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Nimoy, Leonard - [Star Trek] - i Am Spock (0786889101)
  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS All STAR TREK elements ™, «, and *1996 ParamountPictures. All Rights Resered.STAR TREK is aregistered trademar! o  Paramount Pictures.#ront coer $hotoused under authori%ation. Photo on $age ii &199' ParamountPictures.Photo on $age iii and (ac! coer ) e er+ e-(ur+Photos rom  Never  Forget  $roided (+Turner Picturesorld-ideand Turner et-or! Teleision. Photos rom Three Men and a  Baby and The Good Mother  courtes+ o Touchstone Pictures. The letters o /saac Asimo courtes+ o the /saac Asimo estate.0o$+right e 199'eonard  imo+All rights resered. o $art o this (oo! ma+ (e used or re$ro2duced in an+ manner -hatsoeer -ithoutthe -ritten $ermission o thePu(lisher. Printed inthe 3nited States o  America.#or in ormationaddress4+$erion, 115 #i thAenue, e- or!,  e- or! 17711. imo+, eonard,/ am S$oc! 8 (+ eonard imo+.  1st ed. $. cm. /S:  72;<6<2<917211. imo+, eonard. =. Actors 3nited States :iogra$h+. >. Star Tre! ?Teleision  $rogram@ 5. Star Tre! #ilms. /. Title. P==<;.''A> 199' ;91.5'7=<79=2dc=7B:C9'2=5'750/P#irst Dass Dar ! et Edition  17 9<;6 To Stoats,  For the love and lauhter.  '5>=1 ES/F:RG:ERT :3 ES/F Than!s to *asonSloane, RussellFalen, and :riane#iore or o$ening the doorHTo arr+Dc0allister and4arr+ ang, or  $roiding imagesHTo 0+ndiDladino, or managing m+schedule, readingm+ -riting, andcontrolling themadnessHAnd to*eanne ?*.D.@illard, or her eItraordinar+talent, tact, andtaste. FOREWORD NUMBER ONE SUBAK PLAZA, S H I K A H H VULCAN 43 ERIDANI STARSYSTEM 1lTasmeen 1!,  #3 V$O$D$%  S&a' (a&e 4#!1)3$3M'$ Le*na'( N+m* - .  H/e'+*n P0l+s2e's Ne3 Y*'4 NY 1 11 Ea'&2 S*l S&a'ss&emDea' M'$ N+m*5 I '+&e &2+sn*&e +n'es/*nse &**0's, 2+-2ass5 67*0l( *0-*ns+(e' 3'+&+n8a 9*'e3*'( &* mne3 **:6 T2+s **, *0+n9*'m me, -*n&a+ns&2e sa8a *9 *0'  e;/e'+en-es +n*0' <a'+*0s-a/a-+&+es asa-&*', '+&e', (+'e-&*', an(/'*(0-e' *9 Star Trek s&*'+es$ I& +s &*e -alle( I AmSpock. I m0s& a(m+&&* s*me (e8'ee *9 -*n90s+*n$ B all a--*0n&s, I am +n90ll /*ssess+*n *9 m mem*'=an( I (+s&+n-&l 'e-all&2e &+&le *9 *0' /'e<+*0s 1**4 *n&2e a*<e s0>e-&$I& as, +n 9a-&,en&+&le( I  Am N*& Spock, 2+-2seeme( *&2l*8+-al an(a--0'a&e=s+n-e,+n(ee(, *0 a'e not  S/*-, an( I 2a<ealas el+e<e(an( s2all -*n&+n0e&* el+e<e &2a& Iam$T* +n(0l8e +n a20man -*ll*? @0+al+sm5 Ha<e *0l*s& *0' small8lass 8am+n8s/2e'es:    HUMANVERSUSVULCAN or Of Luck and Probability ETJS GPE T4/S :GGK -ith a cou$le o shattering con essions right u$ ront 1. I talk to y!elf and #.1 hear voice! in y head. Gr rather, / sometimes tal! to an a!$ect o  m+sel , and / o ten hear one  !$ecific oice re$l+ingin m+ heada er+ calm, er+ rational oice, one /sus$ect man+ o +ou are amiliar -ith. And i +ou-ere to listen in on the silent conersation ta!ing $lace in m+ head at this er+ moment, +ou mighthear the ollo-ing eIchange  /DG S$oc!, do +ou hae an+ idea ho- luc!+ -e are to hae each otherL %PO&'( I do not believe in )luck.) I believe every event i! !tati!tically $redictable.  /DG Reall+L Soat the moment / -as (orn, -hat -ere the chances that / -ould gro- u$, go to 4oll+-ood, meet Fene Rodden(err+, and (ecome amous as a green2(looded, $oint+2eared alien rom outer s$aceL %PO&'( *t the oent of your birth+ *$$ro,iately -/0#202-3.-3 to 1.  /DG AhaM ou seeL/t -as luc!, a ter allM The odds -ere against itM %PO&'( 4ardly.  Becau!e 5ith each  $a!!ing oent of your life0 one event  $reci$i6tated another0 5hich ade each  !ub!e67uent occurrence ore  $robable. For e,a$le0by oving  fro  Bo!ton to Lo!  *ngele! and 5orking hard to  $erfect  your craft0  you increa!ed your chance! of a  !ucce!!ful acting career bya !ub6 !tantial argin0  fro
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