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  Section 5 Quiz (Answer all questions in this section) 1. Which three statements concerning explicit data type conversions are true? (Choose three.)   Mark or!eview   ( ) #oints(Choose all correct answers)$se the %&'$M*! unction to convert a character string o digits toa num+er. (,)$se the %&'-A%* unction to convert a date value to a character string or num+er.$se the %&'CA! unction to convert a num+er or date value to a character string. (,)$se the %&'-A%* unction to convert a character string to a date value. (,)$se the %&'$M*! unction to convert a num+er to a character string.Correct 2. Which /01 /tatement should you use to display the prices in this ormat2 3455.653?   Mark or!eview   ( ) #oints/*1*C% %&'CA!(price7 84997955.998) :!&M product;(,)/*1*C% %&'CA!(price7 84997999.998) :!&M product;/*1*C% %&'$M*!(price7 84997955.998) :!&M product;/*1*C% %&'CA!(price7 84997995.998) :!&M product;<ncorrect. !eer to /ection = 1esson . 3. Which +est descri+es the %&'CA! unction?   Mark or!eview   ( ) #oints %he %&'CA! unction can +e used to remove text rom column data that will +e returned +y the data+ase. %he %&'CA! unction can +e used to display dates and num+ers according to ormatting conventions that are supported +y &racle. (,) %he %&'CA! unction can +e used to speciy meaningul column names in an /01 statement8s result set. %he %&'CA! unction can only +e used on -ate columns.Correct  4.  >ou need to display the <!*'-A%* values in this ormat2 =th o @uly 55. Which /*1*C% statement would you use?   Mark or!eview   ( ) #oints/*1*C% %&'CA!(hire'date7 8--% 3o3 Month >>>>8) :!&M employees;/*1*C% %&'CA!(hire'date7 8ddth 3o3 Month >>>>8) :!&M employees;(,)/*1*C% enroll'date(hire'date7 8--spth 3o3 Month >>>>8) :!&M employees;/*1*C% %&'CA!(hire'date7 8--spth 8o8 Month !!!!8) :!&M employees;Correct 5.  %he *M#1&>**/ ta+le contains these columns2*M#1&>**'<- $M*!(9) 1A/%'AM* A!CA! (=) :<!/%'AM* A!CA! (=) <!*'-A%* -A%* >ou need to display <!*'-A%* values in this ormat2 @anuary B7 555Which /01 statement could you use?   Mark or!eview   ( ) #oints/*1*C% %&'CA!(hire'date7 8Month --7 >>>>8) :!&M employees;(,)/*1*C% %&'CA!(hire'date7 8Month --87 8 >>>>8) :!&M employees;/*1*C% %&'CA!(hire'date7 Month --7 >>>>) :!&M employees;/*1*C% hire'date(%&'CA! 8Month --87 8 >>>>8) :!&M employees;Correct 6. /ysdate is May55D. >ou need to store the ollowingdate2 E-ecB9 Which statement a+out the date ormat or this value is true?   Mark or!eview   ( ) #ointsoth the >> and !! date ormats will interpret the year as 9B9   %he !! date ormat will interpret the year as 9B97and the >> date ormat will interpret the year as 5B9 (,) %he !! date ormat will interpret the year as 5B97and the >> date ormat will interpret the year as 9B9oth the >> and !! date ormats will interpret the year as 5B9Correct 7. With the ollowing data in *mployees (last'name7 commission'pct7 manager'id) what is the result o the ollowing statement? -A%A2 Fing7 null7 null Fochhar7 null7 55 argas7 null7 D Glotkey7 .7 55/*1*C% last'name7 1(commission'pct7 manager'id7  ) comm :!&M employees ;   Mark or!eview   ( ) #ointsFing7  Fochhar7  argas7  Glotkey7 55(,)/tatement will ail.Fing7  Fochhar7 55 argas7 D Glotkey7 .Fing7  Fochhar7  argas7  Glotkey7 .<ncorrect. !eer to /ection= 1esson . 8. Which unction compares two expressions?   Mark or!eview   ( ) #oints1$11<: (,)  1$11Correct 9.  >ou need to replace null valuesin the -*#%'<- column with the text HA. Which unctions should you use?   Mark or!eview   ( ) #oints %&'CA! and 1 (,) %&'$M*! and $11<: %&'CA! and $11 %&'CA! and $11<:Correct 10. When executed7 which statement displays a Iero i the %$<%<&'A1AC* value is Iero and the &$/<J'A1AC* value is null?   Mark or!eview   ( ) #oints/*1*C% 1(tuition'+alance7 5)7 1 (housing'+alance)7 tuition'+alance K housing'+alance 3alance -ue3 :!&M student'accounts;/*1*C% tuition'+alance K housing'+alance :!&M student'accounts;/*1*C%  %&'$M*!(tuition'+alance7 5)7 %&'$M*! (housing'+alance7 5)7 tutition'+alance K housing'+alance 3alance -ue3 :!&M student'accounts;/*1*C% 1 (tuition'+alance K housing'+alance7 5) 3alance -ue3 :!&M student'accounts;(,)Correct 11. Which statement a+outgroup unctions is Mark or !eview   ( ) #oints
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