, and %%aciw for dynamically defining image, text watermarks, or selecting and stamping multiple watermarks with different attributes or page ranges. (3) [Command2Action- Form Fields]: New advanced command set %%acft, %%acfb, %%acfk, %%acfr, %%acfl, %%acfs for adding text fields, button, checkbox, radio group, list box form fields by embedded commands directly. Refer developer's commands usage guide for details (4) [Command2Action- Variables]: Support adding variables in text watermarks. Two variables #p1and #p0 are supported for representing current page number and total pages. (5) [ ]: [ AttachSelf], default value True, is available for allowing attaching the current PDF when ing. (6) [Special Registry- RemoteRegServer]: Support assigning RemoteRegSever setting, e.g (\\server1), for reading global default and MUST settings from remote server HKLM instead of local machine HKLM. (7) [Com2Control Addin]: A COM Object exposed and registered as
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