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New controls Software factory Windows Phone 7 New code editor 64-bit Composite reports Linux EXE HTML 5 CMS Test hosting 216 New features 68 New WLanguage functions 156 New Windows Phone 7 functions 24
New controls Software factory Windows Phone 7 New code editor 64-bit Composite reports Linux EXE HTML 5 CMS Test hosting 216 New features 68 New WLanguage functions 156 New Windows Phone 7 functions 24 New Java functions 58 New PHP functions 247 New Linux functions 116 New Android functions THE FUTURE IS BEING WRITTEN NOW The changes in this new version 16 are geared toward 100% practical aspects, to prepare the future. Deduced from tens of thousands of contacts with you, CIOs and developers, the new features and evolutions found in this version 16 are the answer to your wait. All the new features are practical, directly and instantly useful, and cost efficient. Each of the 996 new features (including 216 new functionalities) immediately saves you time and improves your applications and your sites. This version 16 is built under the banner of instant efficiency. Because tomorrow is being written today in WLanguage, of course! Version 16 of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile gains in daily efficiency, rigor and quality. Version 16 shows great maturity, and reaches an unmatched performances level. By switching to version 16, your teams are instantly more efficient, your applications and your sites become richer and faster. TECHNOLOGY DOESN'T WAIT: ORDER YOUR VERSION 16 TODAY. N ew Features Documentation. This document is intended for readers that are already familiar withi version 15 of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. If your are not familiar with them, do ʻnot hesitate to request thes productsʼ (free) full documentation. Legend In the yellow background boxes our experts point out some functionalities. WD WB WM: the legend indicates in which product the new feature is available Reminder: each upgrade to version 16 includes free technical support access ( or phone, 15 requests*) COMMON NEW FEATURES WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV MOBILE 001 NEW CONTROLS New scheduler control A Scheduler control has been introduced in version 16. A lot of you requested it. An advanced scheduler control is therefore introduced in version 16. A scheduler control is very useful to manage the display of multiple resources and finds its way in a large number of applications or sites. Programming a schedule could take weeks. Thanks to version 16, you now only need a couple of hours for your applications to benefit from an advanced and fully configurable scheduler control. The scheduler control is available both in WINDEV 16 and in WEBDEV 16. The Expert's advice The main difference between a Scheduler control and an Organizer control? An Organizer concerns one resource (a person, a room, etc.), a Scheduler concerns several resources. The same schedule presented horizontally A vertical schedule The same schedule, vertical, on the Internet (with WEBDEV 16) Weeks of programming saved! 3 002 Scheduler control options The display of information is managed by default and can be customized. The display can be organized by day, week, month, or unlimited mode. Schedule general options: business hours,... A custom look, easy to configure. Here schedule in month mode The unlimited mode allows you for instance to display a schedule over several months; a scroll bar comes up then allowing you to move within the schedule. You can configure work days and work times as well as displayed days and times. The width of the columns and rows can be set or can adapt to the content. 003 Customizing appointments The display of each appointment can be fully configured. You can display several controls in the same appointment: image control (to display a star, or a distinctive symbol, labels of any size, frames...). Easily manage schedules Configurable width Load the display module Overlap management AAF (Automatic Application Features) Background color for holidays Background image Customizable look Movement + change of resource Resizing Add: in edit mode 4 005 possibilities offered to the end user by the scheduler control An appointment including a label Complete customization. 004 Look of the scheduler control The end user has access to a lot of automatic features in a schedule. There's nothing to code in order for the end user to have access to these features. Via these automatic features, the scheduler control in version 16 offers: adding an appointment editing the title of an appointment moving an appointment from one time slot to another moving an appointment from one resource to another modifying the duration of an appointment deleting an appointment moving inside the calendar No coding needed. 006 filling the scheduler control The scheduler control can be filled by programming (functions in the Scheduler family, such as SchedulerAddAppointment, SchedulerAddResource, SchedulerTimeDisplayed, Scheduler- ListAppointment, SchedulerPosition, SchedulerSelectMinus, SchedulerSelectPlus, SchedulerDeleteAppointment,SchedulerDeleteResource, SchedulerDeleteAll), or automatically by data binding. Definition of the scheduler look The look of the scheduler control is very granular and easily defined through the 7 tabs . The look can be modified by programming. Among the parameters for defining the look, you can take advantage of: outside frame row work time Saturday, Sunday holidays closed time today selected time previous/next buttons name of the day of the week appointment selected appointment time interval scroll bars animation when changing period etc... A custom look easy to configure and share Imagine: your schedules are automatically filled with information coming from your tables or files (HyperFileSQL, Oracle, MySQL ), object instances (OOP) or even advanced WLanguage data types (Outlook appointment, Google appointment) These operations can be done in read and write mode. 5 Defining by data binding the links of a schedule in the 7 tabs Choose to fill without any programming or through granular coding. 007 new feature WD WB WM Events of the scheduler control In your code, a large number of events are available to manage in a very granular way the programming of schedules: before creation of an appointment enter input exit input selection movement resize delete move an appointment between resources... In WEBDEV 16, these functions are available both in browser code, in server code and in Ajax code. These events allow you to manage by programming, in a very granular way, the behavior of the scheduler control, by forbidding for example some operations (such as deleting an appointment, or assigning an appointment to a person at a certain time, etc.). The behavior of the scheduler control can be completely driven by programming. 008 CHARTS Chart control: Bubbles Bubble chart A new type of chart is introduced in version 16: the bubble chart. This type of chart is useful when 3 types of data must be represented at the same time. In the example above, the X axis represents the number of inhabitants in the country, the Y axis represents the GDP of the country and the bubble represents the number of points scored during the soccer world cup. This way it is easier to view the correlation between these three parameters. A new type of chart, easy to implement thanks to version BAR CODES support for new QR standard The Expert's advice The QR barcode goes much farther than a simple barcode: it can run actions, such as opening an Internet site, which is very useful on a mobile. The barcode is read with the mobileʼs camera, and the site comes up No more typing long, cumbersome Internet addresses. In wide use in Japan, in newspapers or in advertisements, this two-dimensional bar code contains multimedia information. To decode it you just need a mobile phone with a camera and Internet connection, on which the relevant application has been loaded beforehand. 6 ENVIRONMENT 010 new feature WD WB WM environment The development environment sports better user friendliness. The look is more polished and adopts a cleaner style. Space devoted to useful information is increased while the size of presentation bands is reduced. The way you work is not altered, but the visual impact decreases for better everyday comfort. Space available for information is increased. Better visual comfort. BAR CODES (CONTINUES) 011 New document bar The environment document bar has been revamped in version 16. The main new aspect is that the code and the UI are grouped into the bar. Going from one to the other is more comfortable. UI and code grouped in the bar: the yellow background indicates the active window Rolling over a button displays a preview thumbnail: UI window, report, query, code... Once read, the bar code triggers the programmed action: load a site, open a documentation, display a set of advertising images, display updated data, On one hand, you can print this bar code, generate it in image format (to use it in a Web site for instance). On the other hand, you can also decode this bar code; a URL for instance, text a phone number or a SMS! A new easy type of communication with consumers in version 16. Each document can be closed using an [x] inside the icon, which is faster. The popup menu of each button in this bar evolves; the close everything except myself option will soon become your favorite! 7 The best menu choice to clean up the environment! If the number of choices is greater that the amount of space available to display it, the bar becomes scrollable. You can also display in a menu the list of all open elements. Pressing Ctrl E in version List of all open elements (active element in bold) Much easier navigation among open documents. 012 The same Ctrl E in version 16: the search is performed on all the project's elements; you get more results wide toolbars Wide monitors are more common, toolbars take advantage of all the space available to optimize their display. A larger number of options can be displayed this way. Better support for wide monitors. 013 Ctrl E: search everywhere Searching via the Ctrl E key combination (available until now with windows, pages, reports and queries) allows you to find and open an element quickly. In version 16 this feature evolves and becomes available also for all the procedures, methods, controls, etc,... Quick element opening. 014 clipboard with history (Ctrl shift V) In version 16, the clipboard stores the last 10 pieces of content that were cut or copied. The Ctrl Shift V key combination (instead of Ctrl V) brings up a popup menu that displays the last 10 copied or cut values: simply choose the element to copy. Interesting sophistication, the paste operation adapts to the editor. A control copied from the window editor can be pasted into the code: it is its name that will be pasted. Over time, you will find this copy with history indispensable in the code editor (see new feature 037). 8 WINDOW, PAGE AND REPORT EDITOR The Expert s advice Save time and concentration: don't hesitate to copy because you fear losing the content of the clipboard! 015 locking the environment Sometime an unfortunate action breaks the development environment: toolbars are scattered, windows docked in the wrong location. Resetting everything right can be time consuming. In version 16, a Lock environment button is introduced and allows you to lock the toolbars and docked windows. This way no involuntary movement is possible. No time lost reconfiguring the environment. One tends to forget since this feature is so obvious and buried so deep in the 'DNA' of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile: the page and window editors let you easily build multi-platform UIs languages per project The number of languages supported per project goes up to 64. The UI for editing the list of languages and the parameters of these languages (thousand separator, currency, dates, etc.) has also been revised and notably improved. AUDIT 016 Static audit The static audit evolves in version 16. Among the main new features, you can take advantage of: locate the missing elements directly from the static audit. list of dissociated styles list the elements that have several versions compilation error list (code and UI) list of unused elements in the project directory. The audit is more polished. You can develop applications using all the languages of the European Community, plus Chinese and Russian for example (non western languages). 017 Dynamic audit The dynamic audit can be activated during the execution of an unit test. The audit is faster. 019 A directory per configuration Reminder: a configuration allows you to structure a project when it is the base for several generations. For example, a project lets you create an application, a web service and a component at the same time. Creating a configuration per type of generation avoids having multiple projects and makes 9 it easier to share elements and therefore simplifies the maintenance and evolutions phases. In version 16, in the EXE directory of the development machine, a directory is created for each configuration. For example, you can create a directory for an application in 32- bit mode and another one for an application in 64-bit mode. Also, you can create a directory for the Java configuration and another one for the Windows configuration of the same application. The former generation mode is still available of course. Better organization of the generated elements. 020 Anchors and magnetism: 4 new features The already present anchor and magnetism options make it easy to create and modify windows, reports and pages. The user friendliness of your UIs is automatically insured. The evolutions in this version 16 come on top of the already large number of available features. These new features are: magnetism on internal frame magnetism with the control centers magnetism with the reduced window magnetism for text alignment Magnetism on internal frame Magnetism on center data that will be found in this column. Better adaptation of the column width. 022 UI compilation errors The notion of UI compilation error , already found in WINDEV and WEBDEV allows for great UI quality (windows, pages, ) With the first delivery of your application, the quality and the precision of your UI is noticeable to your end users, which makes your teams look better. Label longer than the control, text not translated, window without any title, and so on, are noted in the environment with the first compilation. This way it is easy to correct one's mistakes. In version 16, new errors are detected: button caption too long, regardless of the language 2 identical data binding links errors are now noted for reports. Also see new feature 107 for specific errors in the report editor. The display of the UI errors has also been improved in version 16. Tighter interfaces the first time around. 023 Handling controls with the keyboard In version 16, you can resize (enlarge, shrink ) controls directly with the keyboard, without the mouse, using the following shortcuts: Alt Right Arrow: enlarges the control on the right Alt Left Arrow: enlarges the control on the left Alt Up Arrow: enlarges the control by the top Alt Down Arrow: enlarges the control by the bottom. Convenient: these key combinations are enabled as soon as the control is selected (don't need to select the control's side). Magnetism on text Create user-friendly UI faster 021 Assisted table control creation When creating or modifying a table control, if the data to display in this table can be accessed by the environment ( live data display), the characteristics of the data are used to initialize the default parameters of the created table. For example, the width suggested for a column is based on the Easier pixel level operations. 024 Highlight the rollover control When the mouse cursor rolls over a control, it is shown with a small border. 10 This makes the control more visible and you can be sure of which control you are selecting when clicking. CODE EDITOR: 22 NEW FEATURES Here on the right, the rollover control (Print button) is highlighted (red corners) This example illustrates another benefit of this feature: the case of control without a frame or a background. Their size is immediately visible. This feature is very useful in the case of overlapping controls; you don't lose time trying to select controls The code editor is certainly the editor where developers spend most of their time! The code editor changes noticeably and offers 22 new features in version 16. Of course all the automatic operations of the previous versions have been kept. The new features in version 16 allow for a better ease of development and allow you to save even more time in the coding and maintenance phases. The sum of all the code editor s new features in version 16 brings added comfort, which makes the developer more efficient. ENTIRELY COMPATIBLE WITH PREVIOUS VERSIONS WINDEV 16 respects your existing code. No migration step is required between WINDEV 7.5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 or 15 and WINDEV 16: simply recompile the application and it will work in version 16. It is the same for going from WEBDEV 7, 9,10, 11, 12, 14 or 15 to WEBDEV 16. Just recompile. Existing components (version 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 or 15) work directly (without needing to be recompiled) with applications built using version 16. Version 16 can directly open a project in version 7.5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 or 15. Older projects (version 5.5, 4.1, etc.) can be migrated. And of course, several different versions of your environment can coexist on your PC; a version 16 license also runs older versions (15, 14, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7.5, 5.5, etc.) Version 16 is of course compatible with Windows 7. The Expert's advice The code editor is certainly the editor where developers spend most of their time. Iʼve played with the new features in version 16, itʼs fantastic. Iʼm very unhappy when I go back to version Automatically highlight some elements Who hasn't look for all the uses of a variable (or identifier) in the entire code where it's found? When you have a lot of code, this search may be painful: you need to use the editor's search feature. In version 16, in the current event (the code), each time the cursor is placed on an identifier (variable, procedure, data file, etc.) all the uses of this identifier are highlighted. This feature can be turned off. Useful practical detail, the highlight color of the declaration is different from the other highlights. 11 027 Ctrl+F3 : Search automation The Ctrl F3 key combination automates the search: it fills the search field with the word on which the cursor is located then it starts the search it highlights all the occurrences found in the code. F3 and Shift F3 let you navigate from occurrence to occurrence, without leaving the keyboard. The cursor is located on the TABLE_RECIPIENT . All the uses of this variable can be seen in one glance All the uses of the element can be viewed at a glance; debugging is easier 026 Automatic highlight of block instructions This version 16 new feature increases the user friendliness of the code editor based on the same principle used for the automatic highlight of elements. Here, the highlight feature allows you to visualize the flow of a conditional instruction (IF THEN ELSE, FOR TO END, LOOP, WHEN EXCEPTION IN,...). This highlight feature allows you to understand the code better, especially when there are a lot of nested statements. A much faster search The number of actions to perform for a search is limited to a minimum. 028 Search in the current selection Searching inside your code evolves even more with this very useful new feature. You can now perform a search (and replace) in a selection. If a selection of more than one line is active, the search is performed automatically in the selection. In a search, the sought name appears underlined, in bold. In any case, the sought name appears underlined in the code (F3 lets you jump to the next occurrence). Better view of the code flow; you remain focused on the code architecture. Here, nordernum is only sought in the current selection Faster searches. 12 029 Navigation hist
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