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Branislav Pilňan LSS Solutions Consultant Lifecycle Solutions & Services Albena, Bulgaria - April 23 rd 2015 Agenda Honeywell Service Management Service Gap Analysis Honeywell Service offerings Solution
Branislav Pilňan LSS Solutions Consultant Lifecycle Solutions & Services Albena, Bulgaria - April 23 rd 2015 Agenda Honeywell Service Management Service Gap Analysis Honeywell Service offerings Solution Enhancement and Support Program Cyber Security and Remote Services Integrated Automation Assessment Parts Management Life Cycle Management Program Assurance 360 Service Management Partnership Program 2 Asset Reliability and Maintenance Strategies Reactive - Maintenance based upon running to failure Preventive - Maintenance based upon time or quantity of cycles Predictive - Maintenance based upon condition monitoring Proactive - Asset based maintenance is FMEA based Moore, R., Pardue, E., Pride, A., Wilson, J. Reliability Based Maintenance- A vision for Improving Industrial Productivity, Computational System, Inc. Industry Report, Knoxville, TN, Reactive Maintenance Can Cost 3-6x More Than Planned Maintenance Service Management Resolve incidents, problems and requests quickly Telephone Support Product Support Defect/ PAR Management Resolve HINTS, CPN, incidents, BeWare problems Advisory and requests severe incidents quickly Prevent downtime on less Restore production quickly Address obsolescence and expansions Retrofit Announcements Incident Management Problem Management Introduce new solutions, Introduce new solutions technologies, and applications applications, Hardware and processes Introduce new solutions, technologies, applications, hardware and processes DOC4000 System Migrations Expansions Test Bed Upgrades LIFECYCLE SERVICES Execute day to day tasks Parts Management, Hot Spares, Warranty Certified Recycle Parts Remote System Administration Security Scan Environmental Monitoring Preventative Maintenance Execute day-to-day tasks Maintain reliable operations and production Prevent incidents and loss of production Optimize plant operation Drive change to optimize Improve operator effectiveness cost, performance, Reduce variability Eliminate under performing capacity controls and availability of the system Drive change to optimize cost, performance, capacity and availability of the system Benefits Guardianship Alarm Management OperTune System Baseline Audits (IAA, SPB) 4 Whatever your support strategy - Honeywell can manage part or all of your needs Risk Sharing Performance Based Flexible Programs for Support You choose the level of support to meet your needs Service Management Partnership Risk sharing and performance based agreements Implementation Services Small project implementation services for migrations or upgrades Bundled or Scheduled Services On Demand Services or Parts Periodic contracts such as preventive maintenance, software upgrades or parts management As needed parts and services for the self maintainer or to handle special emergencies 6 7 Reliability Losses Likelihood E Extreme risk detailed action plan required H - High risk needs senior management attention M Medium risk specify management responsibility L Low risk manage by routine procedures The Combined Risk Matrix Consequence High or Extreme risks must be reported to Senior Management and require detailed treatment plans to reduce the risk to Low or Medium. Reliability & Security Insignicant Losses 0,01% Losses 0,05% Losses 0,1% Losses (0,3%) Insignificant Minor Moderate Major Very Important Probability: Historical: 1 in 1 Yr 1 in 1 Yr 1 in 3 Yr 1 in 5 Yr 1 in 10 Yr Is expected to occur in most circumstances Will probably occur Almost Certain M H H E E 4 Likely M M H H E M ight occur at some time in the future 3 Possible L M M H E Could occur but doubtful 2 Unlikely L M M H H M ay occur but only in exceptional circumstances 1 Rare L L M M H 8 Bundled or Scheduled Services Solution Enhancement and Support Program (SESP) Cyber Security Remote Services Integrated Automation Assessment PC Hardware Refresh - Virtualization Spare Parts Management 9 Solution Enhancement Support Program (SESP) SESP is a cost-effective means to extend the life of your intellectual and physical capital and maximize ROI Offers significant savings on hardware/software upgrades and guarantees priority access to Honeywell expert engineering resources. Extend life, guarantee priority and cost savings Provides alternatives/value-added options to help you manage, support, and fund your specific system support and migration strategies 10 Services to Address Your Needs Core SESP Contract Offerings Value Remote Plus Value Plus Software Flex Support Flex Core Services - Included in Contract As Noted Global Technical Assistance (GTAC) & Remote Services Support Telephone Support Optional Remote Connectivity (Service Node) Optional Optional Optional Remote Troubleshooting Optional Optional Optional Remote Patch Delivery Optional Optional Optional Remote Virus Protection Optional Optional Optional Software Support & Enhancements Software Updates (Patches) Software Upgrades (Enhancements) Optional Migration Help Desk Support Optional Honeywell Online Support - Web Access Kits & Enhancement Preferred Pricing 12 System Audit Services System Audit Report (Annual) Choose the Program Bundle that Fits Your Site Requirements 13 Training Match Extends the Value Adding Training Match effectively doubles your training budget Add up to 10% of contract value to the fund Honeywell will match customer contribution (based on amount set at contract initiation) Training Match Fund may be used for: Automation College training offerings: Instructor-based training, Remote training Flex training Self study/web/computer-based training Honeywell Users Group (HUG) attendance Additional Automation College training is available at a preferred price Double Your Training Investment Audit / Assessments Cyber Security / Remote Services Network, Security, Domain, Back-up & Restore Consultancy Services Support development of Security Management System, Incident responds Training / workshops Design / redesign networks / domains Defense in depth, Virtualization, NAS/SAN concepts On-site Implementation / commissioning Remote Services Virus Protection, Perimeter Management Patch Delivery, Virtual Patching (IPS) System Monitoring 14 Level 4 Level 3.5 DMZ Domain Control Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 ESF Honeywell s Network Architecture PHD Srvr Router Firewall Service Node Enterprise Switch Experion Srvr ESC ESF ACE Experion EST Srvr EAS ESVT Terminal Srvr Proxy Server 3 RD Srvr Srvr Party App Subsystem Interface Optional HSRP Router Safety Manager Patch Mgmt Anti Virus Terminal Srvr Qualified Cisco Switches eserver Domain Controller Relay Server Pair of DELL Server Class devices residing within the PCN Full view of all connected devices to the PCN Facilitates secure connectivity Receives and manages patches, AV files Transfers data, files 15 16 STOP Integrated Automation Assessment - What is it? Integrated Automation Assessment (IAA) is a set of tools and processes to: Provide in-depth analysis of the health, performance and supportability of customer automation infrastructure Benchmark operational safety and performance against industrial best practices. Plan their control system lifecycle evolution to optimize its Total Cost of Ownership. 17 Specific, Actionable Information to achieve Best-in-Class System Operation IAA Report Structure Executive Summary High level Findings and Recommendations Detailed Section Analysis Control System Configuration Remarks Performance Metrics Lifecycle status & path forward Unsupported products Potential Upgrade Scenarios Process Control Performance Detailed Loop Identifications Valve Diagnostics Alarm Bench Mark Alarm initiation rates CONFIGURATION FTE Netw ork Installation and Configuration Security Updates & Antivirus Verification Controller Status Operating System Performance EPKS Client Server Configuration Verification of Graphics Performance Back Up and Recovery Assessment LIFECYCLE STATUS CONTROL LOOP PERFORMANCE Identification of worst actors Comparison to EEMUA requirements 18 PC Hardware Refresh Periodical PC platform replacement Typically 4 years period to refresh to avoid supportability issues Can be planned and included into service contract with fixed price Virtualization Reduction in space, power, weight and cooling Decreasing number of physical machines by 75-80% Deploy new nodes in minutes rather than weeks Improved hardware choice that can have longer refresh periods 19 Before and After Virtualization 20 Running and in use today! Spare Parts Management Peace of Mind Guaranteed parts availability as your systems go through upgrades, revision level changes or functional enhancements (software, firmware, hardware) Lower cost than purchasing additional on-site parts inventory or buying spare parts as part of a project Eliminate parts obsolescence risk Production Security Priority 1 (P1) critical spare parts stored securely on-site, dedicated to customer Priority 2 (P2) less critical parts stored in centralized bonded warehouse, predictable replenishment of P1 parts Inventory Management All inventory (P1 & P2) owned and managed by Honeywell Ease of warranty tracking warranty begins when part is used (box opened) Eliminate spare parts write-off s that come with owned inventory Reduce administration of managing spare parts (e.g. stocking, inspections) Minimize risk, reduce cost, ensure availability, ensure quality 21 Cost of Inventory Ownership 22 23 Life Cycle Management Program (LCM) LCM LCM - Solution Offerings LCM 1 - LCM Study Benefits Analysis Cost Analysis Automation Plan 2 - LCM Contract Support Services SESP + options (Remote Services, IAA) Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Spare Parts Management P1,P2,Parts Replacement Hardware Refresh on regular schedule Servers, PC, Screens, FTE Switches Phased migration HMI, Controllers, PHD, Virtualization Installed Base Protection 24 Yearly cost k$ Life Cycle Management Program (LCM) LCM LCM flat fee year Modernization Projects Initial SW Upgrade Periodic Services (SESP, Parts Management, Maintenance, ) Fixed price for the contract validity period Even or near even but fixed payments Benefits received earlier than fully paid Easy to plan maintenance budget OPEX rather than CAPEX 25 System kept on up to date technological level New functionality available Spare Parts Available Support guaranteed Honeywell takes the risk of changing technology Assurance 360 Performance Based Contracts What is Assurance 360? Outcome-based services aligned to your goals Service to augment your workforce and competencies Performance based, multi-year contract Outcomes define the revenue paid to Honeywell Honeywell focuses on the systems so the customer can focus on their operations 26 Two New Performance Based Contracts Optima Honeywell ownership of outcome Delivers best practices in support Increased plant uptime & performance Active program management Clear contract with defined metrics Performa Honeywell oversight of outcome Reduced problem resolution time Increased plant performance Reduction in unplanned events 27 Assurance 360 What We Deliver Contract Performance Metrics Assurance 360 Optima Metrics Commitments When it comes to program metrics, we take ownership of performance and outcomes Support Maintain Response Time (Hours Telephone) 1 Response Time (Hours On-Site (Optima)) 4 Resolution Time (Hours) 12 Incident Reduction (%) 50% Patch updates (Percent On Time) 95% AV Updates (Percent On Time) 98% Loop Tuning (Percent) 80% Optimize Alarm Rationalization (Percent) 95% Injuries (Count)/Skills Evaluation (%) 0/75% Change Successful Changes (Percent) 98% Assurance Level 100% 28 Assurance 360 With Assurance 360 we deliver more than service, we deliver results! Change Management Performance Monitoring and Remote Connectivity Proactive Service Management Upgrade and New Installation Project Interface Contract Performance Metrics Reporting What We Deliver Software upgrades GTAC support Hardware refresh Parts holding Parts replacement Preferred access to technical support Preventive maintenance Cyber security Control tuning Alarm rationalization System performance monitoring Assessments Change management Off-line testing, training Assurance that your Automation System won t let you down 29 Assurance 360 Optima vs. Performa One Program Two Levels Your Choice Proactive Service Management System Change Management Performance Monitoring and Remote Connectivity Upgrade and Migration Optima (Do) It is not cost-effective for me to invest in internal capabilities but I value uptime. I need a partner to ensure optimal plant performance by making the right decision and taking action when necessary. Predictive, Preventive and Corrective Test, Qualify and Implement Predict and Resolve Scheduling and Implementation Performa (Assist) I don t want to go down, but I have internal resources to tend to problems when they arise. I need HON s help to develop & sustain expertise and for support in specific niche instances. Identification, Guidance and Competency Management Test and Advise Predict and Support Planning and Recommendations Contract Performance Metrics Guaranteed Improvement Track and Improve Reporting Results and Plans Status and Recommendations 30 Assurance 360 Two Differentiated Offerings to Capture Your Needs Honeywell Delivers Assurance 360 Honeywell ownership of outcome Delivers best practices in support Comprehensive lifecycle coverage Risk and change management ensuring optimal results from your process control investment Increased plant uptime & performance Active program management Clear contract with defined metrics 31 Questions & Discussion 32
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