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Rag25 QuickRef
  QUICK REFERENCEGOALTo become a mighty Viking warrior and thereby assist the gods at Ragnarok,the final conflict of good and evil.QUESTS (any or all may be attempted)- Collect Thokk's tears or soul to give to Hela in exchange for the release of Balder's soul.- Locate Mimming (Freyr's sword), Mjollnir (Thor's hammer), and Gungnir (Odin's spear) and return them to their owners.- Find Mimer's well and gain the skill needed to defeat Aspenth.- Find some manner of weapon or magic that can assist Tyr in battling with but one arm.MOVEMENTMouse: Place the mouse cursor on the lower map or upper map in a desired direction away from the player symbol and press either button.Keyboard: Using the keypad, press the number corresponding to the direction you wish to move: 7 8 9 4 You 6 1 2 3Up/Down: To go up or down through stairs or holes, the player may either click the mouse cursor on the up arrow or down arrow located in the far right row of mouse buttons, or may type < (less than) to go up and > (greater than) to proceed downward.Resting: The player may rest one turn by clicking on the character symbol with the mouse cursor or by pressing the 5 or . (period) keys.Attacking: To attack a hostile creature, move towards it. To attack a non-hostile creature, use the attack command (below).Shooting: To shoot an arrow or crossbow bolt, you must first wield a longbow (for arrows) or crossbow (for bolts).Aiming: Aiming is accomplished in the same manner as movement, including the up and down directions.COMMAND SUMMARYKey MOUSE DescriptionBUTTON-----------------------------a (round Repeat previous command; only functions with eat, throw, use arrow) skill, use power, and zap.A ATTACK Attack friendly or neutral creatures. c CALL Rename a type of item.C SELF Lists the players current physical state, including skills,innate abilities and powers.d -NONE- Drop 1 item.  D DROP Drop many items. e EAT Eat.F FAR MOVE Moves the player in the desired direction until disturbed or the <ESC> key or cancel mouse button is pressed. Input the period key to rest for 100 turns. i PACK Shows the items currently located in the player's pack.l LOOK AT Look at something.m MIX Mix two potions.M MAP Shows the world map, highlighting areas which the player has visited.n NAME Name a specific item.N NPC This command allows the player to trade with and equip fellow Norsemen. o -NONE- Displays amount of money currently owed to local trader.O SETTINGS Lists all toggle switches at once (see F1-F8 below).p PAY Pay debts and purchase all affordable unpaid merchandise currently held. P POWER Use power.q DRINK Quaff potion.Q QUIT Give up or SAVE current game.r READ Read scroll. s -NONE- Sell 1 item.S SELL Sell many items.t THROW/SHOOT Throws or shoots projectile weapons.T REMOVE Remove armor, rings, and amulets.u SKILL Use skill.U USE ITEM Play instruments, fill vials, and use bags and orbs.w WIELD Wield weapon. Enter - for wield nothing. W WEAR Wear armor, rings, and amulets.x EXAMINE Examine/describe object. comma PICK UP Pick up items located at the player's feet.ALT-D DIG Dig. ALT-S -NONE- Toggle sounds on/off.ALT-Q SETTINGS Allows player to turn on/off the message boxes which appear on the upper map.? HELP Quick reference sheet.F1 HELP Quick reference sheet.h HELP Quick reference sheet.F2 SETTINGS Turns on/off auto pickup function. On position causes player to automatically attempt to pick up everything stepped onto. Default=On.F3 SETTINGS Turns on/off more function. On position notifies player of all messages; more button may be cleared with (spacebar), (enter), or MORE button. Off position notifies player only of messages which fit in message area. Default=On.F4 PLAYBACK Lists up to the last ten messages.F5 SETTINGS Sets the warning level for extended moves such as DIG and FAR MOVE. Highest setting is easily disturbed. Default=High.F6 PANIC Hide Ragnarok screen at work.F7 SETTINGS Toggle eat off ground. On position allows player to eat offof the ground. Default=On.F8 SETTINGS Toggle item listing. On position automatically lists all items moved onto. Default=On.F9 -NONE- Shows memory free.F10 (C) About RAGNAROK.ESC ESC Cancel command.  \ DISCOVERIES Lists all wands, potions, scrolls, and rings whose functions have been discovered.< (up arrow) Ascend stairs, surface from underwater, and pass through holes in the ceiling.> (dn arrow) Descend stairs, dive underwater and retrieve items, pass through holes in the floor and trigger traps.(C) Copyright 1992 Norsehelm Productions
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