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THE AUSTRALIAN TIMBER FLOORING ASSOCIATION ISSUE 13 WINTER 2010 A PUBLICATION FROM TIMBER FLOORS The big parquetry come-back! How to install a feature panel Sustainable timber flooring manufacturing practices Walk safe with Bona Bona Traffic Anti Slip When you are coating a floor, are you sure the finish meets the required slip resistance standard? With the increased focus on slip resistance levels in public areas AS/NZ Standard 4586 requires finishes to be R10 rated when used on staircases, ramps and in food courts, cafes, foyers or any area where spillage might occur. Bona Traffic is the world’s biggest selling waterborne 2-pack used on more than 100 million m² of commercial and high traffic domestic floors. Traffic Anti Slip combines the proven performance of Bona Traffic together with anti slip properties to meet the R10 standard for slip resistance. More information at www.bona.net.au Note from the CEO Welcome to issue 13 of Timber Floors Magazine! TIMBER FLOORS I hope you enjoy reading this issue. If you are a profitable small business with company status and less than $2million in revenue, then you may benefit from the recent response to the Henry Tax Review. The company tax rate will be reduced to 28% from 2012-2013 (2015 for larger companies) and you may also benefit from the instant small business asset write-offs of up to $5,000 starting July 2012. You will be able to depreciate other assets in a single pool at 30%. Other changes include a 40% tax on large mine company profits and changes to superannuation rates with payment starting to increase in 2013 until the rate reaches 12% by 2020. Furthermore, workers who earn under $37,000 will receive a $500 per year rebate, effectively cancelling out the tax these workers Staff and Contributors pay on their super contributions. The changes, which are the Government’s Editor and Art Director response to the Henry Tax Review, will be phased in over seven years starting Lucy Perry in 2013, and will give employees who are aged 30 an extra $108,000 in super editor@atfa.com.au savings, according to Government estimates. Contributing writers Jane Lawrence While the economy is picking up, there are pockets of our industry still Dave Hayward finding the going tough. To help maximise your chance of winning the quotes Randy Flierman Bruce Perry you are writing, be sure to use the ATFA Accreditation System (it doesn’t cost Kim Wahlgren Emma Watt anything to upgrade your status to increase your level) and use the ATFA brochures, leaving them with the client to demonstrate your professionalism. Advertising sales Jane Lawrence phone 02 9440 9999 | fax 02 9440 9066 Randy Flierman jane@atfa.com.au CEO Production - Pure Graphics Pty Ltd Graphic design - Amber Hooper Australian Timber Flooring Association Print management - Bruce Perry Publisher this issue Australian Timber Flooring Association ATFA update 2 11 Oleander Ave Shelly Beach QLD 4551 ph 1300 361 693 | fax 1300 361 793 Member profile: Parquetry Flooring Company 4 www.atfa.com.au | ABN 16 524 524 226 Species feature: Brushbox 6 Timber Floors is published four times a Know your coatings 8 year by The Australian Timber Flooring Association. Sustainable timber flooring manufacturing 10 Timber Floors may not be produced in The big parquetry come-back! 12 whole or part without the written consent of How to shoot your finished timber flooring projects 16 the publisher. Views expressed within this publication are not necessarily the opinions Instant attention: Installing an inlay 18 of the editors or publisher. Whilst all efforts US-Australian installation and finishing schools 20 are made to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of stories included in this issue, Block parquetry: What grade is that? 22 the writers, editors and publisher cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information Tips from the trade, IR Talk 24 Cover image Hurford Hardwood supplied for publication. Timber Floors also Product snap shots 26 Spotted Gum, Herringbone holds no responsibility for any advertisements www.hardwood.com.au printed in this magazine that may be deemed Project feature: A flawed floor 28 inaccurate. ATFA update The next ATFA convention Publications for members Renew your membership ATFA has partnered with Australian In the coming months, members The Australian Timber Flooring Exhibitions and Conferences (AEC) to will be provided with the updated and Association membership renewal run the 2011 convention in conjunction considerably bigger Timber Flooring period is now underway and renewal with the annual Flooring and Finishes Problems – Causes and Remedial notices have been issued. show together with Decoration and Measures Manual. This publication Paying your membership fees before Design. This will provide exhibitors complements the recently updated the end of the financial year means with a greater opportunity to showcase Timber Floors Manual. that this business-related expense can themselves to a larger audience, with Also due for release is the next be claimed as a tax deduction in your Decoration and Design attracting issue of information sheets which 2010 tax return. over 7,000 in Sydney and 15,000 in should be added to members’ grey The association is now adding all Melbourne. ATFA Information Guide. These member website addresses to the The convention will be held at the include an update of How to Get ATFA website Find a Member search Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Paid (now including a draft letter of function, which is used by consumers, Harbour from 2 - 4 February 2011. demand), Fire Ratings and Insulation, so be sure to send this information ATFA members have the opportunity Re-humidification of Timber Floors, about your business through to ATFA to to exhibit for a reduced rate and select Timber Hardness Ratings, Portable maximise online exposure. their trade stand position. Book early Long Service Leave Details and the to secure the best spot! ATFA Flooring Profile. Protect new GALAXY MACHINES timber flooring aned buy direct from the importers save on expensiv call backs FLOOR LINER ã Vapour transmitting, shock absorbant sheeting ã Can be placed over Elite 3 edger freshly laid, lacquered or oiled timber floorings or subfloors within 72 hours 8” and 12” ã Save on expensive repairs belt/ drum and retouching to new combo sander timber floors, which can be damaged by other trades ã No-slip, reusable, no fixing parts ã service ã leasing available required Synteko Pty Ltd. For free samples contact Ph 03 9500 1819 Call: 02 9406 8100 EMP Industrial Australia Fax 03 9500 1883 info@synteko.com.au ã www.synteko.com.au www.galaxyfloorsanders.com.au info@empind.com.au 2 Coming events and training Refer a mate ATFA membership windfall! The Seminar Series for 2010 ATFA members who refer a mate to membership with the association will continues, with the Installation, Sand receive a $25 Woolworths Wish Card for themselves and their mate! Cards and Coat seminar running in Perth can be used for groceries, liquor, petrol and more. To qualify, just make sure and Brisbane during July. In August that your friend mentions you as the referrer on their ATFA membership the Parquetry and Cork Seminar takes application form. place in Melbourne, followed by the Timber products and Systems Seminar in Sydney in September. Keep an eye out for State Committee activities, trade nights and other social activities that are planned throughout the country. Members will be kept up to date with these events in ATFA’s six- weekly Off the Floor enewsletter. For those interested in the Australian Timber Flooring Floor Inspector course, the next offering of Pictured here are Dave Meyer (right) from Lagler (the referrer) and Jamie Lester of Sand-It Floor Sanding and Polishing (the new member)! this course will be during September in Brisbane. ATFA is seeking a number of experienced and capable operators to conduct timber flooring inspections in Queensland, New South Wales and DISTRIBUTORS Tasmania. WANTED SKIRTING BOARDS SPLAY BEAD SCOTIA and TRIMS Floor Bitz is the leading supplier of wood flooring accessories in Western Australia. We are now looking for State Distributors for our exciting new range of pre-finished solid wood splay bead and skirting. We also have a great range of wrapped MDF and pre-primed wood skirting, wrapped MDF scotia in wood and bamboo colours and a huge range of aluminium and vinyl-wrapped trims. Please contact Greg Hood for more details. MEMBER HOTLINE phone 1300 361 693 Direct access to your Accessories for laying wood floors association for the cost of a local call Ph 08 9244 9488 Fax 08 9244 9088 email floorbitz@iinet.net.au 3 Member Profile: Parquetry Flooring Company In 1991 Sam and Lyn Marafioti started a small home- finishing of older hardwood timber floors to restore them to based floor sanding business, known as Aarrans Floor their former glory. They also supply, install, sand and finish Sanding. Nearly two decades later, the business has seven any type of new hardwood timber floors. vans on the road. With just an ad in the yellow pages to promote the The product range includes laminate, business, Sam and Lyn worked to slowly grow their customer engineered floating floors, parquetry base. “Back then we didn’t even have a mobile phone. We and cork. The retail store also offers only had a pager,” remembers Lyn. “Sam would call home a great range of felt protection for all from a phone box to get the messages and would then call all the clients to organise quotations and jobs.” This lasted for furniture plus a one stop shop for all eight months until they purchased their first mobile phone. cleaning and maintenance supplies. After a year in business Sam had become so busy that they needed to look at employing staff to help with the work load “I think what makes us stand out is the quality of service and from there they put another three vans on the road. we offer clients, to help them choose a species or product By 1999 the business had grown to such an extent that that will suit their individual requirements,” says Lyn. “And Sam and Lyn realised it was time to move it out of their we are fastidious about quality control on every job!” home. After looking for a factory around the Malaga area, Sam is an ATFA Accredited Flooring Inspector and has the Marafiotis purchased an established flooring business, an ATFA ranking of level 7 Vanguard. Both Sam and Lyn are Parquetry Flooring Company, and took over the premises at keen to contribute their time and knowledge to the Australian Enterprise Crescent in Malaga, where the business is located Timber Flooring Association to this day. “We are passionate about the timber flooring industry and Today, Parquetry Flooring Company and Aarrans Floor would love to pass on our experience and knowledge to other Sanding offer the total package, including the resanding and members of the timber flooring industry,” says Lyn. f Sam and Lyn Marafioti (inset) Parquetry Flooring Company showroom (main photo) 4 Members for five years, Parquetry Flooring Company was one of the first businesses to join ATFA and the very first members from Western Australia. During that time, Sam Marafioti has progressed to Vanguard Member through ongoing training, increasing his qualifications and experience and contributing to the industry. “Progressing through each of the levels to Vanguard has been an incredibly valuable process,” says Sam. “My knowledge has increased dramatically. This has been a great benefit to our business and as I get older, I know I’ll be able to pass this knowledge on to younger people.” Sam is also on the Technical Committee, which enables him to provide input into the industry. The ATFA Member Accreditation Program is designed to give recognition to ATFA members for their experience, training and expertise. Level 1 is the default rank given to all new ATFA members. Progressing through each level is a straightforward process that benefits the member on the way through, enabling them to build a stronger business. An added benefit is that each level comes with greater recognition on the ATFA website and stronger visibility to Parquetry Flooring Company showroom potential customers. f 5 Species feature: Brushbox Brushbox is a medium sized tree growing on the edge of the rainforests along the east coast of Australia, Physical properties of Brushbox from Newcastle in New South Wales to Maryborough in Botanical name: Lophostemon confertus, Queensland. Some isolated stands also occur further north. Tristania conferta Brushbox has a beautiful rich colour, which in some of the Family: Myrtaceae redder timbers can be similar to that of Turpentine. Dry density: 900kg/m3 The heartwood ranges from pink-brown to red-brown but Janka (harness) rating: 9.5 is often very variable between trees. The sapwood is usually a slightly paler, greyish brown colour. The grain is close and even textured, often with a curly interlocking habit. The heartwood has good resistance to termite attack but is of only moderate durability (class 3) in relation to resistance to decay. It is very resistant to impregnation with preservatives. The sapwood readily accepts preservative impregnation and is only occasionally attacked by lyctid borers. It is unsuitable for steam bending. leached by rain. As long is the grain is relatively straight Brushbox has good Brushbox is relatively hard in relation to indentation resistance to surface checking. Shrinkage is about 5% radial, and ease of working with hand tools. It can be abrasive to 10% tangential; after reconditioning about 3.5% radial, 7% machine cutters and tools due to the presence of silica in tangential. the wood. No difficulty has been experienced with the use of The timber is resistant to wear with good resistance standard fittings and fastenings. to splintering. Its natural waxiness occasionally causes As well as flooring and decking, common uses for adhesion problems with some highly solvent floor finishes Brushbox include general house framing, lining, cladding, but it is a very good base for paints and stains. As with most laminated beams and joinery, as well as plywood, turnery, high-density species, machining and surface preparation laminated bench tops and parquetry. It has also been used should be done immediately before gluing. It is low in tannins for mallet heads, croquet mallets, bobbins and shuttles for and much less inclined to stain than the eucalypts when the textile industry, butcher’s blocks and in boat building. f ATFA MEMBER BRUSHBOX MANUFACTURERS Company Thickness Widths Contact 1800 800 519 Armstrong 12mm laminate 125mm www.armstrong.com 19mm 80mm and 130mm T&G strip flooring 02 6562 6839 Australian Solar Timbers 19mm 260 x 65mm solid block parquetry www.astfloors.com.au 19mm 85mm and 130mm 18mm 175mm Silkwood engineered 1800 818 317 Boral Timber Flooring 15mm 133mm Silkwood engineered www.boraltimberflooring.com.au 18mm 260 x 65mm parquetry 10mm 80mm 12mm 83mm 02 6621 9886 Hurford Hardwood 14mm 86mm www.hardwood.com.au 19mm 130mm 21mm 180mm 19mm 60mm, 80mm, 130mm T&G solid wood flooring J. Notaras & Sons Pty Ltd 19 and 14mm 65mm block parquetry 03 9399 9300 12mm 80mm overlay T&G flooring 02 9982 3777 Premium Floors (ReadyFlor) 14mm engineered 133mm x 2085 x 14mm Uniclic system www.premiumfloors.com.au 6 AFS/01-31-38 Promoting sustainable Brushbox 175mm forest management Boral Silkwood engineered hardwood flooring Silkwood is a prefinished hardwood flooring product Silkwood can be installed and walked on within a matter that needs no acclimatisation. Just open the box and of hours - no down time for sanding, finishing or curing, start laying. It can be glued down or floated directly on a a lot less mess and fewer fumes. Lay it right at the end of concrete slab, plywood, tiles or existing timber flooring. the project to ensure that it’s a perfect floor at hand-over. For installation guides, product samples or a list of Silkwood resellers, phone 1800 818 317 or visit www.boraltimberflooring.com.au. 7 Know your coatings While the choice in timber finishes now account for a much more scuff resistance which has meant that is broad, growing awareness of significant part of the market. water-based will out-perform oil-based sustainability issues, together with Improved resistance to wear, coatings, with some water-based two- health and safety concerns, have been scratches and staining has seen pack polyurethanes providing wear- major influencers in developments in both one- and two-pack water- resistance superior to that of many coatings technology in recent years. based coatings used on many more solvent-based coating offerings.” Timber floor finishes can be residential and commercial timber Chu goes on to say that there are new grouped into four main categories: floors. Low toxicity and faster drying water-based sealers on the market, penetrating oils and waxes, curing times are key advantages of water- such as Intergrain’s Enviropro Timber oils and alkyds, oil modified urethanes based coatings. Seal Ultra. This means that contractors and polyurethanes, the latter According to Dulux Group R&D can offer a complete water-based three categories being available in Senior Development Chemist Keith system without sacrificing colour. solventborne and waterborne varieties. Chu, “In the past, objections to water- Solventborne polyurethanes provide In years gone by, water-based based coatings have been that they the highest durability and film build coatings were regarded as inferior or haven’t provided the wear resistance of all coating types with the highest lacklustre alternatives to traditional that solvent-based coatings could. gloss levels for the gloss options. solvent-based products. As technology However, recent developments have However, there is a strong solvent has improved, water-based coatings seen a dramatic increase in wear and smell on application and the fumes are of the highest toxicity level (isocyanate content) until the coating has cured. With the correct use of personal protective equipment this aspect is not considered an issue. Solventborne polyurethanes can be used with fast-dry sealers, providing the highest gloss and film build option of all timber finishes. These sealers are of intermediate cost and generally provide trouble-free application. They do, however, have poorer edge-bonding resistance. Currently, this type of finish is commonly used in Australia. Penetrating oils and waxes are blends of natural oils and waxes with added chemical salt “driers”. They are dissolved into spirit-type solvents, with some of the very low volatility types meeting the Green Building Council guidelines of 140 g/L VOC emission. This coating type requires regular As technology has improved, water-based application of metalised acrylic coatings are now accounting for a much more polishes. Waxes and penetrating oils significant part of the market. will darken as they age and are slower to cure in cold weather. 8 Curing oils such as tung or linseed, solvents. This results in durability being Waterborne UMOs are a recent dissolved in mineral turpentine or white improved from a low to a moderate addition to the timber flooring finishes spirits, contain added chemical curing level. This is a lower cost option while market. Although higher in cost than agents called metal driers. Curing oils providing good edge bonding resistance the solventborne, the waterborne are available in various gloss levels, and a rich timber colour. These are UMOs have the advantage of low VOC from high gloss to satin. more traditional types of finishes which emissions. These finishes are low cost, have are less commonly used. When it comes to timber coatings, good edge bonding resistance and Urethane Modified Oils (UMO) are solvent-based polyurethane has the produce a rich timber colour. However, mineral turpentine-based coatings that largest market share,” says Dave they can be slower to
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