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Malaysia Open Source Conference Sponsorship Proposal 2017 (MOSCMY2017) Official Website Call For Speakers form : Update schedule for MOSCMY 2017 Participants registration : MOSCMY 2017 Sponsorship Proposal Over the years, Malaysia Open Source Conference or MOSC MY have brought together thousands participants, of CEOs and leaders, vendors, consultants, associations and regulators from around Malaysia and the world to address mutual challenges and share information on Open Source Software. With Open Source In Financial Services as the theme for MOSCMY year 2017, we are addressing the main technology focus and trends for most consumers. Area of Interests for Business segment :- Open Source In Financial Services Area of Interests for academic and community segment :- Technical topic can be :- BlockChain Open Source Internet Of Thing Open Hardware For Data Center Container in Data Center Making sense of Big Data using Analytics Microcontrollers, Arduino & Raspberry Pi Web Programming Language Mobile Application Programming Web Application Security Information Security GIS & Software Mapping Machine learning Monitoring & Alert System NoSQL & RDBMS Learning Management System (LMS) Non technical can be :- Online community related to Open Source Open Source related Policy Case Study related to Open Source Implementation Advocacy program for Open Source Patent and Trade Agreement impacting Open Source Open Source License in Enterprise Environment Date : 17-19 May 2017 (Wednesday Till Friday) Time : 9am till 5pm Venue : Faculty of Information Science & Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.
  Malaysia Open Source Conference 2016 Malaysia Open SourceConference 2017 17-19 Mei 2017 | Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor  Malaysia Open SourceConference 2017 17–19 Mei 2017 |UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia,Bangi, Selangor   Malaysia Open Source Conference 2016 TheMalaysiaOpenSourceConference(MOSC)missionistoaccomplish  WorldClass Human Resources inInformationTechnology,throughknowledgesharingandtheusageofOpenSourceSoftware. Conference Mission  Malaysia Open Source Conference 2016 Objective MOSCMYobjectiveistoexploreandsharethe Enterprise- level Open Source solutions andtechnology .Thisistheeventwhereparticipantscanlearnfromknowledgesharing,abouthowtheycanimprovetheir know-howofOpenSourcesoftwarethat'scanmaximizeprofitsandbenefitsfortheirorganization.  Malaysia Open Source Conference 2016 Conference Structure 1.  Talk and Tutorials : There will be 24 talk and workshop sessions2.  Competition : There will be programming competitions for Enterprise OpenSource solution.3.  Demonstration Booth : There will be 10 booths for sponsors to exhibit anddemonstrate their products, services and projects in detail to participants.4.  Birds of a Feather  : There will be Birds of a Feather sessions, whereparticipants with the same interest can get together to have a lively dialogueabout their Open Source project.
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