Moses Mabhida Stadium

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  MOSES MABHIDA STADIUM   The claim in media made by Cde. Obed Mlaba that the concept behind Moses Mabhida Stadium came from Sibusiso Nene, a pupil from Mpumalanga is most unfortunate, and simply not true. By way of background in ugust ! # Sbu Nene, then a $rade %% pupil won the &'N leg of an (skom )oung Science (*po competition andscooped the gold medal for designing the best ! % soccer world cup stadium. +e all remember this bright and creatie young man and Mayor Mlaba once brought him to (-CO to show o his design. /ater that year, the Mayor announced that he had arranged a bursary for him, made aailable by the frican 0idge 1eelopment and 023 South frica through the /uthuli 4oundation. +e presume that Sbu continued his studies and are ery sad to hearof his passing away. 5e was a rare talent. 6uite separately, under the leadership of the NC regional committee, chaired by Bheki Cele, we had begun work in ! 7 on redesigning the &ing 3ark precinct to accommodate a future 484 +orld Cup and possible Olympics. +e used local and international e*perts to assist us in analy9ing and de:ning the speci:cations for such a stadium and precinct. s a result of this work, in ! ; we then launched the <! % and beyond strategy for the city=, which allowed for a comprehensie approach to eenting, including the ! % 484 +orld Cup. Mato Madlala assisted us greatly in this work as she had played a ma>or role in the world cup bid process. +e analysed whether or not we could upgrade &ings 3ark rugby stadium, but eentually decided that it was more cost eectie to build a completely new stadium. 8n all of this and the future processes, the NC?s eThekwini region was inoled, including also allowing us to hold a competition to select the best design and team to produce the new stadium. 8nstead of following a normal procurement process, we inited the si* best design teams to compete with each other coming up with the best design and team to ensure we could delier the ! % world cup stadium, on time and within budget. fter an intensie and rigourous process in which si* dierent proposals were ealuated, an ealuation team decided that the best proposal was from the 8bhola /ethu Consortium @8/CA, led by the South frican engineering :rm B&S, together with oer 7% local professional companies and two international companies  architects on $erkan, Marg and 3artners @gmpA and the structural engineers Schlaich Bergermann and partners. The ealuation team included city ocials @/unga /umula is one of those who is still working in the cityA and outsidee*perts from &ings 3ark Stadium, (llis 3ark Stadium and een an international (ngineering e*pert.  The NC regional leadership led by Bheki Cele continued to gie actie leadership and support this work, proiding political direction ensuring we ma*imi9ed local content and employment.  The design of the Moses Mabhida stadium deries inspiration from the South frica Dag where the central arch, together with compression rings, holds up the roof. 8ts other features include its compliance with both the speci:cations of 484 and the 8OC, and that it is not a complete bowl, allowing for natural air Dow and a  panoramic iew of the cityscape from within the stadium. These, and many other features show that there is simply no similarity between Sbu Nene?s model and that of Moses Mabhida Stadium. 8n addition, the pro>ect leader of 8bhola /ethu has no knowledge of Sbu?s inolement. +e would loe to know who it was that he actually met with and what he was toldE 8n all of these processes, the NC?s eThekwini region played the ma>or role. This also included the naming of the stadium, and whilst some wanted it to be namedafter &ing Sen9agakhona, Bheki Cele and Fohn Mchunu stood :rm and led the case for it to be named after Moses Mabhida, which then happened.  The beautiful promenade we hae is also something which was discussed :rst with the NC eThekwini regional leadership and was about completing the circle started in the late %GH s when we marched to 4ree the Beaches. +e began the process of creating new beach nodes, designed also to accommodate beach eents, and hae oer time slowly remoed all estiges of the apartheid spatial form from our central beaches. 8t is a pity that the creatie talent of Sbu Nene is not today assisting us as we reIshape our buildings and cities. But the many more young black professionals who actually worked on Moses Mabhida stadium or who are now able to study at 2niersities which once were only the preseres of whites, gies us great con:dence that our professionals will continue to inspire and show the world what South fricans can do. 1eputy Minister Bheki Cele, former Chairperson of NC eThekwini 0egion1r. Michael Sutclie, former City Manager eThekwini
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