Star Trek Adventures ABYSS STATION Living Campaign Mission 2269

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Star Trek Adventures ABYSS STATION Living Campaign Mission 2269
       Page 2  of 14    © 2017 Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Abyss Station is a mission for the Star Trek Adventures  Living Campaign series. This mission is meant to be played by a Gamemaster (GM) and 3-6 Players, using the pre-generated characters provided, and has been designed to be used for the U.S.S. Lexington and its crew in 2269. To run this mission, the Gamemaster needs to be familiar with the mission itself, the Star   Trek   Adventures  rules, and the pre-generated characters. For this mission, you will need: At least two 20-sided dice (d20) per Player, and several 6-sided dice (d6) to serve as Challenge Dice A set of chips or tokens for Momentum A set of chips or tokens for Threat The pre-generated character sheets and the U.S.S. Lexington   starship sheet Omega Draconis A* (pronounced “A Star”) is a black hole with a brilliant radiation plume. Abyss Station is a base set up to orbit and monitor it to learn about the local phenomena. The system features a single surviving small planet, Omega Draconis I, which reports confirm contains some pockets of sentient life. The planet was likely much larger and more hospitable before its sun went supernova and incinerated much of the crust. Also orbiting the black hole, halfway to Omega Draconis I, is a massive alien facility. It’s spherical, featureless, approximately the size of Earth, and very, very old. Starfleet anthropologists hypothesize that it was built by the Preservers, Iconians, or T’Kon empire sometime before the supernova. Until now the alien facility has been silent and dark, with no way to gain entrance. In truth, this facility was created by an ancient species with technology that far outshines that of Starfleet. The Gamemaster begins the mission with two Threat for every Player Character in the group Every player wants a chance for their PC to shine. Use the following guide to determine how to get each character in on the action in a meaningful way. Command:  On the planet, Chaktir, command officers lead negotiations. If there are no security officers available on Chaktir, have the minister of athletics challenge the team commander. On board the Lexington,  this character can mediate any disputes that the Ithik may have with crew members or among themselves in the crowded quarters of the cargo hold. Aboard the alien base a command officer with diplomatic skills can attempt to use their innate sense of other people and societies to help figure out the alien language so the science and engineering officers can have an easier time getting the base’s systems un der control. Conn:  On the Lexington  , conn officers can fly around the system as needed. A conn officer is also useful as a pilot for the shuttle to the station. To create additional challenges, you can rule that the    Page 3  of 14    © 2017 Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.   black hole’s radiation jets are also creating random anomalies that make navigation throughout the system perilous. You can also have the shuttle struggle to get clear of the imploding station, with the conn officer the only hope of the landing party getting back to the Lexington   safely. Engineering:   There isn’t a great deal for an engineering officer to do on the planet, but if you like you can have them argue scientific principles with one of the Ithik ministers. A lot of the spotlight for engineering officers is on the station, where they can spend time overcoming automated defense systems, gaining access to critical systems and working against T’Lah and the cultists. As an added challenge, you can also have an engineering officer transfer to Abyss Station to fix damage done when the alien base activated. You can also increase the drama by ruling that the black hole’s tilt is creating an ambient radiation hazard throughout the system. Engineering officers can work on a solution during the adventure. If the security officers aboard the alien base run out of phaser power while fending off assaults, engineering officers can jury-rig fallen alien guardian robot weapons for personal use. Security:  A security officer on Chaktir is a natural choice for meeting the challenge of the minister of f itness. Aboard the alien station they’ll spend most of their time fighting o ff the guardians. To keep your security Player Characters occupied you can have the base’s systems automatically send out drones to assault the landing party on a regular basis. Science:  Science officers are useful both on the planet and the alien base. As part of the delegation to convince the Ithik that they need to leave Chaktir, a science o fficer can demonstrate Starfleet’s superior scientific knowledge to one of the ministers. You can offer the officer a couple challenges, with at least one being relevant to their Focus. On the alien base, a science officer spends most of their time learning to understand and operate the computer system. Medical:  Medical officers can treat the wounded. On Chaktir they can engage in debate with the minister of biology or other officials. The challenge of hunting down and gathering DNA samples is within their purview. Doctors and nurses on the alien base can tend to any injuries sustained from falling debris or security systems. Any medical officers who were on the planet and need something to do after getting back to Abyss Station can treat any radiation sickness that’s accrued since the Lexington   left.    Page 4  of 14    © 2017 Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Upon arriving at Abyss Station at some point after their mission to Dourap IV (see the Star Trek Adventures  Living Campaign mission ‘ Adrift ’  for more details), the Lexington   is hailed by the scientific mission leader, Commander Dr . T’lah. T’lah, a middle -aged, dark-skinned Vulcan, quickly brings the crew up to speed. She speaks with the intense single-mindedness befitting a Vulcan: “We’ve determined that the base has a shell of neutronium, which prevents our sensors from  penetrating. Our staff managed to rig a set of gravimetric dampeners that allowed them to walk on the surface without being crushed. “Several weeks ago, one of our research teams located what turned out to be an ancient computer terminal on the exterior of the alien base. After much study and trial and error, they were able to activate and interface with the system. The last transmission indicated that they opened a doorway on the surface. The base began to activate.”    At this point, T’Lah transmits pictures of the ba se, which is now covered in glowing meridians crisscrossing the surface. After it became active, the base began generating gravitational distortions that somehow tilted the black hole very slowly. The immediate danger is that the hole’s radiation jets are now aimed along the galactic plane. They’re not long enough to reach nearby star systems, but this system’s planet is directly in the path of the jets. The gamma rays will certainly devastate the population. The alien base is orbiting perpendicular to the radiation jets and is in no danger, as is Abyss Station. T’Lah explains that the station’s two shuttlecraft are inoperable. The first one was on the alien station when the gravitational distortions began and is assumed lost. The second shuttle was en route to Omega Draconis I when the black hole tilted, making it little more than a loose cloud of ever-expanding atoms. If any of the crew object to rescuing the local population due to Prime Directive concerns, T’Lah or another character can point out that the danger is directly due to Starfleet interference, so they have an obligation to act. The Lexington  ’s mission is twofold: penetrate the alien station and determine the whereabouts and condition of the missing research team, and evacuate the planet. The planet is currently at the opposite point of orbit from Abyss Station and the alien base, so the crew must split up. The planet’s population numbers only in the hundreds, which means that the Lexington   can briefly house the natives in the cargo holds and shuttlebays. To save time the best option is to send one team in a shuttle to the alien base and then speed toward the planet with the Lexington  . GM Guidance: In general, you should alternate between the planet and the base. A good rule of thumb is to have a scene on the planet, and then cut to the station and allow the landing party there to arrive at a new room. If the planet-based team has convinced at least two ministers (see below) to talk to Mayor Akkara, then you can begin the evacuation transport of the natives to Abyss Station. You want to have the Lexington  arrive at some point just before the team on the station discovers its
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