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Super Manager User Manual English v /06/15 Copyright by GPC How to launch Super Manager? Click the Super Manager in Launcher or add a widget into your Launcher (Home
Super Manager User Manual English v /06/15 Copyright by GPC How to launch Super Manager? Click the Super Manager in Launcher or add a widget into your Launcher (Home Screen) Main Screen in Super Manager We have four main features in Super Manager Task Manager For kill and view the running processes APK Manager For manage your installed APK More extra features like Protect, Hide, Remove File Explorer A typical file explorer like Windows, it also support root access APP Backup A backup feature for you to backup you installed APK and data if it is possible into Storage Card Click the icon or label will enter this feature Task Manager Task Manager (part 1) In the Task Manager The title bar will show the number of running processes and free physical RAM memory size You can view all running processes with PID, memory consumption, CPU Usage (Just for reference) Tap the Star icon will mark the process into White List with highlight Star (Referred to Clean Up section for more detail) Tap the X icon will kill the process right now Click the list will show the Application Detail Information Task Manager (part 2) More functions in Menu and Settings Filter You can select what apps will show in the list Clean Now Release your phone RAM Referred to Clean Up section for more detail Setup Referred to Task Manager Settings section for more detail Some Settings about Task Manager Change the sort order Task Manager (part 3) Search Application You can search the application with keywords Package Name Match Application Name Match Method Press the Search key Using Menu Press the Search option to exit the [SEARCH] mode Task Manager Settings Some Settings about Task Manager (Clean Up) The widget will show the free RAM size, change the interval to decide how fast the value refresh. If the interval is short, it will cause more power consumption Auto Cleanup will enable auto clean up feature (Referred to Clean Up section for more detail) Show Hint means it will show the auto cleanup result when you turn on the screen Clean System Process, Referred to Clean Up section for more detail Professional Edition only Lite Widget will make the widget hide the Lock icon if you don t t want Task Manager - Clean Up (1) Knowledge The Android System won t t kill process automatically if you don t t use it anymore Useless you have not enough free memory to launch another application, the system will release the occupation RAM. However, you will feel a little lag when the system free the memory If you force to free or kill the system process, it may cause your phone unstable. For example, the Alarm or Phone Call feature will down. Be careful when you kill the system process Task Manager - Clean Up (2) How to clean up my RAM? Using the Clean Now in the Task Manager Menu Tap the top section in the Widget Enable Auto Cleanup and Power Off and ON Click the Cleanup icon in Super Launcher Task Manager - Clean Up (3) After you cleanup, By tap the widget or do Clean Now in Task Manager Our software will show the size you clean and the total free memory size with a Toast Popup Message Task Manager - Clean Up (4) After you cleanup, If you enable auto cleanup and power on the device You will see a notification on the title bar tell you how much memory free Disable the notification by Settings if you don t want it Task Manager - Clean Up (5) What is System Process? A simple way to recognize the system process is that the most build-in in applications are System Process (but not all) Another method is using the Task Manager to view all running processes, if the process is system, it will show with [SYS] mark. Task Manager - Clean Up (6) Clean System Process The default setting won t clean system process If you want to free more memory, you can enable this option Clean system process may cause your phone unstable Task Manager - Clean Up (7) Task Manager will not clean White List Mark the application with Star icon in Task Manager list For example, the LauncherPro won t t be killed when you free memory or auto memory cleanup, but the PicoTTS will be killed If you disable the clean system process, because of the applications are system, they will not be killed anymore. APK Manager APK Manager (1) APK Manager Show the installed APK information Version Name Installed Date APK Size (Just APK) Attribute Is it movable? Is it system app? More feature APK Manager (2) More feature Star Mark with White list for Task Manager Uninstall APK Lock See APP Protector section Heart See Super Launcher Window with OK Hide the application Trash Can Wipe Application Data APK Manager (3) Hide the application Just click this icon will hide/show the application The feature need Rooted device Profession Edition Password Verify APK Manager (4) Trash Can Wipe Application Data Be carefully of using this feature all the Settings of the application will gone The feature need Rooted device Profession Edition APK Manager (5) Detail Information You can view the information about this application You can Run it Uninstall it Backup APK Save the APK into your Storage Card Wipe Data (see previous page) View it s s Activity and Permission Run the activity directly if possible APK Manager (6) Backup APK Save the APK into your Storage Card You can select what output APK name you like Readable Display Name Super Manager v1.9.7.apk Original Package Name kmanager.apk The output APK will save into Storage s SuperTaskManager folder Copy Protection application cannot be backup APK Manager (7) View it s s Activity and Permission Click the Gear icon to launch it directly if possible Click the shortcut icon to add this into your Home APK Manager (8) Menu in APK Manager Backup and Restore Reload Just refresh the list Filter System or User install Clean All Cache It is a fake function APK Manager (9) Application List Sort Long click the list item, it will popup a sort filter By Date By Size By Display Name By APP2SD Only for Android 2.2 above APK Manager (10) Settings for APK Manager APP2SD Reminder You will get a notification if you install an APK which can move to Storage Card Only for Android 2.2 above Sort Setting APP Protector APP Protector APP Protector (1) It is a part of APK Manager It will make you to restrict others to launch your private application When launch the protected application, you have to input the password first If the password is right, you can pass APP Protector (2) How to enable it? Use widget to switch Or Enable APP Protector in Settings Or Super Launcher quick switcher Mark the application Lock icon with highlight in APK Manager APP Protector (3) How to protect? You will face into a password request window when you want to launch the private application with the highlight Lock mark in APK Manager list The default password is 0000 APP Protector (4) Settings for APP Protector Enable/Disable Auto Re-Lock When you unlock with right password, it won t t popup the request again at the next time you enter the private application. If you click the option, when you turn off the device, and turn on again. It will request you to verify one more time Auto Timeout Lock For Professional Edition Request verify after 45 seconds Change Password Default is 0000 File Explorer File Explorer (1) File Explorer / Root Explorer A typical File Explorer for you to manage the file on your phone Main features ROOT Access Basic file information Multiple selection Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, Create, ZIP, Send, Change attribute, Install Toolbar File Explorer (2) You can use the toolbar in File Explorer to do something for your files Customize it in Settings Change the toolbar position Top or Bottom Check the Top Toolbar File Explorer (3) Toolbar Customize Toolbar can change the tool icon position and show or hide Long click the up or down arrow to make the item jump to top or bottom in the list You can find the description of the icon item in the customize page File Explorer (4) More detail in the Toolbar From left to right is Exit or Go Home, My Favorite Folder, Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete My Favorite Folder Click the item will popup a quick switch shortcut for you jump to the folder Long click the item will exit the File Explorer For Professional Edition Only You can add or remove into favorite folder You can customize the shortcut name Paste, Delete You cannot do those actions for a ZIP file File Explorer (5) More detail in the Toolbar From left to right is Select All, Show Media or Not, Multi Select, Search, New Folder Show Media or Not only for Folder You can set the folder Non-Media with this item The Non-Media folder will not be scan by media provider like Music, Video application Search Warning! Search may cause the out of memory force close problem because of the file number is too much. It is the limitation of the software. You can prevent to search file in the root path File Explorer (6) More detail in the Toolbar From left to right is Zip and Unzip, File Information, Rename, Send, Change attribute, Install APK Rename, Send You cannot do those in a ZIP file Send You can send the files by Bluetooth, , SMS or something else Install APK You can click this to install selected APK file Silent Install It need rooted device, but not working for every rooted device If you have problem on install APK with silent, please change to normal method (Go to the Settings page) Normal Install File Explorer (7) Menu in File Explorer Rename, Delete, Detail Copy, Cut, Paste For Professional Edition Open As Detail (File Information) You can get File Size Free Space File Count MD5 (for single file only) Open As in File Explorer File Explorer (8) You can open a file as ZIP, Image, Text, Music, Video or Executable As Executable Need Rooted Device Execute (Background) Execute Edit File Explorer (9) How to enable ROOT Explorer? You have root your device first But not all root device can work for Enable ROOT You just click Enable ROOT function in Settings If the Superuser Request popup, please Allow it File Explorer (10) Do you have a problem when try to enable ROOT function? You can see a hint message if you enable root successful If you are not lucky, please try Select Busybox file for change the busybox path and re-enable enable the ROOT function again File Explorer (11) How do I access the System file? After you enable the ROOT function, you have to Switch System R/W When you switch the path into /system, it will popup a request to mount the system image. If you want to modify the file in /system, you have answer R/W. Not working for every rooted device File Explorer (12) Menu in File Explorer Switch System R/W You can switch the system R/W for the menu directly Directory Sort Set the Folder at top, bottom or mix Display Sort By name, size, date, type Reload All Application Info Refresh File Explorer (13) Settings for File Manager Init Folder Path The init folder path The Go Home item will jump to here Show Hidden File Display the file start with dot Hide File extensions Does not display the file extensions of known files File Encryption Encrypt & Decrypt (1) Safe-Box Icon Encryption method AES 256bits This feature is available for Professional edition Encrypt & Decrypt (2) How to encrypt a file? Setup an encryption key to encrypt the file Using current unlock password The same as APP Protector password Default is 0000 Customize your own password The customize password must have non-numeric numeric characters If you change the unlock password in the future, you still use the original unlock password to decrypt the file. Encrypt & Decrypt (3) How to decrypt a file? Select an encryption file (*.sme sme) ) and click the safe-box icon Click the file in File Explorer directly Just input the decryption password Super Launcher Super Launcher (1) What is Super Launcher? It is a quick and powerful shortcut set for you to switch between applications or get some device information Super Launcher (2) How to enable Super Launcher? Just enable the option in the Settings Super Launcher (3) You have to decide how to call the Super Launcher up by click How to show up System Notification Tray Full Screen Overlay Arrow Integrated into Desktop Widget Super Launcher (4) System Notification Tray Scroll down the system notification tray Click the Super Launcher You can open Super Launcher only if you can see the notification tray Super Launcher (5) Full Screen Overlay Arrow There will show a overlay arrow in you every screen Click the arrow to run Super Launcher Long Click will hide the arrow temporarily, the arrow will back if you long click the same position again You can change the arrow position in Settings Super Launcher (6) What is in Super Launcher? Device Status Function Switch Super Manager Shortcut Recently Application Favorite Application Super Launcher (7) Device Status From left to right is Battery Tap the icon for switch to voltage, temperature, percentage and current Long click the icon to launch Power Logger (Described later) Free RAM Tap the icon for switch to percentage and Total V.S. Free Free ROM Tap the icon for switch to percentage and Total V.S. Free Free Storage Tap the icon for switch to percentage and Total V.S. Free Tap the icon X Close the Super Launcher Long click the icon will launch the corresponding system setting Super Launcher (8) Function Status (1) From left to right is WIFI, Bluetooth Mobile Connection Not working for every device If you have problem on your device mobile internet, you can unclick the Mobile Network Control in Settings GPS Sound Profile Tap the icon to switch Normal, Max, Vibration, Mute Airplane Mode Auto Screen Rotation GPRS and 3G switch Auto Lock The lock screen will not display Screen Timeout The screen will always on if you disable this icon Super Launcher (9) Function Status (2) From left to right is USB Card Reader You can enable the non-unmount card reader in a rooted device. It means you can use the memory card when mount as a card reader for your PC Backlight Value Tap to switch from high to low Flashlight It need Android 2.1 above and hardware support Screen Capture Reset It need Rooted device, not working for every rooted device (Described later) You can choose Warm Reboot, Cold Reboot, Recovery Reboot It need Rooted device, not working for every rooted device Described later) Screen OFF Only for Android 2.2 above (Described later) USB Tethering, WIFI AP Mode Only for Android 2.2 above Sensing Wakeup It need hardware support (Described later) Super Launcher (10) Super Manager Shortcut From left to right is Call Button Super Manager File Explorer Lock / Unlock Switch Cleanup HOME Key Menu Key, Search Key, Back Key It need rooted, not working for every rooted device Super Launcher (11) Recently Application & Favorite Application Recently Application will show the recent launch application Long click icon to add into Favorite list directly Favorite Application Here will show the Heart icon mark in APK Manager Long click icon to remove it from Favorite list directly For Professional Edition Only Super Launcher (12) Power Logger Long click the battery icon to enter power logger It will auto record the power consumption, time and percentage You can also view the graph by click (%) and mah buttons How can I disable this logger? There is no separate method to disable it, you have to disable Super Launcher and the log feature will down Super Launcher (13) Screen Capture It need rooted, but no working for every device You have Enable ROOT function first in Settings page Select a trigger method to capture after you click the Screen Capture in Super Launcher Super Launcher (14) Screen Capture If you want to keep shaking capture, please enable the option You can get a preview after capture screen. Select the button to decide what you want to do Super Launcher (15) Reboot (Reset) All the feature need root, but not working for every device Cold Reboot from the kernel, just like you remove the battery and install it in again Warm Reboot from Android, it is fast than cold reboot, but it may cause some problems on some devices You can use it if your device is working good with warm reboot Recovery Reboot into recovery mode It need ROM support, not working for every device Bootloader Reboot into bootloader mode It need ROM support, not working for every device Super Launcher (16) Screen OFF The feature is only working above Android 2.2 We strongly recommended you have to read our hint carefully before you use the function If you enable this function, you cannot remove the software. You have to disable it first. Super Launcher (17) Sensing Wakeup The feature is only working for hardware support You can wake up your device without touching the power button, just like a Magic. Usage Move you hand slowly from the proximity sensor twice and your device will turn on by itself The feature will cause more power consumption Appendix APP Backup Click the APP Backup in the main screen Choose a backup method you want APKs to Card Save all installed APK files into the storage card to smbk file Backup into a smbk (zipped) file Restore it by clicking the file in File Explorer or menu Other Settings Disable Background Service If you only want to use the File Explorer and Task Manager, you can click this to disable the Super Manager background service fro more free memory For Professional Edition Only You can Export or Import current Super Manager Settings into Storage Card The export is including Setting, White List, Favorite List, Lock List When you reinstall the Super Manager or change a device, you can import backup settings again About Widget In the Widget Top will show the free RAM and ROM Tap the top section in widget will free the system RAM Professional Edition only Right icon is a shortcut for launch SuperManager (Tap) Left icon is a quick-lock status switcher (Tap) SpongeBob About Super Manager About Super Manager This is a software for user to manager your Android phone Official Website About Professional Edition The Professional Edition will provide more features. If you like our software, you can pay for upgrade it 1. File Explorer can browse and open a variety of files (Free version is only support APK and image files, Pro version is also support video, audio, ZIP, document) 2. Customize Super Launcher Favorites and more quick switch features (USB Mount, Flashlight, Screen Off and more) 3. APK Hidden, Clear application settings and data quickly 4. More features and settings on Desktop Widget, Application Protector 5. Customize the Favorite Folder in File Explorer (NEW) 6. More features in the future, and do not show this dialog anymore How to buy it? We don t t provide user to buy it from Android Market directly now. If you want to pay for this, you can go to this web site to pay via PayPal Credit Card Taiwan s s Bank Transfer manager.html
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