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Good Morning Online Sales and Digital Tourism Trends for 2016 Barry Walsh OSD Digital Agency Online Strategy & Sales Manager Fáilte Ireland Digital Supports Team LinkedIn:
Good Morning Online Sales and Digital Tourism Trends for 2016 Barry Walsh OSD Digital Agency Online Strategy & Sales Manager Fáilte Ireland Digital Supports Team LinkedIn: How Digital is affecting Booking cycle within Travel Consumer Research & buying has Changed Consumer Research & buying has Changed 95% of consumers search online before making a travel purchase Five distinct phases for booking Travel Trends: 4 Mobile Moments Changing the Consumer Journey Let s talk micro moments 1 2 I-want-to-get-away: Dreaming moments I-want-this-trip-to-be-perfect: Planning moments 3 4 I-want-to-book-it: Booking moments I-want-to-make-the-most-of-it: Experiencing moments Key Booking Trends International Markets The Rise of Meta Search for 2016 What is Meta Search? Metasearch websites act as a lead generation platform that allows bookers to search across multiple online travel agencies to get a ready to compare list of results in one place. Facts of Meta Search The average consumer visits 3.6 sites when shopping for an airline ticket online, according to PhoCusWright. 76% of all online travel purchases are preceded by some sort of search function TripAdvisor launched Instant Booking on its own sites and apps in 2014 with a handful of partners. After reeling in seven of the 10 largest global hotel chains as participants. Expedia s Trivago hotel-metasearch site likewise is launching Express Booking for online travel agencies, and is offering an Internet booking engine for hotel partners. Google, meanwhile, is introducing Book on Google for hotels and online travel agencies. Hotels and online travel agencies can participate either by paying a commission or through bidding on clicks Expedia, while giving TripAdvisor Instant Booking a cold shoulder, has expressed interest in testing Book on Google as Expedia touts the more prominent branding and lack of consumer confusion through the Google experience. Meta Search Marketing: Key Players Google Hotel Finder (HPA) TripAdvisor Meta Search (Europe) (Asia Pacific) New and Emerging Digital Travel Trends for 2016 Video Marketing Engage your Customer 106 million of YouTube s monthly unique visitors are travellers. Among travellers who watched travelrelated videos, 64% watched when thinking about taking a trip. And 37% watched when deciding which web site to book on. Key Trend for Video Marketing Story Telling Travel 2016 As a marketing tactic, storytelling is based on the premise that people remember information better when it is told as a story rather than presented as a list of facts. Any marketing campaign that rouses an emotional response whether it be empathy, sympathy, outrage or laughter is more likely to be remembered Source: Key Trend for Video Marketing Story Telling Travel 2016 Emotions, not facts Storytelling becomes a great way to convey these emotions sought by travellers, from excitement to deceit, humour and frustration, and many emotions in between Check out an Example: Meet South Africa (South African Tourism brand video) Check out an Example: Meet South Africa (South African Tourism brand video) Key Trend for Video Marketing Story Telling Travel 2016 Solicit locals Only 14% of customers believe traditional ads while over 92% of us will believe online comments and reviews from peers, friends but also strangers. Check out an Example: VISIT PHILLY - Instagram Dublin Breath of fresh Air - Videos Check out an Example: VISIT PHILLY - Instagram Key Trend for Video Marketing Story Telling Travel 2016 Communicate offline Creating an easy-to-use, easy-to-remember hashtag is a key component in order to get people to share on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other visual platforms. #LoveDublin *Video can provides the greatest passive engagement on platforms Key Trend for Video Marketing Story Telling Travel 2016 Multi-channel Choose the right platform to engage at the earlier stages of the decision making process or inspirational stage. (Dreaming Moments) Entice the user. *Be careful not to oversell as to push conversion. Key Video Trend 2016 Drone Videos Drone Video are becoming more affordable than ever. And are now a highly innovative way to show a destinations Facebook & YouTube Youtubeleading Video Re Marketing And Target Advertising Why Re-Market? High ROI: Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert. Differentiated Offers: Market targeted offers to interested travellers. For example, if a guest specifically visited your golf package page and didn t purchase it, you can now offer a discount tailored to that package. Retargeting Bookings Retarget your possible guests, Utilisation of: Facebook & Google AdWords re-marketing Including on-site and off-site retargeting is growing in popularity What is Re targeting? Source Poistion2 Source SEO Moz Mobile is no Longer a Trend It is a way of Life In the past year, conversion rates have grown 88% on mobile travel sites. In 2015 Mobile Exceeded Desktop A poor Mobile Experience forces traveller to move elsewhere. And has negative effect Say s Consumers, particularly on mobile devices, now have higher expectations than ever before they want everything right, and they want everything right away, Jerry Dischler, vice president product management Top Mobile Trends Customer-Centric will become Customer-Obsessive 2. Mobile Search Engine Results Will Display More than Pages 3. Brands will Blur the Lines Between Apps, E-Commerce and Social 2016 Mobile Payment Integration Mobile Payment The last hurdle for seamless travel booking. In online travel bookings. Research shows 7% of travellers abandon bookings due to limited payment options. Booking payment optimisation is allowing the ability to choose your payment seamlessly. Mobile & Internet of Things IoT Internet of Things (IoT): Perhaps the hottest buzz word out there right now. It encompasses technologies to control things that usually are operated manually, and streamline stagnated backend operations by connecting smart devices. The Rise of Wearable Technology In the US for example, the use of wearables is expected to increase by 61% in 2016, accounting for over 25% of the total US population. Similar growth expected across international regions. Key Trend 2016 Personalised and Dynamic Content & Travel Experience. Identifying traveller behaviour for a truly personalised journey Source Source Source Source Source Key Tech Trend Travel 2016 Virtual Travel Assistant Hipmunk is one example of a virtual assistant currently available, but more are due to crop up we're sure. These assistants can find the best airfare, hotels and bargain packages with the click of a button doing all the hard work for those looking to take a break. Key Tech Trend Travel 2016 Cloud Passports Australians already have access to biometric passports that store personal information, allowing them to travel effortlessly to select countries and quickly clear immigration via a SmartGate. There are pushing further and set to introduce virtual passports, using cloud-stored data. Barry Walsh OSD Digital Agency Online Strategy & Sales Manager Fáilte Ireland Digital Supports Team LinkedIn: Thank you
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