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  Alta Special Steel Co.,Ltd No. 86 Rd Hexi, Xisaishan Industrial Park, Huangshi, Hubei Province, ChinaTel: 86 714 3064045 Fax:86 714 3046045 Contact: Website: The broken reason and suggestion of ejectors of die casting molds 1. High temperature of production environment.2. Whether dimensional accuracy can meetthe usage requirements.3. Stress conentrationIt is easy for the shaft to form a stressconcentration at a portion where thediameter changes abruptly when the step isprocessed, so it's easy to be carcked or broken when it meet an external (espeicallya radial force) fore during using.4. Heat treatmentMost ejectors will be heat-treated in theprocess of manufacture, without temperingafter quenching or short tempering time willboth lead the quality defects e.g. excessiveresidual stress.5. check the standard ability of the nitriding process, high carburizing temperature would lead the material failurewhen it during tempering and even the annealing process.6. Try to avoid the radial force to the ejectors during its use as possible as can7. Using transition fillets or increased stress relief groove for the parts of variable diameter when you designmolds.8. Check the size and roughness of the hole before the ejectors be put into. If the ejector hole is loose, then it willbe fed materials easily, that will broken the ejector. If the hole is tight, then he ejector will get a burned up. So weneed a good compatibility between the hole and ejector.9. Daily maintenance and technical adjustment of MoldsIt's better to use lubricating oil while during each loading mode time, one of the daily maintenace is mainly paintlubricating oil or thimble oil. And then you need to paint lubricating oil per 3 to 5 days to maintain a good workcondition. Meanwhile it’s better to use high temperature paste for angle ejector and ejector (a thin film is enough).10. Recommend materials : Toolox44, SKD11, 1.2379, D2, SKD61, 1.2344, H13 tool steels. Alta Special Steel obtained great advantage on grades SKD11/D2/1.2379 and SKD61/1.2344/H13 tool steelrounds, flats, plates and squares.Welcome your inquiries at , Declaration :  Alta Special Steel Co.,Ltd  enjoy the ownership to this article, reproduced, please indicate the source!
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