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New Letter
    VOLUME 2 ISSUE 9 SEPTEMBER 2013 Mohan Nagar   Ghaziabad   I.T.S   e -  newsletter    INSIDE THIS ISSUE   ‘ Parivartan ’  –    The Slum Education Programme 2   English Skit Competition organized by ENGLISH CLUB 3   Guest Lecture on Technical Analysis for PGDM , SAPM specialization students 4   Guest Lecture by Prof. N. K. Gupta, IIM, Lucknow for PGDM (2013 - 15) batch   5   HR Club Activity “ Quiz Competition ”   6   Friday Faculty Club (FFC) organized a discussion session on the topic ‘ ENTREPRENEURSHIP ”  by Dr. V. K. Arora   6   International Tourism Expo organized by IB   7   India Vs. China ”  by Mr. Wu Qiang [Editorial Section –    Xinhua;the Corp Talk Session on the topic “ Cultural Implications on Business Perspective China]   8   Debate Competition “ Devaluation of Rupee -  Impact on the Indian economy ” organized by IB Club for MBA 1st year (2013 - 15)   8   Guest Lecture on Insurance by Mr. Ashish Jha, Sr Manager Bank of India , Delhi 9   CEO Talk on “ Scope of IT and ITES industry for Management Graduates ”  by Dr Amarendra Kumar –    AGM -  HCL Technology Ltd   9   Friday Faculty Club (FFC) organized a discussion session on the topic ‘ KLOUT ”  by Prof. D.K. Pandey   10   ‘ Parivartan ’  –    The Slum Education Programme 11   A Workshop on Advanced C programming for MCA Students   11   MCA 2nd year Students ’  participation & presentation on “ Web Security ” at AKGEC, Gha-ziabad   12   Gust Talk by Mr. Balaji Venkateshwar, Vice President - Information Security, Bank of Amer-ica, on Information Security -  Nation ’ s Safety for MCA students   12   Accueil - 2013, a fresher party for XVII Batch of MCA 2013 - 16   13   Guest Talk by Guest Mr. S.K. Kathiresan on Information Security for MCA students   14   I.T.S –    UG CAMPUS WELCOMES XVIII BATCH OF BBA/BCA STUDENTS   14   GUEST LECTURE/CEO TALK SESSION   15   CEO TALK SESSION   15   ALUMNI TALK    16   LIBRARY CLUB   17   ACTIVITES @ I.T.SSMILE –    THE SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB   17   FINANACE CLUB   18   GUESTS LECTURE   18   I.T.S –    UG CAMPUS STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN LOKSABHA DEBATE   19   A Workshop on Advanced C programming for MCA Students   19   Two - day National HR Conference: ‘ Responsive HR  ’ Held on 20th & 21st September, 2013   20   Quiz?   23   Answers of Quiz in Last Issue 24   Winners of Last Issue Quiz 24    Report on ‘Parivartan’ –  The Slum Education Programme 1st September, 2013 activity of Parivartan, a CSR initiative of the Institute of Technology and Sci-ence, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, aroused a sense of fearlessness and courage among the slum chil-dren of Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. The slum class started with the English names of fruits, flowers, vegetables and related briefings. This was fol-lowed by the names and identification of different colours. PGDM students volunteers did this activ-ity quite interestingly. They showed the children colour boxes in the book and asked them to iden-tify the same colour in the dresses of themselves. Sonia Tuteja, a senior batch PGDM volunteer held the leaves and stem of a tree and asked the stu-dents to name the colour. In the last session of the day ’ s activity, the slum children learnt a new and  popular poem –   ‘ Veer tum badhe chalo, dheer tum badhe chalo. Saamne pahaad ho, singh ki da-haad ho, tum nidar daro nahi, tum nidar dato vahi ’  . The one who could repeat accurately won a glow -  ball with a bulb inside. At the end of the class, biscuits and chocolates were distributed among the children around 100 in number. Volunteers for the day included PGDM first year students Shipra Rai, Nitin Srivastava, Vaibhav Gangwar, Ravi Prasad, Kanchan Srivastava, and Pallav Prakash who were led and directed by faculty coordinator Prof. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi.  PAGE 3 English Club of ITS, Ghaziabad organized first ever English Skit Competition on   2nd September, 2013 in which all three sections of PGDM first year performed three different musical skits in Eng-lish. The competition was inaugurated by Director -  Management Studies Dr. B. S. Hothi who elabo-rated the importance of English in the present scenario and wished the participants all the best.   Soon after the inauguration, Section A team led by Tana and Amit staged their skit titled ‘ Vanita ’ in which they highlighted the struggles of a lady right from home, society and neighborhood to emerg-ing as winner. The skit gave a good height and direction to the competition.   Second skit was from Section B led by Sudarshana and Rakesh. The skit titled as ‘ Agnipath ’  por-trayed the struggles of today ’ s youths. Audio - visual effects in the skit were intelligently incorporated and appreciated by one and all. The skit gave a feel of some movie of Prakash Jha elaborating the nexus of criminals and politicians and highlighting the plight of innocent victims. The audience re-sponse during the skit was amazing and memorable.   The third and winning skit was staged by Section C team of PGDM first year led by Sachin Saxena and Shrabana Bhatta. The acting part of the skit was so strong and professional that only five partici- pants of the skit took the trophy away. They highlighted the helplessness of senior citizens ignored by their own children. Script and acting cast their spell and many in the audience were noticed wiping their tears. The skit not only won the trophy but also the standing ovation by all in the packed audience of the huge auditorium. Report on English Skit Competition organized by ENGLISH CLUB  Esteemed jury for the competition included Dr. Puneet Mohan and Prof. Shikha Arora who praised the competition and participants open heartedly saying that this was a very new and difficult task to conduct skits in English and the same has been done so effectively and successfully. Results were declared by Dr. A. P. Tripathi, coordinator –    PGDM, who felt  proud for constituting English Club as he found this first activity by the club quite mesmerizing. Prof. Dushyant Tyagi also enjoyed the show and blessed the participants along with other faculty members. Prof. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi was the man behind the screen as the faculty coordinator of English Club.   On 04th September, 2013, a guest lecture was arranged for PGDM (2011 - 13) -  Security Analysis and Port-folio Management (SAPM) specialization students. The lecture on ‘ Technical Analysis ’ was delivered by Mr.Vijay Kaushik , Institutional Govt. & PSU, Manager –    Tickerplant, Financial Technologies. During the lecture he discussed in detail the various charts and patterns which are commonly referred by tech-nical analyst. He emphasized on referring to combination of patterns instead of single patterns before de-ciding on support and resistance levels and taking a position in the market. He also said that one has to be very attentive and should look for reasons of why a particular pattern is getting created, once the reason is established then only any decision should be taken. He emphasized that corrections are very necessary to establish that there are no manipulations in the market. The lecture started with the introduction to what technical analysis is all about and how it is useful, moving on to understanding of charts and patterns fol-lowed by the examples and applications. Throughout the lecture very recent charts of various companies were used by the speaker as examples. Further the speaker also discussed about jobs and opportunities available for students having a knowledge of technical analysis. Students listened and participated in the lecture with great enthusiasm and freely asked several questions.   Guest Lecture on Technical Analysis for PGDM , SAPM specialization students
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