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NHAM ASM 2013 Day 1, Friday 12 April 2013 Venue: Hilton Kuala Lumpur & Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur Time Ballroom C Daily Clinical Problems: Secrets Revealed! How to work up a newly diagnosed hypertensive
NHAM ASM 2013 Day 1, Friday 12 April 2013 Venue: Hilton Kuala Lumpur & Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur Time Ballroom C Daily Clinical Problems: Secrets Revealed! How to work up a newly diagnosed hypertensive and a patient with heart failure Moderator: TIANG Soon Wee Case presenter: Mohd Zamri ABDUL RAHMAN Expert panels: Noorfaizan Saidin, Ravinderjit Singh Azhari ROSMAN, SIM Kui Hian Nik Zainal Memorial Lecture: Evolution of the management of aortic stenosis - ROSLI Mohd Ali 2. European Society of Cardiology Initiative Michel KOMAJDA 3. European Society of Cardiology Lecture: Twenty years of RAAS inhibition and heart rate modulation in heart failure: what have we learnt? - Michel KOMAJDA Opening Ceremony : MC AZMEE GHAZEE NCVD-ACS 2013 REPORT LAUNCH NHAM COMICBOOK LAUNCH AF-SOS LAUNCHING Azhari ROSMAN, SIM Kui Hian American College of Cardiology Initiative - John G. HAROLD 2. American College of Cardiology Lecture: Future directions in the management of chronic heart failure - John G. HAROLD Tea Break Symposium 1 STEMI Ballroom B Ballroom C Clarke Ballroom Symposium 2 Hypertension Symposium 3 Atrial Fibrillation: Of Strokes and Bleeds Concurrent Free Papers Zul Hilmi YAAKOB, Asri RANGA 1. NCVD ACS Registry: STEMI update Wan Azman WAN AHMAD 2. What is the optimal antiplatelet therapy for STEMI in 2013? Paul Chiam Toon Lim 3. Thrombolytics and Primary PCI: Who, when and how in 2013 Haizal Haron KAMAR Noorfaizan Saidin, Nor Hanim MOHD AMIN 1. Hypertension in Malaysia: the greatest of silent killers NMHS data Azmee GHAZI 2. When monotherapy isn t enough CHOONG Choon Hooi 3. Drugs that affect the RAAS in hypertension: which, when and how Bryan WILLIAMS Imran ZAINAL ABIDIN, CHEE Kok Han 1. Atrial Fibrillation - global and local: the epidemiology of disease Saravanan KRISHNAN 2. Stroke prevention in atrial Fibrillation: beyond Warfarin George ANDRIKOPOULOS 3. Anticoagulation combining with antiplatelets modern era challenges Ahmad Nizar JAMALUDDIN 1. Allied Health 1 FP1.1 FP1.6 (Sentral Exchange, Hilton KL) Nik Asmah, Abdul Kahar Abdul Ghapar 2. General Cardiology 1 FP2.1 - FP2.7 (Parry 1, Le Meridien KL) N.Arumugam, Azhari Rosman 3. Imaging FP3.1 FP3.8 (Parry 2, Le Meridien KL) Lam Kai Huat Time Ballroom B Ballroom C Clarke ballroom Bayer Lunch Symposium Rivaroxaban: Transforming the Practice of Stroke Prevention in Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation -Riccardo Cappato Lunch Symposium 2 Novartis Astra Zeneca Lunch Symposium 1. Statins: What has never been talked about (or discussed)! - Arthur Tan Teow Hin 2. Importance of Individualizing Treatment in Type 2 Diabetes - Stanley Liew Choon Fong Time Ballroom B Ballroom C Clarke Ballroom Symposium 4 Heart Failure Aizai Azan Abdul Rahim, Omar ISMAIL Symposium 5 SCIM: Imaging in Ischaemia Annuar RAPAEE, Emily TAN Symposium 6 Joint NHAM-FMSA Symposium Mazapuspavina MD YASIN, Abdul WAHAB UNDOK Concurrent Free Papers Pathophysiology of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: What s new and clinically relevant? Carolyn LAM 2. Acute Decompensated Heart Failure (ADHF): From drug regimes to NIPPV David CHEW 3. Heart Failure guidelines: The highlights Michel KOMADJA 1. CT scan: Is CT Scan FFR as good as CMR stress perfusion - conventional angio CHUA Seng Keong 2. CMR: What s new in ACS diagnosis: Oedema assessment and MR coronary sequence Nor Hanim Mohd Amin 3. Echo: Role of echocardiogram in CAD diagnosis POH Kian Keong 1. Global CV Risk Screening and Management in Primary Care: How well is it done? Anis Safura RAMLI 2. Chest pain and palpitations: When and how should I refer? Edward MAH Mun Jeun 3. Managing complicated, high risk patients: what are the roles of primary care physicians? Sri Wahyu Taher 4. Allied Health 2 FP4.1 FP4.7 (Sentral Exchange, Hilton KL) K Sree Raman, Aris Chandran 5. General Cardiology 2 FP5.1 FP5.8 (Parry 1, Le Meridien KL) Hendrick Chia, Annuar Masduki 6. Interventional Cardiology FP6.1 FP6.8 (Parry 2, Le Meridien KL) Kenneth Chin, Choo Gim Hooi 7.Arrhythmias FP7.1 FP7.8 (Accord Network, Hilton KL) Ernest Ng, David Quek Tea Break Time Ballroom B Ballroom C Clarke Ballroom Symposium 7 Acute Venous Thromboembolic diseases Symposium 8 Multivessel coronary artery disease: A case-based discussion Symposium 9 Resistant Hypertension and Dyslipidaemia Oteh MASKON, Mohd Zamri ABDUL RAHMAN 1. Prevention of deep venous thrombosis: We should do better! LUK Tien Loong 2. What s new in the diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism? Asri RANGA 3. Acute Pulmonary embolism: How we should treat in 2013 Zul Hilmi YAACOB Sazzli Shahlan KASSIM, YEO Chee Kian 1. Who should go for medical therapy only? Eugene REYES 2. Who should go for PCI? Tamil Selvan MUTHUSAMY 3. Who should go for surgery? John CHAN Betty TEH, Norazlina MOHD YUSOF 1. Resistant Hypertension what should I do? Abdul Rashid ABDUL RAHMAN 2. Renal Denervation: only for the select few? Lau Gin Choy 3. Resistant hypercholesterolaemia KHOO Kah Lin Day 2, Saturday 13 th April 2013 Venue: Hilton Kuala Lumpur & Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur Time Ballroom C Clinical Vignettes: What would I do? Moderator: Imran ZAINAL ABIDIN (UMMC) Case presenter: Zubin OTHMAN How to investigate and manage patients with palpitations and syncope Expert panels: Oteh MASKON, LIEW Chee Tat Time Clarke Ballroom Ballroom C Ballroom B Accord Network Room Symposium 10 Atherosclerosis: Fatty streaks, plaque rupture Symposium11 NHAM-ACC Highlight Symposium: Heart Failure Symposium_12 NHAM-WH2O Symposium 1: General cardiology issues Symposium 13 Public Health: National Surveys and Obesity LIEW Chee Khoon, Vang CHU SIM Kui Hian, David CHEW Robaayah ZAMBAHARI, Jeyamalar RAJADURAI Chairperson: Abdul Kahar ABDUL GHAPAR Concepts of the vulnerable plaque, and clinical effects of rupture CHOO Gim Hooi 1. Epidemiology and Outcomes John G. HAROLD 1. Calcium, Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease: Innocent bystanders, friends or foe? Jeyamalar RAJADURAI 1. Anti-obesity Law for Malaysia year Transition from soft policies towards hard policies Feisul Idzwan MUSTAPHA LpPA2, hscrp and other markers An update CHANG Sau Kong 3. Intracoronary and noninvasive imaging of coronary atherosclerosis LAM Kai Huat 2. Novel pharmacological treatments for heart failure Aizai Azan ABDUL RAHIM 3. Mechanical therapy for heart failure Mohamed Ezani MD TAIB 2. Replacement Therapy - Is there a new twist to an old theme? Zanariah HUSSEIN 3. National Health Morbidity Surveys: Are the present preventative strategies in Malaysian women effective? Abdul Rashid ABDUL RAHMAN 2. Engaging patients with chronic diseases: How to help those who are NOT interested? Hariyati Sharima ABDUL MAJID Symposium 14 Lipidology: The whole profile TING Chih Kuan, KHOO Kah Lin Symposium 15 Acute coronary syndrome! Ika Faizura MOHD NOR, CHONG Yoon Sin Symposium 16 NHAM-WH2O Symposium 2: Pregnancy related cardiac issues Emily TAN, Dewi RAMASAMY Symposium 17 Pharmacists Symposium: Emerging roles of the clinical and academic pharmacist Chairperson: Alan FONG LDL-C: The summit not conquered LIM Eu Jin 1. ACS in Malaysia A different kind of disease: The NCVD experience Sharmini SELVARAJAH Managing the pregnant patient with 1. GUCHD Geetha KANDAVELLO 1. Pharmacogenetics Consideration in Cardiovascular Medicines: Latest Updates TEH Lay Kek Triglycerides risk marker or treatment target? Richard O BRIEN 2. Impact on outcomes of bleeding and poor compliance with dual antiplatelet therapy Yi-Heng Li 2. Prosthetic heart valves Wan Azman WAN AHMAD 2. Clinical Pharmacist Milestones: The past, current and future role of clinical pharmacy Noraini Mohamad HDL-C: What have we learnt from recent trials? Sazzli Shahlan KASSIM 3. To the cathlab! Who benefits from early invasive strategy, and how early? CHONG Wei Peng 3. Arrhythmia Surinder KAUR 3. New Oral AntiCoagulant (NOAC) and Inpatient Anticoagulant (IPAC): Pharmacist role and opportunities Sahimi Binti MOHAMED Tea Break Gambro Tea Break Symposium Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: Why have we failed to improve outcomes over the last two decades? -Javed Bulter Clarke Ballroom Ballroom C Ballroom B Accord Network Parry Symposium 18 Symposium 19 Symposium 20 Early identification of Atrial fibrillation and Stroke Modifiable CV risk factors atherosclerosis Twin Towers Mohd Sapawi Mohamed David Cumberland Sree RAMAN, Tiang Soon Wee Abdul Kahar Abdul Ghapar, CHOO Gim Hooi Symposium 21 Cardiovascular economics in developing countries Soraya Azmi, Zubin OTHMAN Young Investigator Award Paper Presentations Zul Hilmi YAACOB, Alan FONG Calcification in the vascular tree: Implications ONG Tiong Kiam 1. Thromboembolic risk assessment of the patient with AF Imran ZAINAL ABIDIN 1. Hypertension made easy: From monitoring to treatment Choo Wai Sun 1. Generic drugs contemporary issues YUEN Kah Hay Non-invasive coronary angiography CT vs MR Ravinderjit SINGH 2. Challenging clinical finales in anticoagulation Riccardo CAPPATO 2. Diabetes: The role of sulphonylureas today Richard O'BRIEN 2. Relevance of QoL in daily clinical practice Lawrence ANCHAH How do I assess and manage the patient with increased arterial stiffness? Dragos VINEREANU 3. What about those who cannot be anticoagulated? Razali OMAR 3. The smoker in detail: Eradication of a lifelong habit Emily TAN 3. Cardiovascular economics: Dollars and cents David QUEK Ballroom B Ballroom C Clarke Ballroom Boehringer Ingelheim Lunch Symposium Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: Asian Perspective & Long Term Protection 1. Why it matters here in Asia? (CKD patients) - What is it like in Long Term? - Razali Omar 2. Let evidence & experience be our guide George Andrikopoulos Pfizer Lunch Symposium 1. Local perspective of Variability of BP measurement - Chia Yook Chin 2. Blood Pressure Variability : Methodological aspects and clinical relevance - Gianfrance Parati MSD Lunch Symposium 1. The role of ezetimibe/simvastatin in the treatment of high risk dyslipidaemia patients Rafidah Abdullah 2. Potential Benefits of Incretin-Based Therapies for Cardiovascular-Risk Management in Type 2 Diabetes - Chan Siew Pheng Time Clarke Ballroom Ballroom C Ballroom B Accord Network Symposium 22 Stable Angina CHONG Wei Peng, Nik ISAHAK Symposium 23 Geriatric Cardiology: Pushing the limits Omar ISMAIL, David QUEK Symposium 24 Salt, sugar, proteins and more. Mary EASAW, Aris Chandran Non-invasive testing in stable angina Barakath Badusha ABDUL KAREEM 1. Hypertension in the older patient: Which drugs first Bryan WILLIAMS 1. Nutrition management in heart failure patients: What is practical? FOONG Pui Hing Highlights from the NICE 2011 and USA 2012 guidelines on stable angina Kannan PASAMANICKAM 2. Difficulties in diagnosis of Ischaemic heart disease in the elderly LEE Fatt Soon 2. Nutritional Challenges among patients with DM and hyperlipidaemia Winnie CHEE Putting into practice: How I access and treat patients with stable angina in the real world Shanker V MOORTHY 3. Heart failure treatment in the very old: Management tips and tricks JOHN G HAROLD 3. Malaysian Ethnic Eating: Is it heart healthy Mary EASAW Tea Break Gambro Tea Break Symposium Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: Why have we failed to improve outcomes over the last two decades? - Javed Bulter Time Clarke Ballroom Ballroom C Ballroom B Symposium 25 Diabetes and atherosclerosis Zanariah HUSSEIN, G R Letchuman RAMANATHAN Symposium 26 ACS: The evening and nights... Annuar MASDUKI, Barakath Badusha ABDUL KAREEM Symposium 27 Valvular heart disease: Real world management PHAM Gai Khai, LIEW Chee Tat Who is the baddest guy? Glucose, Cholesterol or Hypertension? Nor Azmi KAMARUDDIN 1. Sustained anticoagulation in the highest risk patients TBC 1. Acute rheumatic fever: Don t you forget about me! LIEW Houng Bang Cardiovascular risk with diabetic therapy Shireene R VETHAKKAN 2. Use of PPI to prevent GI bleeding in dual antiplatelet therapy: What is the evidence? NG Wai Kiat 2. Challenges in real world management of infective endocarditis Syahidah SYED TAMIN ANSARI Highlights of the 2012 ADA/EASD position statement on the management of type 2 diabetes Alexander TAN 3. Duration of antiplatelet therapy after stenting: what does the evidence say? Amin Ariff NURUDDIN 3. When to refer for surgery: What do the guidelines say? LIM Bee Chian Day 3, Sunday 14 th April 2013 Venue: Hilton Kuala Lumpur & Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur Time Ballroom C Clarke Ballroom Symposium 28 SOPACE ECG SYMPOSIUM: Basics Symposium 29 Hypertension, Renal Disease and Heart Failure Imran ZAINAL ABIDIN, Razali OMAR 1. Basic ECG: Anatomy, Physiology and normal Values Zulkeflee MUHAMMAD 2. Bradyarrhythmia and indication for pacing Ernest NG 3. Acute Coronary Syndrome Ahmad FAZLI Azhari ROSMAN, Azani MOHAMED DAUD 1. Approach to the elderly breathless patient: diastolic heart failure, hypertensive crisis, renal failure or pulmonary hypertension? Carolyn LAM 2. Hypertension Management: Do all agents improve mortality? Frank RUSCHITZKA 3. Drug management of Heart failure with preserved LV ejection fraction: where are we now? Kriengkrai HENGRUSSAMEE Symposium 30 SOPACE ECG SYMPOSIUM: Advanced Imran ZAINAL ABIDIN, Razali OMAR 1. Ventricular Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death Surinder KAUR 2. Supraventricular Tachyarrhythmias : Accessory pathways and atrial arrhythmia Saravanan KRISHNAN 3. ECG in patients with rhythm devices Razali Omar Symposium 31 Non-cardiac surgery: Peri-operative management Norazlina MOHD YUSOF, NG Wai Kiat 1. A patient with angina who needs non-cardiac surgery Azani MOHAMED DAUD 2. Patients with stents for non-cardiac surgery: How to manage Mohd Sapawi MOHAMED 3. Prosthetic heart valves - Dilemmas and practical solutions CHOONG Yoon Sin Tea Break Symposium 32 Late-Breaking Trials: An Update from recent meetings 1. ESC 2012 Azhari ROSMAN Nik Halmey NIK ZAINAL ABIDIN, LAM Kai Huat Symposium 33 Practical solutions for Cardiology day-to-day practice Raj Kumar MENON, Zubin OTHMAN 1. Managing erectile dysfunction in cardiac patients George LEE ACC 2013 Robaayah ZAMBAHARI Closing Ceremony 2. How do I get my patients to exercise? Lydia ABDUL LATIF 3. Dealing with medicolegal issues in your practice: how to defuse the situation Rajesh SINGH Abbott Lunch Symposium (Clarke Ballroom) Cardiovascular risk reduction by Highly Purified 84% EPA/DHA ethyl esters Dragos VINEREANU
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