MikroTik-MTCWE | Router (Computing) | Authentication

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  MTCWE MikroTik Course Trainer Hamed Farnoudi 1 ن رو   می هگشاد   فسا 1391    ã Provide thorough knowledge and hands-on training for MikroTik RouterOS advanced wireless capabilities for small and medium size networks ã Introduce the 802.11n wireless networking ã Upon completion of the course you will be able to plan, implement, adjust and debug wireless MikroTik RouterOS network configurations MTCWE MikroTik Course Trainer: Hamed Farnoudi 2  ã Wireless Standard overview ã Wireless tools ã Troubleshooting wireless clients ã Wireless Advanced settings  – DFS and country regulation  – Data Rates and TX-power  – Virtual AP MTCWE MikroTik Course Trainer: Hamed Farnoudi 3  ã Wireless Security measures  – Access List and Connect List  – Management Frame Protection  – RADIUS MAC Authentication  – Encryption ã Wireless WDS and MESH ã Wireless Transparent Bridge  – WDS  – VPLS/MPLS transparent bridging ã Wireless Nstreme Protocol ã 802.11n MTCWE MikroTik Course Trainer: Hamed Farnoudi 4
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