Today Cellphones Away Get out a piece of paper for our Test Review Remember that Tomorrow is the Test and your 12 Steps & 4 Themes Charts are DUE!!

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Character Review Follow along. Number on your paper
  • 1 Today Cellphones Away Get out a piece of paper for our Test Review Remember that Tomorrow is the Test and your 12 Steps & 4 Themes Charts are DUE!!
  • 2 Vocab Review Follow along and write down your best guesses! DO NOT say the answers out loud. You can number 1-20
  • 3 Character Review Follow along. Number 21-27 on your paper
  • 4 21. The Twins
  • 5 Sam & Eric
  • 6 22. Loner that knows the Beast is just the boys themselves. “Speaks” to the Lord of the Flies, then gets brutally murdered.
  • 7 Simon
  • 8 23. A bigun that sides with Jack. Originally gloomy, but becomes more violent over time. Plays the pig for a little while before Simon enters the ring.
  • 9 Roger
  • 10 24. The Chief. Head of the choir, later the hunters. Just wants to be the leader.
  • 11 Jack
  • 12 25. Sheltered, chubby boy with asthma and glasses. Quite smart, but almost always the major outcast in the novel.
  • 13 Piggy
  • 14 26. Voted chief (at first) because he blew the conch. Only desires to maintain the fire so they can be rescued.
  • 15 Ralph
  • 16 27. In the first dance, this boy pretends to be the pig and is nearly seriously injured by the other boys.
  • 17 Robert
  • 18 Twelve Survival Steps Number this 28-30
  • 19 28 Identify one of the 12 Survival Steps
  • 20 29 Give an example of this Step in the novel
  • 21 30 Explain how the step is seen in your example.
  • 22 12 Survival Steps 1.) Perceive, believe 2.) Stay Calm 3.) Think/analyze/plan 4.) Take correct, decisive action 5.) Celebrate your successes 6.) Count your blessings 7.) Play 8.) See the beauty 9.) Believe that you will succeed 10.) Surrender 11.) Do whatever is necessary 12.) Never give up
  • 23 31. Extended Response In FOUR FULL SENTENCES… Identify the main theme of the novel (in your opinion). Give at least one example of this theme in the novel. Make sure you explain how your example(s) demonstrates that theme’s significance. Make sure you explain why your theme is the MAIN THEME of the novel, not just a theme.
  • 24 Four Themes Individual vs. Society Dark Side of Human Nature Loss of Innocence Qualities of a Leader
  • 25 Passage Based Portion Number this section 32-45 We will read Passage 1 & 2 together as a class. Then, you will answer the multiple choice questions that go with the Passages. DO NOT WRITE ON THE PASSAGES!!!
  • 26 32 32.) In Passage 1, we can see that Ralph feels a bit of the outcast when it says… A. “I hit him with my spear, I wounded him” B. He tried for their attention. C. “He was coming along the path” D. “I threw, like this –”
  • 27 33 33.) In Passage 1, at first the “dance” is for Ralph just… A. Murder B. A way to maintain his authority C. Play D. An adventure
  • 28 34 34.) When, in Passage 1, it says Robert made “mock rushes” and squealed in “mock terror,” we can assume the word “mock” here means… A. Pretend B. Painful C. Pig-like D. Loud
  • 29 35 35.) Which of the following does NOT show that Ralph was swept away by the dance and wanted to kill something (aka Robert)? A. Ralph, carried away by a sudden thick excitement, grabbed Eric’s spear and jabbed at Robert with it. B. The desire to squeeze and hurt was over- mastering. C. Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable flesh. D. Then they lay quiet, panting, listening to Robert’s frightened snivels
  • 30 36 36.) We know that Robert is afraid he has become an outcast at the end of Passage 1, when it says… A. “listening to Robert’s frightened snivels” B. “wiped his face with a dirty arm” C. “made pig-dying noises” D. “made an effort to retrieve his status”
  • 31 37 37.) The first paragraph of Passage 2 suggests that the action taken by the children that follows was motivated by… A. Fear B. Excitement C. Love D. Hatred
  • 32 38 38.) The blue-white scar that is referred to repetitively is actually… A. Where the plane crashed B. The boys’ veins C. Lightning in the sky D. The boys’ teeth
  • 33 39 39.) In Passage 2, who was the only person not involved in the dance? A. Trick Question – They were all involved B. The littluns C. Ralph D. Piggy
  • 34 40 40.) From the context of Passage 2, we can infer demented means all of the following EXCEPT… A. Manic B. Logical C. Irrational D. Frenzied
  • 35 41 41.) In Passage 2, the author suggests the boys feel a sense of ___________ by being part of the dance and the chant. A. Trauma B. Peace C. Manliness D. Security
  • 36 42 42.) In Passage 2, the boys are so amped up that they fail to recognize Simon when he breaks through their circle. Instead, they only see a ___________. A. Dog B. Pig C. Beast D. Boy
  • 37 43 43.) Which of the following is NOT a difference between the circumstances of the dance in Passage 1 and Passage 2? (AKA which is the only similarity between the two dances?) A. The weather B. They chant & move in a circle C. It is started by Jack D. The time of day
  • 38 44 44.) Comparing the passages, who played the pig (at first) in Passage 1 then Passage 2? A. Robert – Simon B. Roger – Piggy C. Robert – Littlun D. Robert - Roger
  • 39 45 45.) Which of the following is NOT a difference between the chants in the first passage and the chant in the second passage? (AKA which is the only similarity between the two chants?) A. They want to kill the beast, not a pig B. They refer to the victim as a person (“him” or “his”) C. Now they want to spill blood D. They include “Do him in” as part of the chant
  • 40 Twelve Survival Steps & 4 Themes These assignments are due on Wednesday! Remember that mirror responses will result in a ZERO when they are not examples given in class. You should have filled in your whole 12 Survival Steps document. Please give the chapter # For the Four Themes chart, you should have 3 EXAMPLES under each Theme. Please give the chapter # If you lost the 12 Survival Steps, then copy the first column onto a piece of paper. (You can leave out the middle column).
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