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The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has denied stories circulating on social media and some media outlets about the bank issuing new Ghana cedi notes in denominations of GHC30, GHC100 and GHC200.
  1 BANK OF GHANA NOT ISSUING NEW DENOMINATIONS The attention of the Bank of Ghana has been drawn to stories circulating on social media to the effect that the Bank is issuing denominations of GH¢30, GH¢100 and GH¢200, and wishes to categorically state that the stories are false and should be dis-regarded. It will be recalled that the same stories were circulated on social media in 2015. Moreover, the said address by the Second Deputy Governor to an investor community never mentioned any such issue and should therefore be disregarded.  All that was contained in the address was the following:  “ . . . Finally, and on a lighter note, you will recall nearly a decade ago, when the Bank of Ghana celebrated its golden jubilee with currency exhibitions and road shows across the country. Once again, on the 4th of March 2017, we shall be celebrating the 60th  Anniversary of Central Banking in Ghana. As part of the celebrations, a new commemorative banknote in five-cedi (GH¢5) denominations will be unveiled. This banknote will be legal tender as well as a collector’s item. The note will have new durable security features which can be easily identified by the public as well as introduce other internationally acceptable security features which are sensitive to touch to aid the blind and visually challenged in identifying the banknotes. The climax of this celebration will take place in August 2017 which will mark exactly 60 years when Bank of Ghana opened its doors to the public. The program for the celebrations will be announced in due course”. The Bank wishes to take this opportunity to assure the public, that the denominations of the Ghana Cedi in circulation remain the following: Notes: GH¢50 GH¢20 GH¢10 GH¢5 GH¢2 January 26, 2017   Bank of Ghana  PUBLIC NOTICE    2 GH¢1 Coins: GH¢1 50Gp 20Gp 10Gp 5Gp 1Gp End Issued by: Communications Department For further enquiries, please contact: Bernard Otabil, Director of Communications. Telephone numbers: Landline- +233 302666902-6, Extension 4544. Cell phone number- +233 243808838.
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