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Test Mikrotik: www.mikrotik.com/account UserID: Imamw Password: imam012013 Certification example test 1. Select which of the following are 'Public IP addresses': 2. Is ARP used in the IPv6 protocol ? NO 3. Collisions are possible in full-duplex Ethernet networks 4. You have a router with configuration - Public IP : - Default gateway: - DNS server:, - Local IP:
  Test Mikrotik: www.mikrotik.com/accountUserID: ImamwPassword: imam012013 Certification example test1.  Select which o the ollowin! are Pu#lic IP addresses :10.110.$0.3%1&2.1'(.0.11%2.2(.%3.2111.'3.%2.211%2.1'(.2$).2 2.  Is *+P used in the IP,' -rotocol   3.  ollisions are -ossi#le in ulldu-le 4thernet networks 4.  5ou ha,e a router with coni!uration  Pu#lic IP :202.1'(.12$.)$/2)  Deault !atewa6:202.1'(.12$.1  DS ser,er: 2)(.11$.1)(.13'7 2)(.11$.1)(.13%  8ocal IP: 1&2.1'(.2.1/2) Mark the correct coni!uration on client P to access to the InternetIP:1&2.1'(.1.223/2) !atewa6:2)(.11$.1)(.13'IP:1&2.1'(.2.11$/2) !atewa6: 1&2.1'(.2.1IP:1&2.1'(.0.1/2) !atewa6:1&2.1'(.2.1IP:1&2.1'(.2.2$3/2) !atewa6:202.1'(.0.1IP:1&2.1'(.2.2/2) !atewa6:202.1'(.12$.)$ 5.  9ow man6 usa#le IP addresses are there in a 20#it su#net)0&)20)'20)%)0&'20)( 6.  In MikroTik +outerS7 8a6er3 communication #etween 2 hosts can #e achie,ed #6 usin! an address su#net o:/32/31/30/2&  7.  M* la6er #6 SI model is also known as8a6er '8a6er %8a6er 28a6er 18a6er 3 8.  Select ,alid su#net masks:2$$.2$$.22).01&$$.2$$.1&2.2$$2$$.1&2.0.0 9.  hich com-uters would #e a#le to communicate directl6 ;without an6 routers in,ol,ed< and'(.0.$/2' and 1&2.1'(.0.10010.$.$.1/2) and 10.$.$.100/2$1&2.1'(.1%.1$/2& and 1&2.1'(.1%.20/2( 10.  * network read6 de,ice is directl6 connected to a MikroTik +outer=*+D %$0 with a correct U.T.P. +>)$ unctionin! ca#le. The de,ice is coni!ured with an IP,) address o 1&2.1'(.100.%0 usin! a su#net mask o 2$$.2$$.2$$.2$2. hat will #e a ,alid IP,) address or the +outer=*+D %$0 or a successul connection to the de,ice 1&2.1'(.100.'(/2$$.2$$.2$$.2$21&2.1'(.100.%1/2$$.2$$.2$$.2$21&2.1'(.100.%0/2$$.2$$.2$$.2$21&2.1'(.100.'&/2$$.2$$.2$$.2$2 11.  hich o the ollowin! -rotocols / -ort s are used or SMP. ;Sim-le etwork Mana!emnt Protocol<TP 2$TP 1'2TP 123UDP 1'2UDP 1'1TP 1'1 12.  Select ,alid M*address00:00:$4:(0:44:=01&2.1'(.0.0/1'  ?2:'0:@:21:&&:90 *4(:21@1:**)):$)@@:1111:DD*4:0212:1201 13.  hich o the ollowin! IP addresses are -u#licl6 routa#le12%.3).1$$.31&2.1'(.1.)11.3.10.)1%2.1'.13.23 14.  hat -rotocol does -in! useIMPUDP *+PTP 15.  hich o the ollowin! is T a ,alid M* *ddress(0:?@:**:'%:13:$D((:0:00:&&:$@:4@&$:=$:DD:44:%(:(*13:1':(':$3:(&:)34*:=*:**:44:@@:= 16.  The network address isThe irst address o the su#netThe last address o the su#netThe irst usa#le address o the su#net 17.  * P with IP 1&2.1'(.1.2 can access internet7 and static *+P has #een set or that IP address on !atewa6. hen the P 4thernet card ailed7 the user chan!e it with a new card and set the same IP or it. hat else should #e done  *nother IP has to #e added or Internet accessothin!  it will work as #eoreld static *+P entr6 on !atewa6 has to #e u-dated or the new cardM*address o the new card has to #e chan!ed to M* address o old card 18.  9ow man6 usa#le IP addresses are there in a 23#it ;2$$.2$$.2$).0< su#net$12$0(  2$)$10 19.  hich ones o the ollowin! are ,alid IP addresses1&2.1'(.2$'.110.10.1).01.2%.1).2$)1&2.1'(.13.2$$ 20.  The #asic unit o a -h6sical network ;SI 8a6er 1< is the:=6te@rame9eader =it 1.  I *+PAre-l6onl6 is ena#led on one router interace7 router can add d6namic *+P entries or the -articular interace.True@alse 2.  Select ,alid M*address?2:'0:@:21:&&:901&2.1'(.0.0/1' *4(:21@1:**)):$)@@:1111:DD*4:0212:120100:00:$4:(0:44:=0 3.  The network address isThe irst address o the su#netThe last address o the su#netThe irst usa#le address o the su#net 4.  Select ,alid su#net masks:2$$.2$$.1&2.2$$1&$$.1&2.0.02$$.2$$.22).0 5.  9ow man6 la6ers does -en S6stems Interconnection model ha,e$
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