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Thermal Spray Society An Affiliate Society of ASM International THERMAL SPRAY HALL OF FAME The Thermal Spray Hall of Fame was established in 1993 to recognize the many outstanding leaders who have made
Thermal Spray Society An Affiliate Society of ASM International THERMAL SPRAY HALL OF FAME The Thermal Spray Hall of Fame was established in 1993 to recognize the many outstanding leaders who have made significant contributions to the science, practice, education, management and advancement of thermal spray. Nominations for the Class of Inductees into the TSS Thermal Spray Hall of Fame are accepted until 30 September of the preceding year. Candidates for the Thermal Spray Hall of Fame may be proposed by any five members of the Thermal Spray Society or any of the working groups, committees, subcommittees or other duly recognized bodies within the Thermal Spray Society Class of Inductees M. Brad Beardsley, Caterpillar, Inc. For enduring commitment and success in establishing worldwide utilization of thermal spray processes and materials for sustainable, green manufacturing processes ranging from remanufacturing to Cr-plate replacement. Christian Moreau, National Research Council Canada For advancing thermal spray science and technology through the development of innovative scientific and control diagnostics, advanced coating materials systems, and for leadership in thermal spray communications Class of Inductees Frank J. Hermanek, FJH and Associates (previously Praxair Thermal Spray Product) For substantial contributions in thermal spray coatings, materials and technology developments and for acting as a mentor and teacher to new upcoming members to the thermal spray industry. Elliott R. Sampson, TAFA/Praxair Surface Technologies For significant contributions to the development of twin-wire arc spray technology and for providing leadership in promoting thermal spray technology to aerospace markets and in thermal spray education Class of Inductees Peter Heinrich, Linde Gas AG For exceptional contributions to bring innovative thermal spray technology to the market place and for tireless efforts in unifying the global thermal spray community. Akira Ohmori, Osaka University For significant contributions to the development of innovative thermal spray technology and for providing leadership to the thermal spray community in Asia Pacific region. Detlev H. H. Stöver, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH For significant contributions in the pioneering development of thermal spray and material technologies for various energy systems and for outstanding contributions in thermal spray education Class of Inductees Klaus Dieter Landes, Universtat der Bundeswehr Muenchen For outstanding achievements in plasma source development and innovative designs paired with carefully executed diagnostic experimentation that led to significant improvements in plasma spray coating production. Andrew Nicoll For exemplary service to the thermal spray community through research, industrial strategic developments, ad Society involvement at many levels Class of Inductees Daryl E. Crawmer, Thermal Spray Technologies, Inc. For advancing thermal spray technology through numerous innovations in equipment and process design, and for being an invaluable source of information and advice to the thermal spray community. Akira Nakahira, Tocalo Co., Ltd. For the development and industrialization of innovative thermal spray coatings, fostering one of the world s largest thermal spray job shop companies, and for the advancement of thermal spray as a fundamental technology. Anatolii N. Papyrin, Cold Spray Technology, LLC For outstanding scientific and technological contributions to the research and development as well as the commercialization of the cold spray process Class of Inductees Robert M. Gage, Union Carbide Corporation For the initial invention and development of transferred and non-transferred arc plasma spray torches and coatings using powder or liquid feed stock, and seminal developments in the use of gases to effect reactions during spraying. Albert Kay, FASM, ASB Industries, Inc. For excellence in recognizing and commercializing emerging technologies such as HVOF and cold spray and for his proactive role in ASM and TSS committees leading to the spread of thermal spray in many industries Class of Inductee Christopher C. Berndt, FASM, James Cook University For outstanding contributions to the science and technology of thermal spray and for leadership in promoting thermal spray technology Class of Inductees Atsushi Hasui, Keio University Professor Hasui has contributed immensely to the development of thermal spray technology through his pioneering and innovative research, his books, and his leadership in the Japanese Thermal Spray Society and in establishing industry standards. Mark Smith, FASM, Sandia National Laboratories For significant and sustained technical contributions to advance the science and technology of thermal spray, especially process diagnostics and modeling, and for more than twenty years of service in professional society leadership as an active proponent of thermal spray. Donald Yenni, Union Carbide Corp. For the invention of wire and powder fed plasma spray torches and deposition processes and the development of many ancillary thermal spray machines and thermal spray applications Class of Inductee Heinrich Kreye, University of Federal Armed Forces For leading the way to introduce HVOF spraying and later cold spraying to Europe. In both, his internationally highly recognized research provided a comprehensive understanding of the process and established an excellent basis for industrial applications. In collaboration with industries and as one of the organizers of the six HVOF colloquia, he substantially enhanced the transfer thermal spray know-how to final users Class of Inductees Fred W. Gartner, Jr., F. W.Gartner Thermal Spray Company A pioneer and tireless ambassador for the Thermal Spray Industry. Devoted to the advancement, understanding and appreciation of thermal spray coatings their application and usage. Anthony J. Rotolico, Englehard Surface Technology Innovator in the development of Thermal Spray equipment, their manufacture and introduction to aircraft, automotive and industrial/production applications. Joachim V. Heberlein, University of Minnesota For sustained long-term Research and Development efforts relative to fundamental plasma arc phenomena that have contributed to advance Thermal Spray application techniques Class of Inductees Maher I. Boulos, University of Sherbrooke Technologist, educator and pioneer: for his work relating to induction plasmas especially in the areas of flow modeling; torch design; plasma jet and particle characterization; spheroidization and particle syntheses; and, nano particle production. Douglas H. Harris, APS Materials Incorporated Innovator and research contributor to the art and science of thermal spraying notably in the fields of biocompatible and corrosion resistant coatings Class of Inductees Hans-Dieter Steffens, University of Dortmund Educator and innovator. A principal contributor to the scientific field of arc and metal spray technology; to international standards and guidelines; and to the founding of the Institute of Materials Technology at the University of Dortmund and introducing Coating Technology to Materials Studies. Robert C. Tucker, Jr. FASM, The Tucker Group, LLC For his scientific and technical leadership in the field of thermal spray technology and championing the cause of student growth/involvement. As Thermal Spray Society president his leadership fostered openness, growth and contact with other spray agencies - accomplishments unrivalled. René David Wasserman, Eutectic+Castolin A visionary who recognized the waste created by manufacturing anomalies and their impact on costs and often times their environmental surroundings. Pioneered preventive maintenance and repair techniques through the implementation of welding, brazing and thermal spray processing. His entrepreneurial acumen enabled Eutectic+Castolin to become a leader in offering anti-wear solutions. 2001 Class of Inductees Vernon A. Cook, Metallizing Company of America (Mogul) Entrepreneur, pioneer and early leader in developing and fostering the use of the thermal spray processes in the United States. Contributed to the marketing of combustion wire and powder spraying. Initiated the production of electric arc spray equipment in the Americas. Instrumental in the early development of the HVOF process. Ferdinand J. Dittrich, Sulzer Metco (US) Inc. Research scientist and innovator. The discoverer of reactive nickel aluminum composites. Through his efforts these products, when thermally sprayed, demonstrated 'self-bonding' characteristics when applied onto metallic surfaces thereby offering an anchorage for less adherent materials. As such, these discoveries have become the cornerstone upon which other coating and coating systems have come to depend on for both reliability and performance. Hiroshi F. Nakahira, TOCALO Co., LTD For his business and technical leadership. His innovative approach in spray technology, the development of spray products and their marketing in Japan and throughout the world. For his encouragement and support for student training, and of the Japan Thermal Spraying Association and the Japan Thermal Spraying Society. 2000 Class of Inductee No inductees awarded this year Class of Inductee Erich F. Lugscheider, Aachen University Professor Lugscheider developed patents successfully and marketed innovations based on R & D results he found. As an expert, he is able to initiate worldwide technology transfers and new application technology applications. Moreover, he has engaged in the worldwide organization of the United Thermal Spray Conference. He has also made a tremendous contribution to thermal spray education and teaching and his institute can look back at a large number of well qualified students who are in the thermal spray industry. 1998 Class of Inductees Pierre Léon Fauchais, University of Limoges Professor Fauchais has a very significant place in the modern history of thermal spray because of his long term excellent research into fundamental understanding of thermal plasma behavior, plasma-particle interactions and coating formation. Moses A. Levinstein, General Electric Aircraft Engine While at General Electric, Mr. Levinstein was obsessed with promoting thermal spraying both within GE and the United States. He introduced sprayed coatings into General Electric turbines. As American Welding Society C2 Chairman, he changed the process name to Thermal Spraying, and brought America its first International Thermal Spray Conference. Herbert and Marlies Nussbaum, Plasma-Technik For their vision and innovations in the development of Plasma Spray equipment (F4 gun and system computer control) and full scale integrated production spray systems Class of Inductees Robert E. Mahood, St. Louis Metallizing, Inc. For his leadership in the Metallizing Service Contractors and thermal spray committees of ASM International and the American Welding Society, which was instrumental in the growth of the ASM Thermal Spray Society, and which has brought him universal respect from his peers. Also, for his constant dedication to and support of groups that continue to champion thermal spraying throughout the world. Erich Muehlberger, Sulzer Metco, Inc. For serving as a mentor and advisor to many leaders of the thermal spray industry, including founders of the ASM Thermal Spray Society; for his entrepreneurship and vision; and for inventing the low-pressure plasma spray known as LPPS or Vacuum Plasma Spray. Jack Ritchie, Bender Machine, Inc. For providing dynamic leadership in acting as an ambassador for the expansion of thermal spray technology around the world, especially in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Also, for his achievements over more than four decades with Bender Machine, Inc. and his contributions to the International Thermal Spray Association, National Thermal Spray Conferences, and other leading thermal spray organizations worldwide Class of Inductees Rea A. Axline, Metco, Inc. Founder of the Metallizing Engineering Company, Inc. (Metco). Pioneered the Thermal Spray industry worldwide. Provided a nurturing corporate environment that developed engineers / specialists who labored throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe James A. Browning, DRACO, Inc. Inventor of numerous and unique Thermal Spray application devices including: High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Gun, High Power Plasma Generator and other mainstays of the thermal spray industry. Reginald McPherson, Monash University Provided outstanding contributions in thermal spray research and graduate education George H. Smith, Union Carbide Corporation Champion of advanced thermal spray devices, inventions, coating applications and industrial research 1995 Class of Inductees Jack Kittle, H.C. Starck, Inc. For devotion of his professional life to the teaching and development of thermal spray technology. He was instrumental in laying a solid foundation for the Thermal Spray Society; especially in industrial interactions through the Annual Exhibition. Walter B. Meyer, St. Louis Metallizing, Inc. For his promotion of all aspects of thermal spray. His unselfish dedication reflected 42 years of service as technician, engineer, organizer, instructor, administrator and consultant. He was Mr. Metallizing to his peers Class of Inductees Herbert Herman, State University of New York For outstanding contributions in thermal spray education, expanding the thermal spray technology science base and developing and advancing coating characterization techniques. Daniel R. Marantz, Flame-Spray Industries, Inc. For pioneering work in the development of thermal spray devices including the single wire plasma gun, and playing a central role in introducing new thermal spray technology to industry. Merle L. Thorpe, TAFA, Inc. For work in exploring plasma spray coating systems and innovative coating materials, processes and applications; and a driving entrepreneurial spirit aimed at expanding the thermal spray industry. William E. Ballard, Metallisation, Ltd. For his pioneering and unparalleled efforts in cataloging and chroniclizing the development, growth and commercialization of the thermal spray industry in his anthology Metal Spraying and the Flame Deposition of Ceramics and Plastics. Max Ulrich Schoop, Inventor For his landmark contributions as the inventor of the thermal spray process and the subsequent refinement and expansion of thermal spray technology to provide the foundation for the modern thermal spray industry. ( - deceased)
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