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  Mentor/Respondent : Atty. Antonio V. Pesina Jr. Roll of Attorney’s Number:  30432 IBP Number:  1058532 (01-03-2017) Date of Interview:Place were te interview is conducted: ! #ow lon$ ave you been a lawyer% I've been a a!yer or a#ost 37 years no!. I $%&iy asse te bare*a#s te irst ti#e I too& it on 1+7+, an I %an sti re#e#ber te oy I etin tat #o#ent. & 'y did you become a lawyer% o be%o#e a a!yer is #y a#bition. I a!ays to$/t tat to arti%iatein te a#inistration o $sti%e is s$% a nobe ro ession. n to o tat, I&no! tat i I a# to be%o#e a a!yer, I %an be abe to rovie !e or #y a#iy, t$s, o$r $t$re !i be ens$re. ( Describe your practice atis a%tory. I rovie e/a servi%es in any ie o a!yerin/, so I anea#inistrative, ta*ation, %ivi, an %ri#ina %ases. en I assist eoe !oare in nee o #y servi%es, te eein/ is so /rati yin/ be%a$se I &no! I'#oin/ so#etin/ bene i%ia or oters. I &no! I a# oin/ so#etin/ ri/t orte %o$ntry. ) 'ere do you wor*% I a# %$rrenty a ra%ti%in/ a!yer !it #y o!n a! o i%e.  + #ow did you enter tis field% #ow do people enter tis field% y stron/ !iin/ness to $rs$e tis at $ee #y eter#ination toenter tis ie. ere is no oter a!yer in te a#iy !o %o$ avein $en%e #e to ta&e tis %areer, b$t #y a#iy s$orte #e !e. ey area!ays tere or #e.e%o#in/ a #e#ber o te bar re$ires tons o eter#ination ansa%ri i%e artnere !it rayer. I yo$ reay on't !ant to be ere, yo$'ave a ar ti#e. 6o$ #$st re#ain ositive at a #eans. I re#e#ber #yse  too a rai to ai !en I too& te bar. o !o$ not be $t #y ater o&in/y ans!ere, I yo$ !on't ta&e te e*a#, ten %ertainy yo$ !on'tass9 $t I &no! #y ater !ante to $i t #y sirit tat I sa not et te ear o aiin/ %ontro #e. at's !y, i yo$ are a a! st$ent, yo$ #$stst$y an st$y an st$y. 6o$ sa not sto reain/ be%a$se tere is nooter !ay. , 'o are your clients% 'at types of cases do you wor* on% I ane a &ins o %ases. I aso ave ro bono %ases ro# ti#e to ti#e.en yo$ are a a!yer, yo$ sa not %oose yo$r %ients. ;i% or oor, ason/ as tey nee yo$r servi%es !it no %on i%t o interests at a, yo$ sarener yo$r servi%e. - 'at daily activities are involved in your practice% Describe atypical day I aear in %o$rt aiy- tat's onays to <riays. I /et to iti/ate an%an say tat I've ane a#ost a tyes o %ases areay. o, #y tyi%aay is ta&in/ to #y %ients, assistin/ te# an aearin/ in %o$rt be ore te   $/e !earin/ #y baron/ a te ti#e. . 'at do you find rewardin$ about your practice% I %an e initey say tat a!yerin/ is one o te #ost re!arin/ obstere is.  %o$rse it is te oy in yo$r eart !en yo$ see te s#ies in te a%e o yo$r %ients !enever yo$ o er te# e. In a !ay, even $st a terta&in/ to yo$, tey areay ee tat teir robe#s are i#inise. aybeit's be%a$se tey ee i&e it's yo$r robe# no!, b$t to e te# is so/rati yin/ in te eart.oreover, te a%t tat yo$ %an be inan%iay stabe is aso re!arin/.=no!in/ tat yo$ %an sen yo$r %iren to s%oo an rovie s$ i%ienty or yo$r a#iy is so $ iin/.  'at s*ills are most important in your area of practice% >oo resear%in/ s&i is very i#ortant. 6o$ %an never reare better ina!yerin/ tan !it /oo an ae$ate resear%. 6o$ #$st aso or#$ateyo$r o!n teory to !in a %ase. It is very any i yo$ &ee yo$rse $ate!it Piiine $risr$en%e an ay it to te set o a%ts be%a$se tis %ane yo$ /reaty in te ra%ti%e.any %ases are !on tro$/ te e/a !ritin/ s&is o a a!yer asre e%te in te eain/s, etitions an %ase #e#oran$#s. $s, tis s&iis reay i#ortant. I avise yo$ to &ee on ra%ti%in/ as eary as no! an beserio$s abo$t it. ?ater on, yo$' $nerstan !y. A a!yer's s&i in %ross-e*a#ination is aso vita or te ro ession. 6o$#$st earn o! to ienti y !at $estions are obe%tionabe an eain/!enever a !itness is $t on tria be%a$se tis is aso reay i#ortant.  !0 'at classes and law scool e1periences do you recommend% Join everytin/ in a! s%oo tat !i e yo$ #ore to be%o#e a a!yer.a&e yo$r %asses serio$sy an on't #iss %asses as #$% as ossibe. !! 'at etical dilemmas do you encounter/ave you encounteredin te course of your wor*% #ow do you resolve tem% i#e tin/s i&e %ar/in/ attorney's ees on yo$r %ient %an beboterso#e so#eti#es. $t yo$ &no!, it is not !ron/ to %ar/e ees oryo$r ro essiona servi%es be%a$se yo$ sa not rener yo$r servi%es or ree. o, !at I o is $st be %ani an onest !it #y %ients !enever I%ar/e. en yo$ are oen !it yo$r %ients, notin/ #ay /o !ron/.ter ie##as tat I en%o$ntere in%$e s%enarios !en I &no! tatte $/e is !ron/. As on/ as I &no! tat #y ar/$#ents are roeryan%ore on te a!, I !i brin/ te #atter $ to te attention o te $/ebe%a$se #aybe, e@se $st $nintentionay aie to oo& at it. e ie##ano! is !eter I sa raise it or not. $t at te en o te ay, I nee to#a&e s$re tat $sti%e is serve or te best interest o #y %ient an te%o$rt. ere %an be no $sti%e i yo$ toerate s$% i#$nity. !& 2an you sare some memorable events durin$ your bar e1ams% I re#e#ber tat $rin/ o$r bar e*a#s, !e are not ao!e to /o to te%o# ort roo#. A ai is $st reare near te oor o te e*a#ination roo# or e*a#inees to $rinate $rin/ te $ration o te bar. y %air !as nearte oors so I noti%e tat #ae e*a#inees !i $st &nee be ore te ai!ito$t te %onse$ent noise o te riin/ o $rine te !oe ti#e. is#eans tat tese #en on't a%t$ay $rinate. Instea, tey &nee an ray.As I oo& aro$n, #any bar e*a# ta&ers stare on te %eiin/ ban&y. ost
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