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s MOBY FC 44 Function for ASM 450 Technical Description Release 08/2000 With Supplements for FB 240 Contents MOBYR Identification System General Features Hardware Description of ASM 450 Specifications of the FC 44 BEDB Command Data Block 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C FC 44 Function for ASM 450 Technical Description Sample Applications MDS Control, Presence Check and Digital Inputs/Outputs Commissioning the ASM 450 with FC 44 Indicator Elements and Trouble-Shooting Programming the ASM 450 on PR
                   ContentsGeneral Features 1 Hardware Description ofASM 450 2 Specifications of the FC 44 3 BEDB Command Data Block 4 Sample Applications 5 MDS Control, Presence Checkand Digital Inputs/Outputs 6 Commissioning theASM 450 with FC 44 7 Indicator Elements andTrouble-Shooting 8 Programming the ASM 450 onPROFIBUS-DP A Using the ASM 450 in aSIMATIC S5 B Warnings C Release 08.20006GT2 097-3AC30-0DA2 FC 44Function for ASM 450 Technical Description MOBY   Identification System  Index-2 FC 44 – Function for ASM 450J31069-D0109-U001-A3-7618 ! Danger indicates that death, severe personal injury or substantial property damage will result if proper precautionsare not taken. ! Warning indicates that death, severe personal injury or substantial property damage can result if proper precau-tions are not taken. ! Caution indicates that minor personal injury or property damage can result if proper precautions are not taken. Note draws your attention to particularly important information on the product, handling the product, or to aparticular part of the documentation. Qualified Personnel The device/system may only be set up and operated in conjunction with this manual.Only qualified personnel  should be allowed to install and work on this equipment. Qualified persons aredefined as persons who are authorized to commission, to ground, and to tag circuits, equipment, and sys-tems in accordance with established safety practices and standards. Correct Usage Note the following: ! Warning This device and its components may only be used for the applications described in the catalog or thetechnical description, and only in connection with devices or components from other manufacturers whichhave been approved or recommended by Siemens.This product can only function correctly and safely if it is transported, stored, set up, and installed cor-rectly, and operated and maintained as recommended. Trademarks SIMATIC ®  and MOBY ®  are registered trademarks of SIEMENS AG.Some of the other designations used in these documents are also registered trademarks; the owner’srights may be violated if they are used by third parties for their own purposes. Safety Guidelines This manual contains notices which you should observe to ensure your own personal safety, as well as toprotect the product and connected equipment. These notices are highlighted in the manual by a warningtriangle and are marked as follows according to the level of danger:   We have checked the contents of this manual for agreement with thehardware and software described. Since deviations cannot be pre-cluded entirely, we cannot guarantee full agreement. However, thedata in this manual are reviewed regularly and any necessary cor-rections included in subsequent editions. Suggestions for improve-ment are welcomed. Disclaimer of LiabilityCopyright    Siemens AG 1998,1999,2000 All rights reserved The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or itscontents is not permitted without express written authority.Offenders will be liable for damages. All rights, including rightscreated by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, arereserved. Siemens AG Automation and DrivesSystems EngineeringP.O. Box 2355,D-90713 Fuerth   Siemens AG 1998 Technical data subject to change. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Order No. 6GT2 097-3AC30-0DA2
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