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PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR COMPLETE APPLICATION TO MIND-BUILDERS CREATIVE ARTS CENTER BY 5:00 PM TUESDAY JUNE 10, INTERVIEWS FOR SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS WILL BE HELD JUNE 17-19, ALL CANDIDATES WILL BE NOTIFIED OF ACCEPTANCE INTO THE PROGRAM BY TUESDAY, JUNE 24, PROGRAM START DATE IS TUESDAY, JULY 8, PROGRAM ENDING DATE IS SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, For further information, please contact: The Dr. Beverly J. Robinson Community Folk Culture Program Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center Executive Director Madaha Kinsey-Lamb Program Assistants Diane Williams Edmond Asante Gerald Bryan Site Address 3415 Olinville Avenue, Bronx, NY Contact Telephone: (718) Telefax: (718) May 15, 2014 Hey Fashionista!!! Here s a paid internship opportunity for you! The Dr. Beverly J. Robinson Community Folk Culture Program (FC) is accepting applications from youth for its Summer 2014 season. The theme for Summer 2014 is Style In Motion. Together, we will explore why we do what we do in fashion (both male and female) and how fashion relates to who we are. We are particularly interested in exploring the style influences of African American, African, Caribbean, Latin American and Indo-Asian immigrant communities. The results of our research will be utilized for The Will to Adorn project of the Smithsonian Museum. (Please visit the website at and click on The Will to Adorn. ) Summer 2014 runs for 5 weeks from July 8 August 9, 2014, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00 AM 3:00 PM each week (and later on trip days). Interns will receive a stipend up to $ for participation, completion of assignments, attendance and number of years experience in the FC Program. FC Interns will explore fashion, clothing, and style through the generations. We will be interviewing and presenting milliners, designers, barbers, hair stylists, tailors/seamstresses, and fly guys of the community throughout the summer. Activities will include street-fashion research, field trips and photography/ videography lessons. Pure fire! We also need you to research the dress arts in your own family, group, or community. The FC Program requires dedicated interns who will be on time and present each day, in addition to completing their multi-media assignments. Important dates for the FC Program are as follows: The submission deadline for applications is Tuesday June 10, 2014 at 5:00 PM. Applicants who submit complete applications by the deadline will be interviewed June 17-19, 2014 and preference is given to the order in which an application is received. Successful applicants will be informed on Friday, June 24, The Dr. Beverly J. Robinson Program begins at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, July 8, Note: If you hand-deliver the application and we are not in the office, please make sure it gets into the hands of Betsy Hastedt, the General Manager of Mind-Builders, who can be reached at (718) Sincerely, Folk Culture Program Assistants Diane Williams Gerald Bryan Edmond Asante DR. BEVERLY J. ROBINSON COMMUNITY FOLK CULTURE PROGRAM Style in Motion Summer 2014 Application GENERAL INFORMATION FORM Today s Date How did you learn of the Folk Culture Program? First Name Last Name Address Apartment # City State Zip Age Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY) Social Security# Home Phone Mobile Phone address Facebook name and/or address Parent / Guardian Name Relationship to You Home Phone Work Phone Mobile Phone Emergency Contact #1 - Name Address Relationship to You Phone (home or mobile?) Address Emergency Contact #2 - Name Relationship to You Phone (home or mobile?) Address School /College (current) Grade Level (current) Favorite Subjects Special Interests / Hobbies / Talents / Abilities Future Career Goals What do you wish to gain from this experience? Why would you like to be part of the program? How will your participation help or benefits the program? WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT The following assignment must be completed as part of your application. PART ONE CLOTHING (SARTORIAL) AUTOBIOGRAPHY Complete the following activity. Answer completely on a separate sheet of paper (identified as PART ONE) and attach to your completed application. Using the questions below and a photo of yourself in a favorite outfit, write your own clothing (sartorial) autobiography in essay form. Please refer to a sample Sartorial Cultural Autobiography on the following page by a teen intern of the Dr. Beverly J. Robinson Community Folk Culture Program. Include that photo of yourself which shows off your clothing (sartorial) style with your essay. 1. How do you dress? 2. Why do you dress the way you do? 3. What does your clothing say about you? 4. Please describe some of the groups that you belong to, are related to, or identify with. These groups or communities may be formal or informal. They may be based on family, ethnic or cultural, social, educational, neighborhood, political, religious/spiritual, occupational, or friendship ties (e.g., Senegalese, Dominican, spoken word artist, high school student, Harlem, radical, conservative, Catholic, Rasta, artist, skateboarder, etc.). PART TWO RESOURCES FROM IMMIGRANT COMMUNITIES Complete the following activity. Answer completely on a separate sheet of paper (identified as PART THREE) and attach to your completed application. 1. Provide the name, address, telephone number, address and website (if possible) of an artist/artisan you know or have known within your family or among your friends who is skilled in the tradition of jewelry-making, dress-making, textile design, fashion design, tailoring, hatmaking, tattoo arts, piercing, makeup or any other form of hair/ body adornment or style. SAMPLE Sartorial Cultural Autobiography By Trevor Pascal a/k/a Trevs There are many different words that can describe the way I dress: skater-esque, city-boy, preppy, stylish but my favorite word has to be different. Not because I don t like to be like everyone else, but because I m creative. I am always doing something different with my clothes, and because of it, I belong to a multitude of communities of style. A typical outfit of mine now is a crew-neck tee shirt, a cardigan, and my dark-colored skinny jeans. On my arms, I wear l about three or four bracelets: an eyeball bead drawstring cuff bracelet, a luau from my prom that I braided and wrapped around my wrist as a mobile memory of my prom and ultimately, my senior year of high school. I have another drawstring cuff, which I sometimes call my good luck bracelet, with a scorpion amber fossil bead. I also have a yin-yang bracelet that I wear sometimes. I almost never leave my house without my Chuck Taylor Converse. I have them in six colors and styles. And how ever could I forget my 80s style schoolboy glasses? I am a part of many different style communities: New-York-City-urban, Black-American, school kid, preppy, and artist, just to name a few. My urban community is basically one that everyone is familiar with, and can encompass anyone. So, I feel that there really aren t any standards for dress in this day and age. Senior intern, Trevor Pascal, sports a stingy brim hat during an interview of Audrey Bailey, milliner, at Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center in the Bronx. Fellow senior intern, Diane Williams, is pictured with Trevs. (Photo courtesy of the Dr. Beverly J. Robinson Community Folk Culture Program at Mind- Builders Creative Arts Center.) PARENT/GUARDIAN CONSENT This page must be completed by a parent/guardian, if you re under 18 years of age. If you re 18+ years of age, you may complete it yourself. I understand that (applicant s name) would like to be chosen as an intern for the Dr. Beverly Robinson Community Folk Culture Program. If s/he is selected, I agree to give the minor mentioned above permission to: (1) Participate fully in activities, interviews and presentations both onsite and offsite. (2) Interview me and other family members in order to gather information about family cultural backgrounds and childhood memories as part of field research assignments. (3) Partake in program fieldtrips throughout the Bronx and possibly other boroughs of New York City; ride on buses, subways and in hired vehicles. (4) Be photographed, audio-recorded and video-recorded during the documentation of the Program and its related activities; images and/or sound may be published in print and/or online. MEDICAL INFORMATION Has the applicant listed above been exposed to any communicable disease during the three weeks preceding attendance (e.g., mumps, chicken pox, German measles, etc.)? Yes No Medication(s) currently taking: Does the applicant listed above have any conditions and/or allergies which modify activity (e.g., asthma, seizures, heart conditions, convulsions, rheumatic fever)? Yes No If yes, please explain: Does your child have any learning differences (e.g., ADHD, speech or hearing impairment, autism, etc.) we should know about in order to provide an optimal learning experience? Yes No If yes, please explain: I hereby authorize Mind-Builders program staff to obtain necessary emergency medical treatment for my child with the understanding that the child s family will be notified as soon as possible. Print Name Signature Relationship Date
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