Star Trek Adventures - Lexington Adventure - Adrift

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Star Trek Adventures - Lexington Adventure - Adrift
    Adrift U.S.S. LEXINGTON LIVING PLAYTEST ADVENTURE    INTRODUCTION  Adrift   is meant to be played by a Gamemaster (GM) and 3-8 players using the pre-generated characters. To run this adventure, the GM should be familiar with the adventure itself, as well as the Star Trek  Adventures  playtest rules. To play, you will need the following:    At least two 20-sided dice (d20) per player, and several d6s to serve as Challenge Dice    A set of chips or tokens for Determination    A set of chips or tokens for Threat    A set of chips or tokens, or some other manner of marker, for group Momentum.    The pre-generated character sheets, and the USS Lexington  starship sheet    The Star Trek Adventures  playtest rules (version 1.36 of the core rules, version v1.1 of the Starship Operations rules) Synopsis The players' ship is on route to Dourap IV, a mostly Tellarite colony near the Klingon border. They are suffering from an outbreak of d’kar   fever, a potentially lethal disease; the PC ship is carrying medical supplies and a small team of doctors to the colony to treat the victims. While traveling at high warp speed, the ship encounters a subspace anomaly which disables their warp drive, and leaves several other major systems compromised. It also leaves the ship drifting at high sub-light speed toward the border between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. To complicate things, some of the medical supplies are also damaged; the ship’s medical staff will need to synthesize more once the ship is repaired. Once the crew has recovered from the mishap, they must assess the damage to the ship, determine the cause of their misfortune, and effect repairs. They’re still drifting toward the Klingon border, and several D7 battle cruisers have begun to assemble there, waiting for the moment when the Federation vessel violates their space. To make matters worse, it’s discovered that their situation was no accident; it was deliberate sabotage. Now the crew not only has to repair the damage and get out of there before they drift over the border and find themselves at the mercy of the Klingons, but they also have to find and contend with the saboteur. Then they need to get to Dourap IV to stop the plague there. The GM begins the adventure with one point of Threat for every player character in the crew  –  the initial situation seems fairly routine, and the gamemaster should use Threat sparingly, if at all, until the final scene.    Scene 1: Down the Wormhole Once everyone is ready, hand a copy of the following to the player playing the Captain to read aloud: Capta in’s Log, stardate 5428.3 —  The ship is on course to planet Dourap IV, near the Klingon border. Velkath, the Tellarite colony there, has had an outbreak of d’kar   fever, a highly contagious viral infection. The disease is still in its early phases, and no fatalities have been reported. We have been tasked by Starbase 24 to transport an emergency medical team and their supplies to the colony, and provide any assistance they might need. We are traveling at warp factor six; our ETA is approximately eighteen hours. As play begins, portray a perfectly normal bridge scene. Everyone is at their normal duty station, and everything is functioning normally. If players inquire about d’kar    fever or the colony, the ship’s computer can give them the following information. D’kar   fever  is a contagious and dangerous disease on Tellar. It’s carried by insects and can be transmitted from person to person like the flu. It appears to have arrived on the Velkath colony via a shipment of luxury goods that wasn’t properly quarantined . Early stages are marked by a high fever and muscle weakness. In later stages, it attacks the lungs, compromising their ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, thus suffocating the victim. It is easily treatable with the drug daronite. While primarily a threat to Tellarites, there are documented cases of the disease being transmitted to Humans and Deltans. Vulcans and Andorians appear to be immune to the disease due to the different base metals in their blood. Velkath  is a small, mostly agricultural colony on the smaller of the two northern continents on Dourap IV; it was founded not quite twelve years ago, well before the current tensions with the Klingons. It has a population of approximately 18,000; the population is roughly 93% Tellarite, with Humans and Vulcans comprising the rest. Dourap IV   is an M-class planet slightly smaller than Earth. Approximately 68% of its surface is ocean. The bulk of its land mass consists of five continents, two mostly or completely in each hemisphere and one squarely straddling the equator. Lacking indigenous sapient life-forms, there is extensive native flora and fauna. Gravity and atmosphere are Earth-normal. The medical team is composed of civilians, out of deference to the wishes of the colonial administration. It consists of twenty- six people: six doctors, ten nurses, and ten orderlies. They’ll coordinate with local physicians, distribute the drug as needed, and tend to isolated colonists in outlying areas. They’re in Sickbay with the ship’s medical crew, coordina ting treatment plans with each other for when they ship reaches Dourap IV. Once the crew has settled into their routine, read the following: Everything is moving along nicely; it’s just another day in Starfleet for you. Abruptly, alarm klaxons begin blaring, the ship lurches violently from side to side, and the normal starfield in the forward viewer changes to a swirling tunnel of red-orange bands of energy. Your ship has fallen into a wormhole. Something has clearly gone very wrong. While a potentially frightening occurrence, this is something that the crew is trained for. A wormhole of this nature generally occurs when the ship’s warp drive goes out of balance for some reason. Taking the ship out of warp brings the ship back into normal space. Unfortunately, the wormhole effect hampers subspace communications and has a detrimental effect on most shipboard systems. Stabilizing the ship requires a Daring  or Control + Conn Task  with a Difficulty of 3 from the character at the helm , assisted by the ship’s Engines + Conn . It’s lurching quite badly, and the helm is sluggish because   of the wormhole. While the ship’s Conn is responding to basic positioning operations, navigation and engine controls are not responding. The character at Conn cannot take the ship out of warp. That falls to the Engineering department. Forcing the warp drive offline, from either the engine room or the Engineering console on the bridge, requires the character in Engineering to make a Control + Engineering Task,  again with a Difficulty of 3; as the character is working against the ship, the ship cannot assist this Task. Once warp drive is taken offline, the collapse of the warp field slows the ship to sub-light speeds in about ninety seconds. Throwing the impulse engines into full reverse could reduce that to twenty-five seconds, but neither Engineering nor Conn can make the impulse engines respond. Once the ship comes out of warp, the crew must assess their situation, and the news isn’t good. Propulsion systems are all offline, as are guidance systems. Subspace communications are out, so they can’t even notify Starbase 2 4. Weapon systems are down but the shields are functional, though only at about 65% (the ship’s  maximum Shields is reduced to 7 until further notice). A large portion of the e ngineering hull is without lights or power due to an overload. Life support and the ship’s sensors appear to have made it through the incident unscathed. Casualties are numerous, but thankfully light, consisting mostly of bumps and bruises, with the occasional minor laceration; one crewman was thrown across a corridor, landed badly, and broke their wrist. There’s also very little in the way of actual physical damage to the ship; most of the systems were taken down by an overloaded power grid. When they get around to trying to figure out where they are, the helmsman or navigator can make a Difficulty 1 Reason + Conn Task,  or the science officer can make a Difficulty 1 Reason + Science Task ; either will be assisted by the ship’s Sensors + Science.  Once again, the news is not encouraging. During all the buffeting and bouncing that happened, the ship managed to turn nearly ninety degrees in the wrong direction. They’re traveling at warp 0.9, straight toward the Klingon border, and they’re substantially closer to it than is prudent. At their current speed —   and there’s nothing to slow them down at the moment —   they’ll cross the border into Klingon space in a little under three hours.   GM Guidance:  This scene is very similar to the scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture,  where the newly-refitted Enterprise  goes to warp for the first time. Feel free to play with that imagery as much as you like. While they’re in the wormhole, images are blurred and confusing, while speech is delayed and distorted. Consoles shoot showers of sparks as needed. People are thrown about the bridge by the turbulence. This scene is meant to be short, and mostly just setup for the repairs and investigations to follow, so you shouldn’t let it linger too long. Have some fun with it, though.  
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