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Alex Perry Prof. Marshall WR101 03 16 February, 2017 The Importance of Deep Attention in Education Just because I liked Moby Dick doesn’t mean I read the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, Herman Melville's classic is a book that I’d recommend to anyone, and it’s story can be applied to virtually any situation in someone’s life. That said, Melville was paid by the word, thus much of the book is filled with unnecessary information; more than one chapter s
  Alex PerryProf. MarshallWR101 0316 February, 2017The Impora! e of #eep Ae!$o! $! %&u a$o!'us be ause I l$(e&  Moby Dick   &oes!) mea! I rea& he *hole h$!+. #o!) +e me *ro!+, erma! Mel-$lles lass$ $s a boo( ha I)& re omme!& o a!yo!e, a!& $)s sory a! be appl$e& o -$rually a!y s$ua$o! $! someo!e)s l$fe. Tha sa$&, Mel-$lle *as pa$& by he *or&, hus mu h of he  boo( $s f$lle& *$h u!!e essary $!forma$o!/ more ha! o!e haper seems o ser-e l$le purpose oher ha! o fuel Mel-$lle)s *hal$!+ *e &reams a!& maybe sueee a fe* more bu (s ou of he  publ$ a$o!.  Moby Dick $s a perfe  example of a !o-el ha reu$res rea&ers o pay ae!$o! for exe!&e& per$o&s of $me *h$le also sh$f$!+ ae!$o! be*ee! !umerous subplos *h$ h pro-$&e s$+!$f$ a! &ea$ls o he hara ers. I! ahry! ayles)s ar$ le,  Hyper and Deep Attention: The Generational Divide in Cognitive Modes  ayles refers o hese *o mo&es of hou+h as &eep a!& hyper ae!$o!, respe $-ely. he o!$!ues o &es r$be he $&ea of &eep ae!$o! as $ relaes o e&u a$o!4 5o sa!&ar& has &eep ae!$o! be ome $! e&u a$o!al se$!+s ha $ $s he &e fa o !orm, *$h hyper ae!$o! re+ar&e& as &efe $-e beha-$or. o*e-er, boh mo&es of ae!$o! are use& by o&ay)s su&e!s, a!& boh are ru $al o su ee&$!+ $! a! a a&em$ e!-$ro!me!. The &e-elopme! of hese mo&es, ho*e-er, &$ffers. yper ae!$o! $s a! $!s$! ual mo&e *h$le &eep ae!$o! mus be lear!e& hrou+h pra $ e a!& e&u a$o!.#eep ae!$o! has bee! he prefere& mo&e by e&u aors for &e a&es/ $)s !o &$ff$ ul o u!&ersa!& *hy. A su&e! *ho spe!&s he$r $me o! so $al me&$a raher ha! *or($!+ o! a resear h  paper may seem l$(e hey)re !o pay$!+ ae!$o!, *h$le a su&e! *ho *or(s for hours o! e!& o! he same ass$+!me! seems o be o-er*or(e& a!& sresse&. Wh$le yes, $)s poss$ble for e$her of hese mo&es o be use& $! ex ess, $)s $mpora! o !oe he useful!ess of boh approa hes. ayles ar+ues he  $mpora! e of hyper ae!$o! $! e&u a$o!, sa$!+ ha 5$!s$u$o!s a ross he ou!ry  o!f$rm8 ha su&e!s are e!&$!+ o*ar& hyper ae!$o!. Ma!y ar$bue h$s sh$f o he rap$& ha!+e $! ho* you!+su&e!s $!a(e me&$a/ he r$se of he $!er!e a!& e-e! a ha!+e $! mo-$es a!& ele-$s$o! ha-e ause& you!+ people o be more a usome& o fo us$!+ o! more ha! o!e sub9e  for a shor amou! of $me raher ha! a s$!+ular sub9e  for exe!&e& per$o&s of $me. Th$s a! be +oo& a!& ba&. A su&e! *ho suffers from a! ae!$o! &$sor&er, su h as A#:# m$+h ha-e rouble fo us$!+ o! o!e boo( for a lo!+ $me, ho*e-er he same su&e! m$+h be beer a 9obs l$(e oo($!+ or &r$-$!+, *h$ h reu$re o!e)s ae!$o! $! mul$ple pla es $! rap$& su ess$o!.ayles ar+ues ha urre! e&u a$o! sysems ha -alue &eep ae!$o! o-er hyper ae!$o! are aus$!+ lear!$!+ problems *$h mo&er! su&e!s *ho are more a usome& o mul$as($!+. W$h h$s, Ia(e $ssue. I! her essay ayles *r$es ha 5$! a! e-olu$o!ary o!ex, hyper ae!$o! !o &oub &e-elope& f$rs. o!s$&er$!+ h$s, *hy *oul& e&u aors !ee& o ea h someh$!+ ha $s har&*$re& $!o su&e!s) m$!&s alrea&y; houl&!) s$mple $!s$!  allo* you!+ people o &e-elop h$s mo&e of hou+h; The +oal of e&u a$o! $s o halle!+e su&e!s a!& expose hem o sub9e s ha hey are u!fam$l$ar *$h $! or&er o pro-$&e a lear!$!+ exper$e! e. If e&u aors *ere o pa!&er o hyper ae!$-ehou+h, hey *oul& be ea h$!+ su&e!s o &o someh$!+ ha hey $!s$! ually a! &o *$hou he e&u a$o! $! pla e, mu h l$(e ry$!+ o ea h su&e!s ha hey !ee& o ea a!& sleep <+ra!e& h$s $s some$mes !e essary=. The bra$! *or(s l$(e a mus le ha mus be ra$!e& a!& &e-elope&/ *heher su&e!s l$(e $ or !o, &eep ae!$o! mus be pra $ e& re+ularly $! or&er o use $ *he! !ee&e&. Pra $ $!+ &$ffere! mo&es of hou+h a!& halle!+$!+ he bra$! has bee! (!o*! o expa!& o+!$$-e apab$l$$es <>roa&be!=. ome$mes $)s $mpora! $! l$fe o be able o be e!+a+e& for lo!+ per$o&s of $me su h as $! la* or l$eraure.yper a!& &eep ae!$o! are !o 9us ru $al for e&u a$o!al purposes. ?us$&e of s hool, $)s $mpora! o be able o fo us o! a s$!+ular as( for exe!&e& per$o&s of $me, re+ar&less of o!e)s o upa$o! or hobb$es. ?!e of he bes examples $s someh$!+ ha mos e-ery a&ul &rea&s4 axes. To  f$le o!e)s axes o!e mus s$ a!& f$ll ou exe!s$-e paper*or(/ fa$lure o &o so r$s(s a hefy f$!e or e-e!  9a$l $me. ome e-e! h$re profess$o!als o ha!&le $ for hem, e$her be ause hey &o!) ha-e he $me or he ae!$o! spa! o f$ll $ ou hemsel-es. Th$s o!e example $s reaso! e!ou+h for e&u aors o o!$!ueea h$!+ a &eep ae!$o! syle of e&u a$o!/ $)s someh$!+ ha *e all as Amer$ a!s ha-e o fa e &ur$!+a&ulhoo&.  Wor(s $e&>roa&be!, #. %. @A Me ha!$ al Mo&el For uma! Ae!$o! A!& Imme&$ae Memory.@ Psy holo+$ al Re-$e* 6.3 <1BC7=4 20CD21C. Psy ARTIE%. Web. 7 Feb. 2017.ayles, . Gaher$!e. @yper a!& #eep Ae!$o!4 The He!era$o!al #$-$&e $! o+!$$-e Mo&es.@ Profess$o! 2007.1 <2007=4 17DBB. Web. 31 'a!. 2017.
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