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A Newsletter of Columbus State University Libraries S i mon Says Volume 10, Number 2 Spring 2009 CSU Archives Launches 50th Anniversary Oral History Project On January 24, 2008, Columbus State University
A Newsletter of Columbus State University Libraries S i mon Says Volume 10, Number 2 Spring 2009 CSU Archives Launches 50th Anniversary Oral History Project On January 24, 2008, Columbus State University officially launched its yearlong 50th anniversary celebration with a luncheon for Columbus College's first students, who attended classes in the former Shannon Hosiery Mill; a formal Kickoff ceremony; and activities for students reminiscent of the 1950s. Other th anniversary activities included an Open House-Homecoming on April 4 and 5, the President s Recognition Banquet on May 13, and the 50th Anniversary Convocation, which featured Doris Kearns Goodwin, held at the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts in downtown Columbus on September 25, In conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebration, CSU Archives initiated the 50th Anniversary Oral History Project. Funding for this project was appropriated by former CSU President Dr. Frank Brown. The project was conducted under the supervision of Reagan Grimsley, former Archivist at CSU Libraries. The CSU Archives hosted a seminar to train interviewers. The oral history interviews were conducted with 27 individuals who have had strong connections with Columbus College/Columbus State University over its 50 year history, including students, faculty, and staff (see list below). Included is an oral history by Dr. Thomas Y. Whitley, the first president of Columbus College. Much can be gleaned from these oral histories, which are a testament to the hard work of many, and document the growth of an institution from a junior college to a university. There are also references to events in our nation s history, such as the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War. At present, eight of the interviews have been cataloged and are housed in the CSU Archives, which is located on the third floor of the library. The Archives web site can be accessed via archives.colstate.edu. In this Issue th Anniversary Oral History Project 2 Book Dedication Ceremony 2 LIBRA Award 3 Faculty Research Forums 4 Libraries Statistics 4 Singer Company 5 Rite of Passage Convocations 5 LIBR 1105 Online 6 Staff Development Day 7 Dept. Spotlight Circulation 7 Librarian Leadership 8 Library Reporting Structure 50th Anniversary Interviewees: Mary Blackmon, former CSU faculty James Brewbaker, current CSU faculty Frank Brown, former CSU President Dewey Cash, former CSU faculty James Chappel, former CSU faculty Bill Chappell, current CSU faculty Spencer Garrard, current CSU faculty Herb Green, current Athletic Director Larry Kees, former Dean of Students Ray Lakes, current Alumni Association Director Tom Loughman, current CSU faculty John Lupold, former Chair of the History Department Callie McGinnis, current CSU Dean of Libraries Marlene Melvin, former Columbus College student Lindsey Mock, former Vice President of Student Affairs Geri Regnier, former Alumni Association Director Linda Reynolds, current Student Affairs Administrative Coordinator Michelle Jones, Editor Hugh Rodgers, former Chair of the History Department Dalton Royer, current CSU Archives staff Emily Spano-Bentley, former Columbus College student Rosa Stanback, former CSU faculty George Stanton, retiring VPAA Cheryth Swafford, former Columbus College student Paul Vander Gheynst, former VPAA Rex Whiddon, current Director of Major Gifts Mary Jo Whitley, wife of 1st Columbus College President Thomas Whitley, 1st Columbus College President Linda Jones Head of Cataloging and Periodicals Instructor of Library Science Giselle Rémy Bratcher Archival Assistant Simon Says, Spring 2009 Graduating Seniors Book Dedication Ceremony On December 10, 2008, the library held its first Book Dedication Ceremony for graduating library student assistants. Streetwise Meeting and Event Planning; and Sociology in the Age of the Internet. This program, designed to show our appreciation, honored Brittney Jacobs, Marketing major; Ashley Loury, Communications major; Anieno Ndem, Sociology major; David Owings, History major; and Cynthia Fears Senior Library Associate Sheronda Richey, Health Science major. The seniors selected a book for the library s collection based on their field of study. Special bookplates were added to the front of each book stating to whom the book was being dedicated. At the ceremony, the honorees were asked to give a short speech about their work experience at the library and why they chose their particular book. Check the online catalog (https://gil.colstate.edu/) for the following books selected by the seniors: The Complete Maus: A Survivor s Tale; Public Health Genomics; Say It Like Obama; Left to right: Brittney Jacobs, Anieno Ndem, Ashley Loury, David Owings, Sheronda Richey LIBRA Award Presented to Dr. Sandra Stratford On Thursday, April 16 at 3:30 p.m., the LIBRA Award was presented to Dr. Sandra Stratford, Associate Professor of Library Science and Coordinator of Instructional Technology at CSU. The LIBrary Recognition Award (LIBRA) is presented by the Columbus Area Library Association (CALA) to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to libraries in the Chattahoochee Valley area. It is a Library Supporter or Librarian Hall of Fame a way to acknowledge the people who have had the most impact on libraries, reading, and literacy in our community. Dr. Stratford has worked her entire professional library career at Columbus State University Libraries. She began that career in 1978; prior to that she worked for eight years as a library staff member at Fort Benning. According to Callie McGinnis, Dean of Libraries at CSU, Sandra has proven herself a hard-working, knowledgeable, credible resource on campus a person known for her strong service orientation, conscientiousness, thoroughness, collaborative nature, and keen analytical ability. She is truly a major asset to CSU Libraries and to Columbus State University. Her contributions to libraries at CSU, in the Chattahoochee Valley, and throughout the state of Georgia are myriad. Linda Jones Head of Cataloging and Periodicals Instructor of Library Science 2 WAY MORE THAN BOOKS! CSU Libraries 8th Annual University-Wide Faculty Research Forum Series Simon Says, Spring 2009 On January 22 and 29, and February 12, CSU Libraries hosted its eighth annual University-Wide Faculty Research Forum Series. The annual event, which began in 2002, offers CSU faculty the opportunity to share information about their research projects with their faculty colleagues as well as CSU students and staff. This year s series, coordinated by Assistant Dean of Libraries Robert Ford, was comprised of three forums. Attendance at each of the forums averaged around forty. The featured faculty presenters and their topics were: Forum #1: Thursday, January 22 Dr. David Schwimmer, Professor of Geology A New Assemblage of Late Cambrian Trilobites in Northwest Georgia, with Close Relatives in Nevada, Europe, and China Dr. Rodrigo Obando, Assistant Professor of Computer Science A Stroll Down CSU s CSU (Collaborative Student s Universe) Forum #2: Thursday, January 29 Dr. Virginia Causey, Associate Professor of History The Civil War and Historical Memory: Columbus as a Case Study Dr. Kirk Heriot, Associate Professor of Business and Dr. Andres Jauregui, Assistant Professor of Business The Economic Freedom Index as a Determinant of Firm Deaths: An Empirical Investigation Forum #3: Thursday, February 12 Dr. Christopher Whitehead, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Teaching in a Virtual World Dr. Yousef Ahmadibeni, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Antisense ODNs Containing Diphosphodiester Internucleotide Linkages for Cancer Treatment Dr. Heriot explains his research. CSU Libraries hosted the first Research Forum Series in January To date there have been 27 forums with 85 presenters. A list of all the previous forums and presenters can be found online at Since the forums are held at the lunch hour (12:30-1:30), the Libraries have always provided refreshments for these events. The Libraries Value Added Services (VAS) Committee is in charge of providing light lunch refreshments. This year s VAS Committee is chaired by Michelle Viers of the Information Commons/Reference Department. Committee members are Paula Adams (Coordinator of Instruction), Darlene Cooper (Cataloging Department), Brandi Epps (Circulation Department), and Linda Jones (Head of Cataloging and Periodicals). The committee is greatly assisted by Mariah Fowler (Periodicals Department) and Derek Brantley of Instructional Technology Services (ITS), who is responsible for the sound and presentation equipment. Jon Haney, also of ITS, assisted with the printing of publicity materials for the forums. WAY MORE THAN BOOKS! 3 Simon Says, Spring 2009 Georgia s Oldest Hardware Store: The Singer Company This March, Columbus State University Archives received a built in 1894, sits in the southeast corner of the town s square. generous gift of store records from Mr. Sam Singer, Mrs. Ann J. The Singer store records are historically significant and Singer, Mr. Sam Singer, Jr., and Mrs. Susan Singer Patterson. The are an important resource for understanding life and commerce in Singer Company, Georgia s oldest hardware store, was founded in rural southern towns during the late nineteenth century and early 1838 and ownership has been within the Singer family for five twentieth century. The store records date from the late 1880s to generations. The Singer s family progenitor, Johan George Singer, the 1940s, and are currently being processed for public use. To emigrated from Germany in 1835 and settled in Lumpkin, Georgia learn more, please visit the CSU Archives located on the third floor (Stewart County) by way of Baltimore, Maryland. He was a of the library and open Monday Friday from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 shoemaker with a thriving business making boots and shoes, and p.m., or visit our web site at aided the Confederacy by furnishing boots during the Civil War. As industries changed, the store evolved from providing groceries and Giselle Rémy Bratcher mercantile to hardware and farm supplies. The first location of the Archival Assistant store is being preserved at Westville, while the second location, CSU Libraries By The Numbers COLLECTIONS PRINT COLLECTION July 1, 2006 July 1, 2007 July 1, 2008 Volumes 386, , ,219 Journal Subscriptions 1,707 1,885 1,879 Microforms 1,127,021 1,129,444 1,130,729 NON-PRINT COLLECTION Audio 8,293 8,781 9,224 Videos 1,813 1,997 2,113 Cartographic 1,163 1,173 1,181 Manuscripts (linear feet) 2,332 2,359 2,927 CIRCULATION SERVICE STATISTICS Persons entering Library 364, , ,053 Circulations 42,657 36,864 39,119 INFORMATION SERVICE STATISTICS Reference transactions 22,993 23,910 23,289 Class presentations Students taught 1,558 5,335 3,157 ILLs borrowed 3,622 4,951 5,006 ILLs lent 1,396 1,372 1,411 4 WAY MORE THAN BOOKS! STAFF AND EXPENDITURES Librarians (including vacancies) Professional & Administrative Support Staff Student Assistants (FTE) Total Expenditures 1,952,543 1,823,064 1,943,474 Wages 1,003,861 1,123,873 1,061,491 Library Materials 571, , ,452 Binding 22,174 9,688 6,729 Operating Expenses 355, , ,802 Libraries Host Rite of Passage Convocations Simon Says, Spring 2009 CSU Libraries hosted two Rite of Passage Convocations on Attendance at the events averaged around forty-five, and March 24 and 26, These convocations are sponsored each included faculty, staff, and students. The speakers were very year by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. They engaging presenting slide shows and many humorous anecdotes. provide an opportunity for recently-promoted full professors to One presenter even required the audience to participate in an share their thoughts with the university community on their attention-deficit simulation exercise. The convocations offer a research, teaching experiences, or more generally, life in the wonderful way for members of the university community to get to academy. The idea for the convocations was first implemented in know the new professors Since that time, CSU Libraries have had the responsibility of coordinating and hosting the events. The 2009 convocations featured five presenters: Tuesday, March 24 Dr. Shawn T. Cruzen, Professor of Astronomy Dr. Paulina O. Kuforiji, Professor of Instructional Technology Thursday, March 26 Dr. Zewdu Gebeyehu, Professor of Chemistry Dr. Mary Beth Hendricks, Professor of Special Education Dr. Eugen Ionascu, Professor of Mathematics Dr. George Stanton, Vice President for Academic Affairs, welcomed the attendees and explained the origin of the convocations. He also introduced the speakers. After the presentations, each speaker received a commemorative plaque to celebrate his/her Rite of Passage talk. Light lunch refreshments were served beginning at noon to allow time for fellowship. The Dr. Cruzen captures the audience s attention. convocations ended at 1:30 p.m. Teaching LIBR 1105 Online: Whine & Cheese Teaching an online course for the first time has created a tailor assignments and exams. Student expectations have been different range of experiences. The actual preparation was one enlightening as some initially assumed it would be easier, expecting thing, yet administering and teaching it is quite another. plenty of flexibility to work at their own pace, only eventually to Technology issues have been a source of transpersonal angst; in find online courses require lots of work, effort, and time particular, concerning CougarView as it seems clunky to navigate at management. Many others have found the course fits rather best. The feature crashes much too often hindering accommodatingly into their busy lives and are managing quite well. communication efforts and file uploading problems have required As we are well into the home stretch of the course, I re-creation of online tutorials larger than the 25 MB file limit contemplate various ways to revise and deliver course content the (which by the way can be difficult to accomplish when trying to next time around thereby better affecting a more seamless maintain the flow of course content). Yet, I am a bit more hopeful experience for myself and the students. Pedagogical approaches to about the newer course management system scheduled for Fall online teaching and learning along with strategies to better utilize 2009, which I am told will be more like the Blackboard platform and navigate software applications will entail more research into (keeping my fingers crossed). best practices and require meaningful experimentation- all of However, getting to know my students has been worthwhile as I which I still find a worthwhile and rewarding challenge. realize some have taken online courses before while others have not. At the beginning of the semester students posted brief bios and Paula Adams I found all of my students are either working, raising families, Coordinator of Instruction taking a full load (some up to five classes), and are of all ages and Assistant Professor of Library Science walks of life. I have been able to interpret learning and communication styles among my students, which has helped me to WAY MORE THAN BOOKS! 5 Simon Says, Spring 2009 CSU Libraries Staff Development Day 2009: Teamwork and the Library Experience On Monday, March 9, the first day of Spring Break, CSU Libraries closed its doors to the public and held its annual Library Staff Development Day. This day gives the library faculty and staff an opportunity to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the daily library work routine to learn more about libraries, technology, collaboration/teamwork, and other topics of interest to library employees. The event was organized by the libraries Morale, Recreation and Development Committee, chaired by Giselle Bratcher, Archival Assistant. Other members of the committee were Mariah Fowler, Periodicals Senior Paraprofessional; Judy Moore, Music Library Associate; and Sandra Stratford, Coordinator of Instructional Technology Services. The program for the day included remarks by Abraham George, CSU s CIO, to whom CSU Libraries have been reporting since January of this year. He facilitated a discussion about the information needs of Net Gen users. There was also an exercise which had heads and representatives of different library departments demonstrate the connections they had with other departments inside and outside the library. This was done by drawing lines on a chart to connect departments. Some of the important connections mentioned that are outside of the campus community are donors, researchers from all over the world, vendors, and other colleges and universities. The highlight of the morning was a talk by Charles Forrest, a librarian at Emory University, who is the Director of Library Facilities Management and Planning. Charles gave a very interesting presentation on future trends in academic libraries and on the library experience, which is about making the library a third place the third place a student goes after home and school. Towards the end of the presentation, he led us in an exercise in arranging chairs to highlight the necessity of having comfortable and varied furniture in configurable spaces. After lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant, Library Staff Development Day attendees headed for Peach Bowl Lanes for a few games of bowling and some good old-fashioned teamwork. The group was divided into teams, and each team bowled two games. Winning a prize for the highest team score was the team consisting of Giselle Bratcher; Dalton Royer, Archival Assistant; Mary Holmes, Information Commons Paraprofessional; and Callie McGinnis, Dean of Libraries. Becky Boswell, Senior Acquisitions Associate, received a prize for most improved bowler. The bowling activity was a great lesson in reinforcing the principles of teamwork and gave us an opportunity to build interpersonal relations. A good time was had by all! Callie McGinnis Giselle Rémy Bratcher Dean of Libraries Archival Assistant Associate Professor of Library Science Senior Acquisitions Associate Becky Boswell (at lane) awaits results as Dean Callie McGinnis (foreground) prepares to take her turn bowling. 6 WAY MORE THAN BOOKS! Department Spotlight: Circulation Simon Says, Spring 2009 The Circulation Department facilitates access to the Schwob Library s instructional and research materials, making the resources of the libraries freely accessible while still maintaining the control to ensure that these resources will be available to all library patrons. The department is coordinated by Senior Library Associate Cynthia Fears. Other employees in the department are Shirley Hinckley (Stacks Supervisor), Brandi Epps (Evening Supervisor), and Elizabeth Durusau (Part-time Circulation Assistant). There are also eight student assistants in Circulation. The Circulation Desk is the place to check out and renew materials from both the general and reserve collections, pay fines/fees, get change, pick up and return Interlibrary Loan materials, pick up and return Gil Express items, and place searches for items not found on shelves. This is also where students can come to check out a circulating laptop. In addition to checking out materials, the department is also responsible for opening and closing the building, processing reserves, maintaining the physical collections, and maintaining a computer lab, photocopiers (print and microfilm), and AV equipment for in-library usage. Bragging points: Gate count for Schwob Library was 341,402 for FY2008 Processed about 5,500 Gil Express transactions (4,096 borrows; 1,440 lent) Collected $10, in fines for the university s general fund Left to right: Shirley Hinckley (Senior Library Paraprofessional Stacks Maintenance Supervisor), Cynthia Fears (Senior Library Associate Department Head), Elizabeth Durusau (Library Assistant Part-Time), Brandi Epps (Library Assistant Evening Supervisor) CSU Librarians in Leadership Roles Library Assistant Pr
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