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New Supervisor Skills for Success
     New Supervisor: Skills for Success Kelley School of BusinessDiscussion #85Carla Letsch    What oes the co!pany e pect fro! supervisors  Stay aware of the $i% picture  Create a prouctive environ!ent for your e!ployees  &ake ecisions on your own  '!ple!ent new pro%ra!s an !ethos  'nfor! your people a$out co!pany policies an proceures  (each effectively    (he )ole of the Supervisor   Settin% %oals  De!onstratin% effective $ehaviors  Decision*!akin%  &ana%in% Chan%e  (i!e &ana%e!ent  Co!!unication Skills  +ffective &eetin% Skills  &otivation  Dele%ation  (rainin%    Set personal an professional %oals  Write own your %oals  Discuss with your supervisor an your tea!  )eview often
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