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MADHYA PRADESH STATE LEGAL SERVICES AUTHORITY, JABALPUR CORRIGENDUM-I & CLARIFICATIONS No. MPSLSA/CORRI/01/ Dated. 31/05/2014 The advertisement No. MPSLSA/01/ Dated. 18/05/2014 was published in the Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhashkar and the tender document was ported in the official website of the High Court i.e. & for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 204 units of Video Conferencing System / Tele Presence with necessary hardware for Mediation Centers of the State of Madhya Pradesh. The following point/clauses are modified /clarified after discussion with various vendors present in the pre bid meeting dated: 24/05/2014. Part A:- Page s modified/ clarified No. Number Bidders should have the minimum turnover of Rs. Five Crore per year Details of experience and past performance of the OEM on equipment offered including cascading of MCU and on those of similar nature with in last three financial years and details of current contracts in hand and other commitments. Minimum one order of cascading of MCU is mandatory. (suggested Performa given in Section XI);. The balance sheet/ annual report to be submitted as a proof Pursuant to ITB Clause 9, the Bidder shall furnish, as part of its bid, a bid security in the amount as specified in the tender document. 38 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Charge for Videoconferencing System along with all accessories, installed at all 204 Locations including all Hardware, Software and Accessories supplied under the contract for a period of five years including Up-gradation of all software associated with Video conferencing New Server - 3 Units New Information Kiosk Units New UPS Units New Printer Units New NAS - 2 Units The video conferencing system shall support up to 35 participants with dedicated encode and decode streams and the quality of experience for users experience must not be affected by other users actions. ISDN support in MCU through internal or external gateway from the same OEM a Up to p or 1080p resources. 1 Up to 35high definition (HD) 720p 30 FPS or higher in continuous presence (CP) trans coding H.239 Content sharing at 720p or 1080p resolution p30 2 Mbps or less), 720p30 2 Mbps or less), 720p30 768Kbps or less), XGA (1024x768), SVGA (800x600), 4SIF (640x480), 4CIF (704x576), VGA (640x480), 384p (x384) Letterbox 4:3 The MCU must support 16:9 and 4/3 video aspects in native mode. Endpoints only supporting 4:3 aspect should be seen in their native format (not stretched) Miscellaneous - IPV4 / IPV6 and NTP support Support for QoS (IP Precedence and Diff Serv) The system must have H.323, H.320,SIP and other equivalents The System must have Full HD Resolution at 720p60fps, & 720p30fps Deleted The system should support 128 to 6 Mbps in a to call. The Endpoint should support Multiparty at HD 720p 30fps resolution from day one. The MCU should have support at least 50 meeting room with authentication for the users, however port usage should not exceed 35 x HD 720p 30fps Ports The system must have 1 PRI and a backup of 4 BRI and will be provided along with the end points Miscellaneous Immediate calls for more than 10 or more numbers can be viewed with full details on the main menu. For analyzing call details and records, it should be possible to extract CDR information from MCU. A1 4 channels per system User must be able to create HD video recordings with data sharing while in a video call Live and on-demand recordings must be available for viewing on windows and MAC desktop/ laptop. The vendor should provide the solution for the Android based device in one year for live streaming and video conferencing free of cost Deleted Recording and streaming server must support 5 HD recording concurrent and 100 web streams. Scalable to 10 HD concurrent recording and 100 web streams in the same device without changing the hardware from day one and 100 more Web Streams in future Desktop/laptop, Smart phone based conferencing server shall feature free 500 concurrent user accounts scalable to 1500 accounts Deleted Desktop/laptop, Smart phone based conferencing server shall feature up to Full HD (720p) video Desktop/laptop, Smart phone based conferencing server shall work on ios smart phones and tablets. The Android based conferencing server will be provided within one year from date of installation Desktop/laptop, Smart phone based conferencing server should support the following operating systems: Windows 2003/Vista/7/8 (including 64 bit versions), Mac OS X 10.6+, Android 2.1+ and ios Desktop/laptop, Smart phone based conferencing server shall allow for 500 concurrent-users licensing per port Desktop/laptop, Smart phone based conferencing server shall feature real-time data sharing with presentation facility Deleted Desktop/laptop based Video conferencing software must support minimum 1500 client's software download. 2 Part B:- Page No. Number 44 1 s modified/ clarified 1. CPU Intel Core i3- Fourth generation processor or higher configuration CPU. 2. Chipset Intel 6 series or better / higher on OEM Motherboard. 3. Bus Architecture 3 PCI or more. 4. Memory 4 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM with 8 GB Expandability. 5. Hard Disk Drive 500 GB 7200 rpm Serial ATA HDD. 6. Monitor 18.5 TFT Digital Color Monitor or equivalent with TCO-05 certification. 7. Keyboard 104 Keys keyboard. 8. Mouse Optical with USB interface. 9. Ports 6 USB Ports (with at least 2 in front), 1 Serial, audio ports for microphone and headphone in front, 1 Serial Port, 1 Parallel port, RJ port. 10. Cabinet small form factor (SFF) / 2U. 11. DVD ROM Drive 16X DVD-ROM Drive or better DVD ROM Drive. 12. Networking facility 10/100/1000 on board integrated Network Port with remote booting facility remote system installation, remote wake up. 13. Operating System Windows 8 Professional 64 bit preloaded with System recovery DVD media or Disk Recovery System. 14. OS Certification Windows Certification. 15. Power Management Screen Blanking, Hard Disk and System Idle Mode in Power On, Set up Password, Power supply SMPS Surge protected Projector:- sleek and light weight, suitable for portable use. Other than adopting 3LCD projection system, it also has latest energy and cost saving features like lamp control technology and long lasting lamp. Native XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution with at least white light and colour light output brightness of 2,600 lumens or more. Auto power saving with brightness adjustment and lamp dimming. Long-lasting lamp (up to 5,000 hr. or more). 1W Speaker. Computer Input, HDMI Input, USB Input. USB for using Presentations, Excel, Word documents through Pen drive and WiFi Enabled for 4 number of Projectors out of New 7 New Rack:- Front door Glass / MESH/ /Rear door plain /Fan housing unit/ /FAN230V AC 90CFM/ /AC Distribution box 6 x 5A/ /Equipment Shelf/ /Cable manager 1U/ /Hardware pkt of 20. Server :- 2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor E5620 up to 2.40 GHZ or Higher/ 12 MB L3 Cache/ Intel 5500 chipset/ 16 GB ECC DDR3 RAM 667 MHz upgradeable to 192 GB / 6*300 GB Hot Plug SAS 15K RPM (Support At least 6 Hard drives) / RAID (Serial ATA-150/SAS) PCI Express x 4 (Smart Array E200i); IDE (IDE (IDE/ ATA) (RAID 5 support) / CDRW 3 8 New 9 New 10 New 11 New DVD Combo drive/ 36/72 GB DAT drive / Dual Gigabit 10/100/1000 Ethernet / At least 6 expansion slots (three PCI Express, three PCI-X (64 bit PCI slots) / /1xkeyboard generic 6 pin mini DIN (PS/2 type)/ /1xmouse generic 6 pin mini DIN (PS/2 type)/ /1xserial RS pin D-Sub (DB-9)/ /1xnetwork Ethernet 100Base TX/1000Base TRJ/ /6xUSB 4 pin USB Type A (2 front, 2 rear, 2 internal)/ Redundant Power Supplies (hot plug), Redundant Fans / Enterprise Server Management Software with remote management features onboard/ /Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2009, Linux, PCIX1.0 Complaint/ Operating Temperature Range: 00C - 500C Relative Humidity: 20% - 90%, non-condensing / 207. VAC to 47-Hz. Information Kiosk:- Free Standing Type / The Kiosk shall be floor mounted with permanent Base & Holes for grouting and screw less chassis. The enclosure shall be made of minimum 1.6mm thick CRCA steel sheet, polymer power coated designed to work in harsh environmental conditions. The design shall be vandal resistant. / / Open Frame, Rear Mount Touch Display / /Colour LCD with Factory fitted Touch Screen./ /21.5 inches Diagonal Wide 16:9/ /1920x1080 / /5Ms/ /SAW type with 3mm antiglare & Overlay Tempered Glass Vandal resistance.(vandal Resistance tested by dropping steel ball of 50mm dia of 0.5kg From a height of 1.3mtrs and there is not any damage to screen) / /250 CD/m2 (NITS) Brightness / /5Ms ( For Faster touch response)/ /Active matrix TFT LCD with LED backlighting./ /1000:1 ( For More Clarity in the Screen / Pictures)/ /Intel Processor 1.86GHz or Higher Processor / /2GB/ /500GB HDD or Higher/ /6xUSB, LAN 10/100/1000 RJ, VGA,/ /1x Line- Out/1 Line-In/ /2x 5 Watt, RMS Stereo Speaker/ /Windows 7 / 8 embedded / / V, 50Hz, AC Supply/ /CPU & Display should be FCC Class B & CE Certified. / /ISO 9001:2008 Certification / /2 Nos. of cooling fans/ /100 Watt. (Over all Kiosk power consumption should not be more then 100Watt)/ Along with 800 VA UPS. UPS:- 800 VA with one hour backup/ Brand: Numeric / APC/ Equaivalent Capacity / Rating Rating (VA) UPS 800 VA Range (VAC) Input Frequency -55Hz/ MAINS Output Voltage VAC/ Output Voltage (AC) 230 V/Transfer Time 4 ms (typical) / Output Voltage (AC) Regulation % / Output Frequency 50 Hz or 60Hz/ Output Wave form Stepped sine wave/ INVERTER System Voltage (VDC)/ BATTERY Backup Time One Hour /(Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free)/ Recharge Time 6-8 hrs for 90% Charge / Indicators ON Mains/ Mains / Fail/ ON BATT/ Low BATT/ FAULTOVERLOAD /Alarm Fault-Overload / Replace Battery / Mains Fail / Low Battery / No Load Protection Available / Night Guard Option Available/ Tel. Surge Protection Available. Printer :- Up to 19 ppm/ 600 x 600 dpi or above/ 08 MB RAM or above/ Up to 8000 pages per month/ High Speed USB port/ /10/100 networking Connectivity/ Operating System supported: Ubunto, SUSE, Redhat, Windows Operating System. NAS :- Storage Capacity: 12 TB or above, Upgradable to 24 TB, Hard Disk : 2.5 /3.5 Hot Swappable, SATA 2.0 or above, Raid Support : Redundant Integrated Hardware driven RAID Controller. Should support raid level 0,1,5,10, Processor: Dual 4 7 New 8 New 9 New 10 New 11 New core / Quad core or above, Memory: 4 GB or above, Host Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet, At least 2 Gigabit Ethernet, Form Factor : 1U/2U/4U Rack Mounted, Power supply : Dual redundant hot pluggable, Protocol support : NFS, FTP,CIFS,SFTP,HTTP,SMB, Operating System Support : Windows and Linux, Other NAS feature : GUI / Browser based management and monitoring software, Disk Quota management, At least 100 user support. Note :- The changes made on page no 39 to on section vi - technical specifications will also incorporate in technical responsiveness FORM from page no. 48 to 58 where ever required. Server - 3 Units. Information Kiosk Units. UPS Units. Printer Units. NAS - 2 Units. 75 d Deleted Full time residence engineer will be provided by the successful bidder of Part- A and Part-B at MPSLSA Office. (All Perks will be given by the vendor) The last date of submission of bid is extended upto 16/06/2014 from 07/06/2014 on same time. Kindly submit the RFP according to the points modified/clarified as above. Member Secretary MPSLSA, Jabalpur 5
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