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  THE KIR'SHARA C'Thia, Kolinahr and the Teachings of Surak.ByI'ki Lah'so  About The Kir'Shara. Although Vulcans and their philosophy are fictional, much of these philosophies are similar to human philosophies, such as Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. What is inherently different is the adherence to logic and the suppression of emotions.Logic is a way of thinking that is worthy and attainable and, with these writings, I hope to show that the Teachings of Surak can be of great benefit to humans. Change is the essential process of existence. (Many of the posts will refer to a number of texts written by others. Most notably:J W Merrit - - The Path Of Surak(Selections from this text can be found in section 3)Gregory Hoover - - The Teachings Of Surak(Selections from this text can be found in section 1)Jaqueline Lichtenberg - Surak's%20Construct.pdf. - Surak's ConstructMany thanks to these few who have helped me find the way.)  This is the Kir'Shara. It begins and ends with the Rules of Surak. All else is discussion, interpretation and exploration of these rules.They are the basis, the rock and the foundation. Any deviation is not C'Thia and, thus, without foundation.The journey begins and ends with these rules, but the journey will take your entire life. Surak's rules: 1. Do nothing to speed up entropy. Cast out fear, cast out hate and rage for these emotions shall speed up the universe's movement into chaos. Use compassion to slow our continuous entropic movement. 2. Do not harm nor kill. Harm shall speed up entropy in the universe, and oneself. All actions have equal reactions. The Spear in the other's heart is a spear in your own: you are he. Violence breeds Violence. Death brings death, and Hate places hate upon oneself. Can you return to life what you take from it? Then be slow to take a life. 3. Do not violate one's own intimacy. For it remain precious if one does not violate it. Privacy is unique and solemn, to violate a secret place shall turn that place to torment. Reach out with courtesy, accept other's reaching with careful hands. 4. Use Reason above all else. What is -- is. Accept the things one cannot change, change the things one can. Learn to discern what was, what will be, and what one envisions from the reality of the now. Learn the truth of reality -- the truth of reality. Learn Clear thought. Cast out fear. This will set our world free.  There are things one should do, if one want to be logical: *Cast out fear, rage, hate, and cast out passion, love, and joy.*Continuously learn new things.
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