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g a z e t t e T H E C H R O N I C L E O F C E N T R A L E U R O P E A N U N I V E R S I T Y Summer 2005 Vol. 14, No. 4 C E U R e c e i v e s H u n g a r i a n A c c r e d i t a t i o n Central European
g a z e t t e T H E C H R O N I C L E O F C E N T R A L E U R O P E A N U N I V E R S I T Y Summer 2005 Vol. 14, No. 4 C E U R e c e i v e s H u n g a r i a n A c c r e d i t a t i o n Central European University has achieved an important objective. On June 21, 2004, the Hungarian Parliament had passed an act establishing a Hungarian private higher education institution under the name Közép-európai Egyetem ( t r a n s- lated as Central European University). And, after the successful accreditation of the Közép-európai Egyetem, approved by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee and the Hungarian Higher Education and Research Council on April 9, 2005, the act on the state recognition of Central European University came into force. The university will offer Hungarian szakirányú továbbképzés ( M a s- t e r s level further specialization) courses in the following fields: k ö z g a z d a s á g t a n ( e c o n o m i c s ) összehasonlító politikatudomány (comparative political s c i e n c e ) nemzetiségi szakértő (nationalism studies) emberi jogi szakjogász (human rights law) Közép-, Kelet- és Délkelet-Európa összehasonlító története (comparative history of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, ) külügyi szakértő (international studies). Közép-európai Egyetem is also entitled to offer doctoral programs in economics and history leading to the d o k t o r i f o k o z a t (PhD/doctoral degree). In the last eventful 12 months, CEU received its formal Middle States Accreditation in the United States (also in June 2004), and now the formal Hungarian accreditation. Central European University has become both a fullyfledged American university as well as a Hungarian one this latter also permitting CEU to take its place among the universities of the European Union. C E U B u s i n e s s S c h o o l A n n o u n c e s N e w J o i n t U n d e r g r a d u a t e P r o g r a m Central European University and Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Bocconi University) in Milan, Italy, have announced a new undergraduate degree program offered by both universities in conjunction: the Dual Degree in International Business. The first two years of the program are delivered in Budapest at CEU Business School, and the last two years are delivered in Milan at Bocconi U n i v e r s i t y. The program is taught in English, and successful candidates will receive two degrees: an Italian Degree (L a u r e a) in International Economics and Management (DIEM) from Bocconi, and an American Bachelor of Science (BS) in International Business from CEU. The BS degree in International Business represents the only undergraduate degree currently offered by Central European U n i v e r s i t y. The dual degree develops diversity of thought, international management competencies and a truly global mindset. It prepares graduates with a bigger worldview, since the program combines EU business practices and American management style, with the challenges of the emerging economies. Intercultural competencies will be expanded due to the fact that students will live and study in two diverse, cosmopolitan cities and will be interacting with a Continued on page 3, bottom. B u s i n e s s S c h o o l M o v e s T e m p o r a r i l y On April 18, the CEU Business School (BS) moved from its Nádor u. premises to a new temporary address on Frankel Leó út in Budapest s district II. The move was necessitated by the refurbishment and expansion of the Nádor u. 15 building, the new location of the BS, which will occur over the next two years. Five architecture firms submitted designs for the project, and these were made available for the CEU community to view in the Oktogon area between April 12 - May 6. A suggestion box was set up to collect comments, which were welcomed. C e n t e r f o r H e l l e n i s t i c T r a d i t i o n s A new Center for Hellenistic Traditions (CHT) has just been launched at CEU. The center, directed by István Bodnár, will act on both the regional and the international level and will work as a consortium of all the institutions that are or will be joining it. The institutions/departments expected to join the center at its foundation include: at CEU (Department of Medieval Studies/Department of Philosophy); at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary (Greek Department/Department of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy); the Claremont Consortium for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, US; and Eberhard Karls University, Germany (Orientalisches Seminar). The CHT will promote interdisciplinary study of the Hellenic tradition. In its international activities the CHT will focus on primary sources, including the survey of these, and their preservation, edition, commentary and translations into English. While the center aims to undertake basic research, it will also encourage interpretative work; indeed its purpose will be to promote a fundamental reinterpretation of interactions of intellectual traditions which eventually gave rise to what one could call the Hellenistic O i k u m e n e. Besides supporting the uncovering of new data, historical methodology will be in the forefront of the CHT's interests. P e t e r B r o w n R e c e i v e s H o n o r a r y D o c t o r a t e On May 20, Peter Brown, best known as the scholar who founded a new academic discipline for the study of Late A n t i q u i t y, was awarded with an honorary doctorate by Central European U n i v e r s i t y. Gábor Klaniczay (CEU University Professor) gave the l a u d a t i o at the event, which was chaired by István Perczel (Associate Professor, Department of Medieval Studies). CEU President and Rector Yehuda Elkana then offered a few words of his own, and presented the award in the name of the Senate of the university. Peter Brown Peter Brown is Philip and Beulah Rollins Professor of History at Princeton University. In his books and studies published since 1967, he has powerfully suggested a new approach to Late Antique history. Pe t e r Brown has for a long time been associated with CEU and its curriculum, a relationship which culminated in his directing a summer course at CEU in This honorary doctorate was the fourth awarded by CEU. Previous honorary doctorate recipients were Paul Ricoeur, Shmuel Eisenstadt, and János Kornai. APPOINTMENTS János Amrik has been appointed Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, effective May 1, Péter Balázs has been appointed Professor in the Department of International Relations and European Studies, effective May 1, Andrzej Baniak has been appointed Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, effective August 1, Viktor Böhm has been appointed Vice President for Special Projects, effective May 16, Lajos Bokros has been appointed Senior Vice President for Special Projects, effective April 1, András Bozóki has been appointed Professor in the Department of Political Science, effective August 1, Roumen Daskalov h a s been appointed Recurrent Visiting Professor in the Department of History, effective August 1, Max Gillman has been appointed Professor in the Department of Economics, effective August 1, K a rl Hall has been appointed Academic Director of the Bard University Undergraduate Exchange Program, effective April 1, Julius Horv a t h has been appointed Professor in the Department of International Relations and European Studies, effective August 1, Gábor Klaniczay has been appointed CEU University P r o f e s s o r, effective April 1, Judit Pallos has been appointed Vice President for Human Resources, effective May 16, Paul Roe has been appointed Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations and European Studies, effective August 1, Tibor Ta j t i has been appointed Associate Professor in the Department of Legal Studies, effective August 1, István Teszler h a s b e e n appointed Vice President and Director of CEU Consulting, effective May 16, Founder: Central European University 1051 Budapest, Nádor u E d i t o r-in-chief: Brandon Krueger Editorial office: 1051 Budapest, Nádor u Publisher: Central European University, 1051 Budapest, Nádor u Registration number: 2.2.4/438/2002 2 C o n f e r e n c e M a r k s F i r s t A n n i v e r s a r y o f E n l a r g e m e n t o f E u r o p e a n U n i o n On May 5, to commemorate the first anniversary of the enlargement of the European Union, CEU played host to the conference: One Year After the Accession: Looking East and Looking We s t Challenges of EU Enlargement. Josep Borrell Fontelles, President of the European Parliament, delivered the keynote address at the one-day event, which included three discussion panels. Among the topics addressed were the experiences of the new member states, the dynamics of the new neighborhood policy, the labor market and migration problems, science and culture in the future Europe, transatlantic relations, and Europe in the world. As an institution of higher education CEU has already played an important role during the transition period in this region. And, the conference also gave the start signal to the planned research work on these topics by the newly-created Center for the Study of the Extension of European Integration at CEU, directed by Péter Balázs. The focus of the new center is the specific problems of the new member states, of further candidate countries and of those countries which will remain on the periphery of the enlarging European Union. Participating in the conference were Péter Balázs (Professor, CEU; former Member, European Commission), Péter Ákos Bod ( P r o f e s s o r, Corvinus University; former President, National Bank of Hungary), Lajos Bokros (Professor, CEU; former Minister of Finance, Hungary), László Borbély (Minister Delegate, Romania), László Csaba (Professor, CEU), Pál Csáky (Deputy Prime Minister, Slovakia), Yehuda Elkana (President and Rector, CEU), Thomas Glaser (Acting Head, Representation of the European Commission in Hungary), András Hajdu (State Secretary, Ministry of Fo r e i g n Affairs), Julius Horvath (Professor, CEU), Zsigmond Járai (President, National Bank of Hungary), Grzegorz Josep Borrell Fo n t e l l e s W. Kolodko (Professor; Director, TIGER, Poland; former Deputy Premier and Finance Minister, Poland), Ivan Krastev (Chairman, Center for Liberal Strategies, Bulgaria; Director, CEU Open Society Center), Jan Mladek (Economic Advisor to the Prime M i n i s t e r, Czech Republic), Helga Nowotny (Chair, European Research Advisory Board; Professor, Wissenschaftszentrum Wi e n), Marcell Sebôk (Associate Professor, CEU; Advisor to Minister of Culture, Hungary), and György Surányi (Head of CEE, Banca Intesa Group, Italy; Professor, CEU/Corvinus University). One of the first activities of the new center will be the publishing of working papers associated with the conference. C E U a n d t h e W o r l d B a n k t o H o l d C o n f e r e n c e J o i n t l y For the last 15 years, a number of initiatives to establish centers of modern economic education and research have taken place around the world. On June 14-15, CEU and the World Bank are jointly presenting the conference Scaling Up the Success of Capacity Building in Economic Education and Research Lessons Learned and Future Directions. Keynote addresses by François Bourguignon (Senior Vi c e President and Chief Economist of the World Bank), János Kornai (Harvard University/Collegium Budapest), and George Soros (Open Society Institute) are planned. Also scheduled to participate in the conference are Ramona Angelescu (GDN), Péter Balázs (CEU), Andrzej Baniak (CEU), Erik Berglof (SITE), John Bonin (Wesleyan University), Robert Campbell (Indiana University), Mauricio Cardenas (Fedesarrollo), Tom Coupe (EERC, Kiev), László Csaba (CEU/Chair, Committee of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Marek Dabrowski (CA S E ), Shantayanan Devarajan (World Bank), John Earle (CEU/Upjohn Institute), Yehuda Elkana (CEU), Alan Gelb (World Bank), Sergei Guriev (NES), Ulrich Hewer (World Bank), Ellen Hurwitz (AU CA ), Homi Kharas (World Bank), Gudrun Kochendoerfer- L u c i u s (InWEnt-Capacity Building), Jong-Wha Lee (Korea University), Justin Y. Lin (Peking University), Erik Livny (EERC, Moscow), William Lyakurwa (AERC), Andrew Masiuk (EERC, Kiev), Jeffery Miller (Sabanci University/Delaware University), William Newton- Smith (Oxford University), Gur Ofer (Hebrew University), John Pa g e ( World Bank), Boris Pleskovic (World Bank), Jeff Fine (Te l e p r a x i s ), Ugo Pagano (CEU/University of Siena), Jacek Rostowski (CEU), Ekaterina Stepanova (CEU, ECON, 2000; PhD Candidate, University of Washington), Diane Stone (CEU/RAD), Eva Sundquist ( Foreign Affairs, Sweden), Jan Svejnar (Michigan University), and Regina Yan (Eurasia Fo u n d a t i o n ). The purpose of this meeting is to share experiences of some of the centers of excellence in developing and transition regions, and to draw lessons for the future. Panel discussions will focus on Lessons of Experience and Future Directions, Regional Pe r s p e c t i v e s, Developing PhD Programs, Curriculum Development, Recruitment and Policy Research, and Scaling Up Capacity Building to Underserved Regions. A World Bank report edited by François Bourguignon, Yehuda Elkana, and Boris Pleskovic will be published following the conference. Continued from page 1. multicultural faculty and student body. The program aim is to prepare the future business leaders of Europe, new Europe and the Asian economies, to handle global development and integration. Founded in 1902, Bocconi University is Italy s most respected economics and business university. Bocconi increasingly interacts with Europe and the world in a continuous process of international exchange and comparison that sustains the vitality of all its initiatives. For more information, visit the program s new website: h t t p : / / w w w. b o c c o n i c e u. o r g 3 R e c e n t P u b l i c A c a d e m i c E v e n t s a t C E U To help give an indication of the variety of academic happenings at CEU, each G a z e t t e offers a list of recent public lectures, workshops, conferences, and seminar series which have taken place at the u n i v e r s i t y. The list is meant to be as comprehensive as possible. PUBLIC LECTURES Human Rights Students' Initiative Afghanistan's First Democratic Election: The Story Behind Ágnes Dóka (United Nations Assistance Mission to A f g h a n i s t a n ) February 22, 2005 Center for Media and Communication Studies, Department of Political Science CEU, Media Studies and Public Po l i c y R e s e a r ch Monroe E. Price (University of Pennsylvania, US) February 24, 2005 Department of Medieval Studies P u blic A r ch a e o l o gy: The Role of the Material Past in Public Life Jonathan Eagles (University College London, UK) February 24, 2005 Central European University B a ck to Europe Pál Csáky (Deputy Prime Minister, Slovakia) February 28, 2005 Jewish Studies Project Prague 1744 Lake Success 1947: Diplomacy Without a State A Jew i s h C o n t r i bution to Statecraft? Shlomo Avineri (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I s r a e l ) March 1, 2005 Center for Environmental Policy and Law, Kennecott Journey: An Introduction to E nvironmental History William Cronon (University of Wi s c o n s i n, Madison, US) March 2, 2005 Why the EU Constitutional Treaty is Good for the EU and for the UK Denis MacShane (Minister for Europe, UK) March 2, 2005 Human Cloning: Ethical and Religious C o n c e r n s Ron Cole-Turner (Pittsburgh Theological S e m i n a r y, US) March 3, 2005 Pasts, Inc., Department of History On the Aesthetic Canon in a Post-Canonical Era Mircea Martin (University of Bucharest, Romania) March 4, 2005 D e m o c r a c y, Freedom and Human Rights in the Middle East A Jewish Pe r s p e c t i v e on the Road to Pe a c e Natan Sharansky (Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, Israel) March 7, 2005 Department of International Relations and European Studies The Comparative Study of Civil Wa r Nick Sitter (Norwegian School of Management) March 8, 2005 Nationalism Studies Program Ethnic Riots in Kosovo and Serbia: The Rise of Grass-Root Nationalism? Florian Bieber (CEU/European Center for Minority Issues, Germany) March 9, 2005 Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology Occidentalism and Registers of Tru t h : Politics of A r chives in Tu rke y Meltem Ahiska (CEU/Bogazici University) March 9, 2005 Center for Media and Communication Studies, Department of Political Science Conjuring a Nation: How Flag Rituals Do Patriotic Magic Carolyn Marvin (University of Pennsylvania, US) March 10, 2005, Department of Philosophy What Does Eros Desire? Robert Wardy (University of Cambridge, UK) March 16, 2005 Nationalism Studies Program Fo u rth Wo rld of Welfare Capitalism? Po v e rty and Race in Contemporary Hungary Júlia Szalai (Hungarian Academy of Sciences/ CEU) March 17, 2005 Center for Media and Communication Studies, Department of Political Science, Department of Gender Studies Queens for a Day: 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' and the Neoliberal Project Katherine Sender (University of Pennsylvania, US) March 17, 2005 Central European University Romanian Integration: Romanians and Hungarians in a Common Europe Béla Markó (Deputy Prime Minister, Romania) March 22, 2005 Department of Medieval Studies The Corpus of Latin Rhythms: An Open Digital Edition of Medieval Music and Tex t s Francesco Stella (University of Arezzo-Siena, Italy) March 22, 2005 Human Rights Students I n i t i a t i v e The 'Orange Revolution' at a Glance: Reasons and A f t e r e f f e c t s Rostyslav Pavlenko (National University of Kiev, Ukraine) March 22, Jewish Studies Project Being Jewish on the Screen: Images and M e m o ry in Contemporary Fi l m Frank Stern (University of Vienna, A u s t r i a ) March 22, 2005 Department of Legal Studies Money Laundering : A Case Study from Central Europe Geoffrey Mazullo (East-West Management Institute, Hungary) March 23, 2005 Center for Policy Studies Where Has New Europe Gone? Ivan Krastev (Center for Liberal Strategies, Bulgaria/ D i r e c t o r, CEU Open Society Center) March 24, 2005 Department of Medieval Studies, Department of History Early Modernity as a Historiographic Problem Randolph Starn (University of California, B e r k e l e y, US) March 29, 2005 Department of Medieval Studies, Special and Extension Programs R o ck Monasteries of Moldova - Case Study: Orcheiul Ve ch i Sergiu Musteata (Ion Creanga State University, M o l d o v a ) March 29, 2005 Department of Mathematics and its A p p l i c a t i o n s Fo u rth and Sixth Order Ordinary Differential Equations Stepan Agop Tersian (University of Rousse, Bulgaria) April 13, 2005 Department of Legal Studies The Nature and Methods of the Rule of Slobodan Milosev i c Vladeta Jankovic (Belgrade University; Fo r e i g n Affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister of Serbia and Montenegro) April 15, 2005 Curriculum Resource Center, Special and Extension Programs, Higher Education Support P r o g r a m Ambivalence: Contradictions in C o n t e m p o r a ry Higher Education Hans N. Weiler (Stanford University, U S / Viadrina European University, Germany) April 21, 2005 Human Rights Students' Initiative D e fining Terrorism as an International Crime: Effo rts by the United Nations and the European Union Ben Saul (University of New South Wales, A u s t r a l i a ) April 27, 2005 Written With the Body: Emblem Books, the Gendered Body and the Demise of the Organic Wo rl d v i ew Sarah Matthews Grieco (Syracuse University, US) May 3, 2005 Human Rights Students' Initiative, ICRC Regional Delegation for Central Europe Darfur: The Challenges of Protecting Wa r Vi c t i m s Patrick Zahnd (ICRC Regional Delegation for Central Europe, Hungary) May 4, 2005 How Did Early Modern Europe Learn to Read' Pictures? Agents and Itineraries of Visual Liter
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