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NX SERIES DIRECT & VARIABLE SPEED ROTARY SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS KW SOME COMPANIES ARE FOUNDED ON HARD WORK. OTHERS ARE FOUNDED ON IDEALS. FS-CURTIS WAS FOUNDED ON BOTH A HISTORY OF Curtis & Co. Empire Saw founded in St. Louis, MO, USA Earned Agricultural and Mechanical Fair award for excellence and quality Named Curtis and Co. Manufacturing Built first reciprocating air compressor that later evolved into the Master Line Series Supported U.S. Government efforts by producing more than 2 million Howitzer shell forgings Designed and developed mobile oxygen compressors to be used in Aerospace applications Merged with U.S. Air Compressor Company, Central Petroleum Company, Lewis Machine Company REAL-WORLD PEOPLE When you re successful, we re successful. That s why FS-Curtis listens. Trust and dependability are the foundations of our past and the fabric of our future, so you can count on being treated with the personal touch you deserve. 1 More than 160 years ago, the FS-Curtis way of doing business was established through two key commitments: a dedication to building quality products and a dedication to responsive customer service. Over the decades, the company and its products have evolved through innovation and new technologies. But those commitments to quality and service remain unchanged. Today, just as in 1854, FS-Curtis customers can depend on our products for reliable, long-term service. Equally as important, they can depend on getting the same from our people EXCELLENCE Merged with Toledo Tools as Curtis-Toledo Inc. Introduction of Challenge Air Series reciprocating air compressors Began manufacturing and assembling Rotary Screw Air compressors Expanded global market reach by joining forces with Fusheng Industrial U.S. Headquarters certified as ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 Introduced next generation GSV Variable Speed Rotary Screw compressors Introduced Nx series Fixed and Variable Speed Rotary Screw compressors Nx Series named Plant Engineering s 2015 Product of the Year - Gold Award for Compressed Air REAL-WORLD PRODUCTS Take more than a century of experience building quality compressors, add in a staff that s listening to the needs of the market, and the result is a product lineup that s built for tough working conditions. No wonder so many customers around the world depend on FS-Curtis compressors day in and day out. 2 NX SERIES AIR COMPRESSORS DIRECT & VARIABLE SPEED ROTARY SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS KW ecool TECHNOLOGY A COOL INNOVATION Compressors generate heat. FS-Curtis exclusive ecool technology provides protection from heat and reduces thermal stress. By combining smart compressor layout with intelligent component selection, ecool technology maximizes cooling airflow for greater energy efficiency, improved reliability and increases service life up to 50% longer for motors and electrical components and up to 30-50% longer for bearings, hoses and seals. 5 DIRECT & VARIABLE SPEED ROTARY SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS KW ENERGY SAVINGS ARE SMART SAVINGS Take control of your energy savings with our optional DemandSmart Energy Management System, which includes the controller, variable-speed drive, and airend to create greater overall efficiency. This innovative design maximizes energy savings and reduces overall operating costs. INTELLIGENT VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE One of the ways the DemandSmart system in Nx Series compressors maximizes energy savings is with a variable speed drive (VSD). The VSD allows you to match your energy usage to current system demands, eliminating the need to overpressure the system, so you ll save money by not wasting energy. In addition, the soft starting capability of FS-Curtis VSD reduces inrush current requirement, decreasing your power demand and, of course, increasing your energy savings. Nx SERIES WITH VSD LIFE CYCLE COSTS OVER 5 YEARS Without VSD Installation Maintenance Investment Energy VSD Installation Maintenance Investment Energy Energy Savings The VSD time-proven directly coupled design offers faster response and greater operational efficiency Variable operation slows airend speed, which lowers energy costs and reduces noise Matching the operating speed with changes in demand reduces component wear With DemandSmart technology, the VSD enhances quality by stabilizing air pressure at 1 psi increments Built-in DC choke protects against harmonic disturbances and eliminates the need to source additional corrective devices ENERGY SAVINGS WITH VSD COMPARING LOAD/NO-LOAD POWER CONSUMPTION 6 DIRECT & VARIABLE SPEED ROTARY SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS KW icommand-touch TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WORLD. With the premium icommand-touch, a full-color screen displays graphs which capture and track factual, real-time air usage by the hour, day, week and month. Historical data can be retrieved at any time at the touch of the screen. Data trending keeps your finger on the pulse of your entire compressed air system. Continously tracks pressure, temperature, air quanitity and usage to easily diagnose and optimize your plant s air system. Simple Touch Screen Control Intuitive Navigation Capture Realtime and Historical Data Trending Trending and Graphing Capabilities Graph information can be conveniently download to SD card for historical records, troubleshooting and quality control measures. One-Touch Status Review At A Glance: Air Quantity: Monitors cubic feet of air usage, pinpointing peak production or down times in your operation. Main Screen: Displays image of compressor with red dot indicator spotlighting issues in the system, which reduces time in trouble shooting. Usage: Tracks how long machine is on, off or in standby. This allows you to analyze usage factor in your plant based on the operation of your compressor. Pressure: Continuously tracks pressure range by day, week and month. This allows quick identification of pressure variations that effect plant operations. Temperature: Real-time monitoring and trending of critical oil temperature enables early identification of potential shutdown and downtime. Maintenance: Tracks and displays hours of usage of critical components oil filter, inlet filter, air/oil separator and motor and timetable for replacement and/or maintenance. Air Circuit & Oil Circuit: Quick diagnosis of key component operation within the air and oil circuit Direct MODEL CAPACITY FAD (CFM) MOTOR Variable Speed MODEL CAPACITY FAD (CFM) Minimum Maximum TECHNICAL DATA MOTOR SOUND LEVEL (175 PSI) SOUND LEVEL ( PSI) DIMENSIONS (base mount) DIMENSIONS (tank mounted) DIRECT & VARIABLE SPEED ROTARY SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS KW WEIGHT (base mount) 100 psi 125 psi 150 psi 175 psi Kw / HP dba (L x W x H In.) Lbs. NxD x 50 x 69 NxD NxD x 53 x 73 NxD WEIGHT (tank mounted) 100 psi 125 psi 150 psi Kw / HP dba (L x W x H In.) Lbs. NxV /60 69/72 79 x 49 x NxV /75 71/ NxV /100 72/76 86 x 63 x NxV /125 74/ NX SERIES FEATURES AT A GLANCE ecool Technology The ultimate in system protection and reliability Protects critical components from compressor-generated heat Compartmentalized air flow design and oversized aftercooler Extends component life and reduces downtime dba Shield Noise Reduction Designed for quieter operation Extra-thick sound insulation reduces noise Can be installed in applications where dba level is critical Laminated oil-proof sound insulation Energy Efficiency & Quality Components Built to the highest levels of dependability, reliability & efficiency Premium Efficiency TEFC (IP55 Class F) motor protects compressor from harsh environment IE3 Motors increase efficiency NEMA-1 electric panel Wye-Delta motor starter Hi-Efficiency air/oil separator with 1-3 ppm carryover 120 volt control voltage 100% continuous duty cycle, pulsation free air Energy efficient oversized cooler Built-in heavy duty air intake filter Durable powder-coat painted enclosure Leak-free design with o-ring seal fittings & hoses Variable Speed Drive optional Ease of Maintenance Designed for low cost of ownership, easy service & little down time Easy access to all preventative maintenance components Washable cabinet pre-filter Controller alerts for maintenance intervals Differential pressure indicators for the oil filters, air filter & separator element Pivoting separator tank lid allows for easy element change out (75/90kW) NXGEN WARRANTY Extended Warranty Program All Nx products are backed by an industry leading warranty: Five-year major components warranty Ten-year airend warranty Just register the machine online, Use only FS-Curtis Genuine Parts & Lubricants per the required maintenance schedule, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your machine is backed by the NxGEN Warranty 4 Distributed By: CURTIS-TOLEDO, INC KIENLEN AVENUE ST. LOUIS, MO Nx LITERATURE: FSL-NX4590FLBREV1 Improvements and research are continuous at FS-Curtis. Specifications may change without notice. ISO 9001 ISO CURTIS-TOLEDO, INC.
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