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An essay I wrote on Lilium Tigrinum the Homeopathic remedy when I was in college.
  Niki Taylor Lic. ISH IS Hom Lilium Tigrinum Lilium Lancifolium, Tiger Lily The moralist creates guilt and guilt is the cancer of the soul. Once you becomeguilty you are ill and it will be very difficult for you to regain your health again.But all the so-called religions — which are not religions but only moral standpoints — have done that harm. Osho Materia Medica  Lilium TigrinumLilium Tigrinum is a member of the Lilacaceae family. This beautiful ower isery showy and ornamental and often used for decoratie !ur!oses. It is natie to hilly areas of hina and #a!an. The owers are nearly always bise$ual meaning that they can not only self !ro!agate the s!ecies, but they can also be insect !ollinated. They are suriors by nature howeer if weakened in any way through lack of water they %nd it ery hard to recoer.Its !ollen is known to be !oisonous, es!ecially to cats, and if ingested can lead to death from kidney failure within a cou!le of days. The !lant also contains steroid sa!onins eg. &iosgenin which are used in the !re!aration of hormones !ills e.g. birth control. This steroid is found in allo!athic medication used to reduce cholesterol and is also found in anti 'stress, anti'fatigue and anti'inammatory drugs. Lilium Tigrinum has been used as a source of medicine since ancient times when its leaes were used to soothe burns, snakebites and in(uries. Herbalists used it to cleanse the female genital tract es!ecially after childbirth as a sale to soften lum!s in the breast. It was also used as a diuretic and to control uctuating feers.)lthough the Tiger Lily has orange*red owers the Madonna Lily +below has !etals that are luminous white encom!assing the idea of !urity. In all lilies the se$ual !arts of the ower, the anthers and the stamen, fall out !ast the !etals which remind us of the feeling that runs through the remedy where there is a sensation of the organs falling out through the agina. The idea of !urity and se$uality run through many historic re!resentations of the lily, from its use at funerals where it indicates !urity and a freedom from sin, alongside its association with the -irgin Mary. e see this as !olar o!!osite to the biblical /Lilith0, )dam0s female half who e!itomi1es sin in her 2uest to !romote adultery and marital unrest. This se$ual duality continues through the homeo!athic remedy.  /Madonna Lily0 THE HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY  LILI3M TI45IN3M is known aboe all as a female remedy and has a strong a6nity with VENOUS CIRCULATION es!ecially of the FEMALE ORGANS  +uterus and oaries, HEART , rectum and bladder. The remedy is usually !re!ared from the tincture of fresh stalk, leaes and owers, although some remedies hae been made with a tincture of the !ollen alone and more recently there has been a !roing of the ower essence +see link 7 below.&uring the srcinal !roing there were sym!toms of increased actiity, ill humor, drowsiness, un!leasant dreams, abnormal fullness after eating ery little, bloating in the uterine area, darting !ains in head and lower abdomen. There was also !ressure in the agina, increased se$ual instinct and cra1y feelings with thoughts of suicide. There were many more but these seem most releant. Mental SymptomsCONFLICT between  SEXUALITY   and  MORALITY  ' The female !atient will often su8er from a nun*whore com!le$' ood 9rotic, se$ual e$citement alternating with a!!rehension of religious ideas' :hatak HYSTERICAL and ild' ith the su!!ression of the se$ual energy comes a ty!e of frantic state with a crazy   feeling in the head' Morrison EXAGGERATES  own im!ortance. '  Indiference  about eerything being done for her';ent     <Tiger'Lily=> said )lice, addressing her'self to one that was waing gracefully about in the wind, >I wish you could talk=>>e can talk,> said the Tiger'Lily, >when there?s anybody worth talking to.>' )lice in onderlandHaughty and ungrateful' @rans -ermuelenIntense and %lled with RAGE ' @rustration which is e$!ressed through anger' Morrison9$treme IRRITAILITY  ' Sna!!y and dis!osed to curse ' 4ibson ALTERNATION  between the mental statesA rage   and remorse , lust   and guilt.  The mental sym!toms and heart sym!toms often alternate' #ames T ;ent Depression and despair  ' Sits alone and broods oer imaginary troubles, dwells on !ast'+Mur!hy Inclination to wee!' :hatak Thoughts of suicide' M.L.Tyler RESTLESS and HURRIED  but un!roductie' Must kee! busy to re!ress se$ual desire'Li!!e Must kee! walking and walking faster' 4ibson  Fear  ' @earfulness of su8ering from some terrible internal disease B M.L. Tyler P!ys #al symptomsAl menta$y system ' )bdomen sore and distended with heay dragging down feeling' Mur!hyNausea with sensation of lum!'Mur!hy) constant urge to stool better for urinating' 4ibson CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM ' HEART ' :al!itations, shar! 2uick !ain with uttering B M.L. TylerHeart constricted as if gras!ed by an iron hand' Morrison Irregularity in heart action with tendency to faint.'4ibson Eyes 'Twitching of the eyelids, sensitiity to light and lachrymation, dim ision' 4ibson ild look in eyes, blurred ision with heat in eyes and lids ' Mur!hy REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM  ':remenstrual syndrome with much irritability'Morrison Menstruation with seere downward and outward !ressure, bearingdown sensation'4ibson :ains+ cutting cram! like in left breast and oary' Mur!hy Carian !ain accom!anied with !al!itations + also during !regnancy and mental sym!toms' Mur!hy Increased se$ual desire'Mur!hy Hea%&  Headache that is burning, headache with ertigo and isual disturbances +de!endent on uterine disorders':hatak Headache with sensation of fullness +deelo!s usually in hot room ' 4ibson Lo#omoto$ ' 3nable to walk on uneen terrain' Morrison Durning feeling in soles and !alms' 4ibson Resp $ato$y system ' @re2uent sighing, and desire for dee! breath' 4ibson Su8ocates in warm or crowded room' Mur!hy Tightness* constriction. Shar! !ains in chest +worse when lying down ' 4ibson S' n ' old sweats, tingling, burning in arious !arts' Mur!hy URINARY SYSTEM ' 3rging for stool but only !asses urine':hatak  onstant desire to urinate' 4ibson   4eneral !elic distress a8ecting the bladder rectum and back' Mur!hy Gene$al Symptoms
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