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THE LEARNING METHOD OF AQIDAH AKHLAK AT AL-IKHSAN ISLAMIC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BEJI KEDUNGBANTENG BANYUMAS A THESIS Presented to Faculty of Tarbiya, State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto as a Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Undergraduate Degree in Islamic Education By: JOKO SATRIA NEGA STUDY PROGRAM OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION FACULTY OF TARBIYA STATE COLLEGE ON ISLAMIC STUDIES PURWOKERTO 2015 STATEMENT OF ORIGINALITY Herewith I Name : Joko Satria Nega Student Number : Grade : S-1 Department Study Program Thesis Title : Tarbiyah : Islamic Education : The Leraning Method of Aqidah Akhlak at Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senior High School Beji Kedungbanteng Banyumas Declare that this Thesis script is entirely my own research outcome or work, except in given parts which are cited the sources. Purwokerto,04 December 2014 I who declares, Joko Satria Nega S.N ii OFFICIAL MEMORANDUM OF SUPERVISOR To the honor Rector of State College on Islamic Studies In Purwokerto Assalamu alaikumwr. Wb. Having guided, analyzed, directed, and corrected writing thesis by Joko Satria Nega, Student Number entitled: The Leraning Method of Aqidah Akhlak at Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senior High School Beji Kedungbanteng Banyumas I recommend that the thesis be able to be submitted to Rector of State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto to be examined in order to get Undergraduate Degree in Islamic Education (S.Pd.I.) Wassalamu alaikumwr. Wb. Purwokerto, 04 December 2014 Supervisor, Yulian Purnama, S.Pd., M.Hum NIP iii ENDORSEMENT Thesis entitled THE LERANING METHOD OF AQIDAH AKHLAK AT AL-IKHSAN ISLAMIC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BEJI KEDUNGBANTENG BANYUMAS Arranged By Joko Satria Nega (Student Number ) Study Program of Islamic Education, Department of Tarbiya, State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto, has been examined on 26 th January 2015 and stated to fulfill the requirements to get Undergrduate Degree in Islamic Education by the Board of The Chairperson Thesis Examiners Session The Secretary Toifur, M.Si NIP Dr. Suparjo, M.A NIP The Supervisor/Examiner Yulian Purnama, S.Pd., M.Hum NIP The First Examiner The Second Examiner Dr. Suparjo, M.A NIP Sony Susandra, M.Ag NIP Purwokerto, 26 th January 2015 Rector, Dr. A. Lutfi Hamidi, M.Ag NIP iv MOTTO Give thanks for what you are now And keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow (Fernanda Miramontes) Verily! Allah will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves (Q.S Ar-Ra d [13]: 11) v DEDICATION I dedicate this thesis to people who have given me inspiration and support me every day to pass this life, for you: My beloved parents Suroso and Yasmini and also my beloved sisters Annisah and Retni Atmalia I hope that this simple thesis will make you proud of me and give a little happiness for your life vi THE LEARNING METHOD OF AQIDAH AKHLAK AT AL-IKHSAN ISLAMIC SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BEJI KEDUNGBANTENG BANYUMAS Joko Satria Nega Study Program of Islamic Education Tarbiya Department State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto ABSTRACT The learning method is a way of delivering learning material to achieve the learning purpose that has been set. Thus, the teacher must be good in choosing the learning method so that the learning purpose can be achieved well. This thesis is based on variation of the using learning methods that are used by teacher to deliver the subject matter of Aqidah Akhlak to the students, so that students are able to master the competency in accordance with existing learning purpose. Of course, teacher has to master and use appropriate methods to the learning. The question of the reasearch in this thesis is how the learning method of Aqidah Akhlak in MA Al-Ikhsan Beji Kedungbanteng Banyumas. This research is a field research that is descriptive qualitative. The subjects of this research are teacher of Aqidah Akhlak and the head master. The method of data collectiing uses interview, observation, and documentation. As for analyzing the data that is obtained, the writer using analyzing all the data, reducing the data, presenting data and verifying data. The result of this thesis indicates that the learning methods of Aqidah Akhlak in MA Al-Ikhsan Beji are using six methods, namely lecturing method, question and answer method, discussion method, group work method, recitation method and drill method. Application of the lecturing method teacher uses easy language to understand. Question and answer method is carried out between teacher and students and conversely. The discussion method, students deliberate and solve a problem. Group work method, the teacher divides students into groups and give a theme to the presentation. Recitation method, the teacher gives the task to be done in the classroom and at home. Drill method, students follow what is recited by the teacher and repetitive. The teacher is not only using one method but using a variety of methods in the learning process. Keywords : The Learning Method, Aqidah Akhlak, MA AL-Ikhsan Beji Kedungbanteng Banyumas vii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The greatest gratitude is devoted to Allah SWT, the only Lord of mine who has been giving us mercies and blessing, thus the researcher could be through the difficult time during the writing process of this thesis and can finish it properly. Peace and Salutation always be given to our Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his faithful followers who strive in Allah s religion, Islam. The compiling of this thesis can be finished because of the mercy and guidance of Allah and support from various parties that contributed to the creation of this work. Therefore, with all humility the writer wish to thank: 1. Dr. A. Lutfi Hamidi, M.Ag., The Rector of State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto. 2. Drs. Munjin, M.Pd.I., The First Vice-Rector of State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto. 3. Drs. Asdlori, M.Pd.I., The Second Vice-Rector of State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto. 4. H. Supriyanto, Lc., M.S.I., The Third Vice-Rector of State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto. 5. Kholid Mawardi, S.Ag., M.Hum.,The Chief of Tarbiya Department State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto. 6. Dr. Suparjo, S.Ag., M.A., The Chief of Islamic Education Study Program of State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto. 7. Drs. Amat Nuri, M.Pd.I., as the Academic Advisoras long as writer studied in State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto. viii 8. Mr. Yulian Purnama, S.Pd., M.Hum., as the thesis supervisor who has directed and provided advice during the compiling of this thesis. 9. The entire lecturers and academic staffs of State College on Islamic Studies Purwokerto which have been equipping various science. 10. Drs. H. Achmad Juhana as the head master ofthe MAAl-Ikhsan Beji, thank you for your help and cooperation, so I can get the data needed. 11. Mr. Ahmad Saman, S.Sos.I dan Mrs. Mutimatuzzakiyah, S.Pd.I., As teachers of Aqidah Akhlak in MA Al-Ikhsan Beji, thank you for your help. 12. All of teachers and staffs of MA Al-Ikhsan Beji Kedungbanteng 13. My parents, sisters and all my family who have been giving encouragement, support, and motivation in studying. 14. K.H. Abu Chamid and family as the Leader of Al-Ikhsan Islamic Boarding School who have given me chance to learn about Islamic religion deeply. 15. Asatidz council and the entire committees of Al-Ikhsan Islamic Boarding School 16. My roommates: Mr. Ahmad Lutfi Sulton, Mr. Amin Masykur, Mr. Imam Muslim, and Mr. M. Tsani Arkan that always accompany me to study everything in joy and sorrow 17. All my friends of PAI-1 thank you for your support that you have given to me and hope that our friendship will stand firm until the end. 18. My best friend ever Ida Purwita Sari, Lina Handayani, and Mukhammad Amirudin who always support me and give me special moments and time as long as I am here. 19. Special thank s for Unesatul Firda, my sweet little sister who has supported me ix 20. All those who have helped me during the compiling of this thesis that can not benamed one by one There is no worth word to convey gratitude, except prayer that May Allah always bless us and keep us on the right path. The write rrealizes that this thesis are still many shortcomings and weaknesses. Therefore, criticism and suggestions are always writer expects. Hopefully this thesis can be useful for many people. Aamiin. Purwokerto, 04 December 2014 The Writer, Joko Satria Nega NIM x TABLE OF CONTENT TITLE... STATEMENT OF ORIGINALITY... OFFICIAL MEMORANDUM OF CONSULTANT... LEGALIZATION... MOTTO... DEDICATION... ABSTRACT... ACKNOWLEDGEMENT... TABLE OF CONTENT... TABLE LIST... i ii iii iv v vi vii viii xi xiv CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. The Problematical Background... 1 B. The Title Explanation... 5 C. The Question of Research... 7 D. The Aim and Benefit of Research... 7 E. The Prior / Related Research... 8 F. The Systematic of Study... 9 CHAPTER II THE LEARNING METHOD OF AQIDAH AKHLAK A. The Learning Method The Definiton of Learning Method The Purpose of Learning Method xi 3. The Principles of Learning Method The Kinds of Learning Method The Considering Factors in Choosing The Learning Method 38 B. Aqidah Akhlak The Definition of Aqidah Akhlak The Function and Purpose of Aqidah Akhlak The Scope of Aqidah Akhlak C. The Learning Method of Aqidah Akhlak CHAPTER III THE RESEARCH METHOD A. Type B. Place of Research C. Subject of The Research D. Object of The Research E. The Method of Data Collecting F. The Method of Data Analysis CHAPTER IV DATA PRESENTATION AND DATA ANALYSIS A. General Description of MA Al-Ikhsan Beji B. Data Presentation C. Data Analysis D. The Supporting and Inhibiting Factors xii CHAPTER V CLOSING A. Conclusion B. Suggestions C. Closing BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDIX CURICULUM VITAE xiii TABLE LIST Tabel 1 Tabel 2 Tabel 3 Tabel 4 Building State of MA Al-Ikhsan Beji Teachers and Staffs Data of MA Al-Ikhsan Beji Students Data of MA Al-Ikhsan Beji Student s Achievement Data of MA Al-Ikhsan Beji xiv CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. The Problematical Backround Education is one of the important aspects for human life, because human can develop themselves and can do their function as a caliph on the earth through education. Theoretically, education has a signification as feeding to the psychic of students until they get spiritual satisfaction, and it is also often interpreted by growing the basic human capabilities. 1 In the National Education System Act No. 20 of 2003, education is defined as a conscious and be planned effort to realize an atmosphere of learning and learning process so that the students are actively developing their potential to have the spiritual strength of religious, self control, personality, intelligence, noble character, with skill that is needed by themselves, society, nation, and state. 2 In addition, education is also interpreted as a conscious effort that is done intentionally by a person to prepare the students toward maturity, high qualification, pesonality/morality, and perspicacity thinking through the guidance and training. 3 From some understanding of education above, a conclusion can be drawn that what is meant by education is a conscious and deliberate effort 1 M. Arifin, Ilmu Pendidikan Islam: Tinjauan Teoritis dan Praktis Berdasarkan Pendekatan Interdisipliner, (Jakarta: Bumi Aksara, 2011), p Departemen Pendidikan Nasional, Undang-undang Sistem Pendidikan Nasional, (Yogyakarta: Pustaka Pelajar, 2011), p Abdul Rachman Shaleh, Pendidikan Agama dan Pembangunan Watak Bangsa, (Jakarta: PT. RajaGrafindo Persada, 2005), p. 3. 1 2 made by a teacher to the students through the learning activities to achieve educational goals. Learning activity is an activity to transform teaching material to the subject of learning. In this context, the teacher acts as the explainer and translator of the material. Various efforts and strategies are made by the teacher so that the material can be easly digested by learning subject, that is the achievement of learning goal that has been formulated. 4 The principal aim of Islamic education is to achieve a balanced growth of total personality of human through the training of human s spirit, intellect the rational self, feeling and bodily sense. Education should therefore cater for the growth of human in all its aspects, spiritual, intellectual, imaginative, physical, scientific, linguistic, both individually and collectively, and motivate all these aspects toward goodness and attainment of perfection. The ultimate aim of education lies in the realization of complete submission to Allah on the level of individual, the community, and humanity at large. 5 Those aims indicate the effort of Islamic education to save the muslims from aspersion and destruction caused by western cultural influences in variety aspects of life. Here, then can be seen the importance of one of Islamic Education materials, namely Aqidah Akhlak. Aqidah akhlak is a part of Islamic education that emphasizes the affective aspect, either divinity or humanity values which will be instilled in 4 Sunhaji, Strategi Pembelajaran, Konsep Dasar, Metode dan Aplikasi dalam Proses Belajar Mengajar (Purwokerto: STAIN Purwokerto Press, 2009), p Al-Rasyidin dan Samsul Nizar, Filsafat Pendidikan Islam; Pendekatan Historis, Teoritis dan Praktis, (Ciputat: Ciputat Press, 2005), p 3 the students selves. In the effort of growing those values up, it needs better condition of learning. On the basis of mentioned above, the appropriate learning method is required in each subject matter. It means, a teacher must be able to master a various of learning methods that can create a conducive condition for studying and motivate the students to be active students. During this time, there are many teachers tend to use conventional and monotonous way in the learning process. These matters make the students feel bored, have no creativity, and making passive students. as a consequence, the aim of education that has been determined can not be reached in maximal. The success of the learning process in an educational program is determined by two important things are interrelated, namely the quality and ability of teacher to implement the learning method. Learning method is a way or technique of presenting teaching material that used when presenting the material either individually or group. Literally, method is derived from Greek word that composed of two words, those are meta it means passing and hodos it means the way. So method is the way that must be passed. 6 In the process of Islamic education, the method has an important position in delivering the subject matter that has been arranged in the curriculum. However good and perfect an Islamic education curriculum, it will not mean anything when it has no the proper method and manner in 6 Al-Rasyidin dan Samsul Nizar, Filsafat Pendidikan..., p. 65. 4 transforming to the students. Without a method, a subject matter can not be processed effectively and efficiently in learning activity towards the aim of education is expected. Understanding and paracticing the method is a necessity, from these matters the teacher will know which methods can make the learning be active, creative, effective, and fun. 7 Ineffective and uncomfortable method of learning will be obstacles to the fluency of learning and teaching process so much energy and time are wasted. Therefore, the method is applied by teacher will be successful and efficient if it is able to be used in achieving the educational aim that has been set. In the learning activity, more appropriate the method is used the more effective and efficient the learning activity which is undertaken between the teacher and students. Therefore, the teacher should be able to choose exactly what kind of method that will be used in learning activity by considering the aim of learning that will be achieved, circumstances and level of students development. Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senior High School Beji Kedungbanteng Banyumas is an educational institution that is based on the principle of Islam. The purpose of the establishment of this institution is to form the students into a noble human and practice the teaching values of Islam in daily life. In addition to general subjects are also taught Islamic education subjects, one of which is the Aqidah Akhlak. 7 Jamal Ma mur Asmani, 7 Aplikasi PAKEM (Pembelajaran Aktif, Kreatif, Efektif, dan Menyenangkan), (Jogjakarta: DIVA press, 2012), p. 31. 5 According to Mrs. Mutimatuzzakiyah, S.Pd.I., in the process of learning Islamic education, particularly Aqidah Akhlak, she is not just using one method alone, but she has been using a variety of methods. This is done by her so that the students do not get bored with the learning process quickly, the students easier to absorb the lessons and make the students not only listen to the explanations of the teacher but also actively involved in learning. Beside that, she often admonish students who act and behave less well, this is done by her in the context of the establishment and cultivation of Islamic values on the students. 8 Therefore, the writer is very interested in making research deeper about The Learning Method Of Aqidah Akhlak at Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senior High School Beji Kedungbanteng Banyumas. B. The Title Explanation 1. The Learning Method The term comes from the Greek that is metahodos consisting of the word meta and hodos the word meta means through and the meaningful of hodos is the way. So the meaning of Method is the way that must be through, how to do something or procedure. 9 8 Interview result with Mrs. Mutimatuzzakiyah, S.Pd.I (Teacher of Aqidah Akhlak), 27 November Sunhaji, Strategi Pembelajaran..., p. 38 6 The method implies the existence of a sequence of planned cooperation, systematic, and scientific experimental results to achieve the goals that have been planned. 10 From the definition above we can conclude that method is the way used to implement the planned activities, in order to the goals can be achieved optimally. While learning is an activity carried out by the teacher to make the students learn actively emphasizing the provision of learning resources. 11 So that the learning method that intended in this research is a way used by the teacher to deliver instructional materials to the students, so that the learning goals that have been formulated can be achieved optimally. 2. Aqidah Akhlak Aqidah Akhlak is one of Islamic Education subjects which is the enhancement of Aqidah Akhlak subject that has been learnt by the students before. Aqidah akhlak is a subject matter that teaches the principles of Islamic teaching and also teaches about behaviour, so that the students can recognize, understand, appreciate, and believe in Allah and they can apply in the good behaviour in daily life. Aqidah Akhlak gives a guidance to the students for understanding and appreciating the truth of Islamic teaching and have a kindness to do it regularly. 10 Armai Arief, Pengantar Ilmu dan Metodologi Pendidikan Islam (Jakarta: Ciputat Pers, 2002), p Heri Gunawan, Kurikulum dan Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam (Bandung: Alfabeta, 2012), p 7 3. Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senior High School Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senior High School Beji is an Islamic education institution under the shade of Al-Ikhsan Islamic Boarding School which is located in Beji, Kedungbanteng, Banyumas. From that explanation above, the meaning of this title research on the learning methods of Aqidah Akhlak, How does the teacher use the methods in the teaching Aqidah Akhlak at Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senior High School. C. The Question of Research According to the problematical background that the writer explain, so can be formulated How Is The Implementation Learning Method of Aqidah Akhlak at Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senior High School Beji Kedungbanteng Banyumas? D. The Aim and Benefit of Research 1. The Aim of Research Based on the question of research above, this research aimed to know objectivaly the implementation learning method of Aqidah Akhlak at Al-Ikhsan Islamic Senio
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