Topical antimicrobials testing and evaluation second edition pdf

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Topical antimicrobials testing and evaluation second edition pdf
  • 1. Topical Antimicrobials Testing and Evaluation, Second Edition Daryl S. Paulson
  • 2. Publisher : CRC Press Release Date :
  • 3. ISBN : 1439813221 Author : Daryl S. Paulson Download Here
  • 4. A range of factors must be considered when developing a topical antimicrobial for use in a healthcare personnel handwash, surgical scrub, or preoperative skin preparation. Antimicrobial effectiveness, low skin irritation, ease of use, and pleasing aesthetics are all essential if the product is to succeed. In addition, all facets of the product must comply with stringent regulatory requirements. With updated protocols and research, Topical Antimicrobials Testing and Evaluation, Second Edition comprehensively presents and reviews the latest techniques for testing antimicrobial compounds for effectiveness and regulatory compliance. Topics include: The anatomical structure of the skin and skin microbiology relevant to product testing Use of antimicrobial products against specific microorganisms such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species Measurement of antimicrobial action of topical antimicrobials from experimental design, microbiological, biostatistical, and marketplace perspectives Various aspects of the topical antimicrobial products currently in common use in medical, food service, and consumer markets Statistical analysis and specific statistical designs for clinical trials Epistemological requirements in evaluating the effects of specific treatments Evaluation strategies and sample working protocols for hand and body soaps, food-handler antimicrobial products, and medical/healthcare industry antimicrobial products
  • 5. The book is designed to inform industry and academia on the requirements to get products approved by the FDA and to market while also providing critical insight on ways to best service expanding markets. Find the Full PDF Here
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