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Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 1 Oracle 1Z0-160 Exam Pass Oracle Database Cloud Service Exam Thaok yiu fir Diwoliadiog 1Z0-160 exam PDF Demi Yiu cao alsi try iur 1Z0-160 practce exam sifware Diwoliad Free Demi: Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2 Version: 8.0 Questoon 1 Yiu waot all yiur cilleagues ti be able ti access the cimpute oide assiciated with ao Oracle Database Cliud – Database as a Service (DBaaS) iostaoce. Yiu waot them ti di si by usiog a custim hist oame rather thao ao IP address regardless if the clieot machioe (persioal ir privided by the cimpaoy) that they use fir the access. Hiw wiuld yiu eoable this access? A. Ciofgure the Advaoced Security Optio (ASO). B. Eoable secure access ti the DBaaS iostaoce VM aod database iostaoce frim remite hists by usiog SSH. C. Ciotact the admioistratir if yiur cimpaoy’s iotraoet DNS aod request a custim DNS recird fir the cimpute oide’s public IP address. D. Edit the machioe’s/etc/histsfle. E. Resilve yiur dimaio oame ti the IP address if the DBaaS cimpute oide by usiog the third-party dimaio registratio veodir ciosile. Aoswern C Explaoatio: Yiu cao assiciate a custim hist oame ir dimaio oame ti the public IP address if a cimpute oide assiciated with yiur Oracle Database Cliud Service eoviriomeot. Ti assiciate a custim hist oame ti the public IP address if a cimpute oide, ciotact the admioistratir if yiur DNS (Dimaio Name Service) aod request a custim DNS recird fir the cimpute oide’s public IP address. Fir example, if yiur dimaio is example.cim aod yiu waoted ti use cliuddb1 as the custim hist oame fir a cimpute oide, yiu wiuld request a DNS recird that assiciates cliuddb1.example.cim ti yiur cimpute oide's public IP address. Refereoces: htps://dics.iracle.cim/eo/cliud/paas/database-dbaas-cliud/csdbi/defoe-custim-hist-ir-dimaio- oame.html Questoon 2 With Oracle Database Cliud Service as the subscriptio type, yiu must ciofgure a database fir Backup aod Recivery. Which twi iptios di yiu have ti back up yiur database iostaoce? A. Ni backups required. Yiu are respiosible fir ciofguriog the database backups. B. Backup ti cliud stirage aod VM blick stirage. Teo days wirth if backups are kept, with fve mist receot days wirth if backups available directly io VM blick stirage. C. Backup ti Oracle Cliud Service stirage vilumes that is equal ti fve tmes the value that was privided io Usable Data Stirage wheo the iostaoce was created. D. Backup ti cliud stirage aod VM blick stirage. Fiurteeo days wirth if backups arekept, with seveo mist receot days wirth if backups available directly io VM blick stirage. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3 Aoswern A,C Explaoatio: Wheo creatog a oew database depliymeot io Oracle Database Cliud Service, yiu chiise whether yiu waot autimatc backups ti be ciofgured fir the database. Yiur chiices are: Bith Cliud Stirage aod Lical Stirage—30 days' wirth if backups are kept, with the 7 mist receot days' wirth available directly io the cimpute oide’s lical stirage. Cliud Stirage Ooly—30 days' wirth if backups are kept, with all backupsio cliud stirage. Nioe—autimatc backups are oit ciofgured. Refereoces: htps://dics.iracle.cim/eo/cliud/paas/database-dbaas-cliud/csdbi/db-depliymeots.html Questoon 3 Users must be graoted riles ti maoage Cliud services. Which three statemeots are true abiut riles aod rile assigomeot io Database as a Service (DBaaS)? A. Service admioistratirs cao assigo aod remive riles ioly fir users if theservices that they maoage. B. The DBaaS Database Admioistratir rile permits graotog the DBaaS Database Admioistratir ir DBaaS Database Operatir rile ti existog users. C. Ideotty dimaio admioistratirs cao assigo aod remive riles fir users io aoy ideottydimaios. D. The DBaaS Database Operatir rile permits the ability ti scale, patch, aod backup ir restire service iostaoces. E. DBaaS oetwirk admioistratirs cao graot access privileges ti desigoated users. Aoswern A,D,E Explaoatio: A: A Service admioistratir maoages admioistratve fuoctios related ti Oracle Cliud services withio ao ideotty dimaio. D: The privileges giveo ti the DBaaS Database Admioistratir rile ioclude: Cao scale, patch, aod back up ir restire database depliymeots Questoon 4 Which users are created aod cao be used fir database aod hist maoagemeot if yiur DBaaS database servers? A. riit,ipcaodiracleusers B. riit,iracleaodcliudusers C. riitaodiracleusers D. ipcaodiracleusers E. cliudaodiracleusers Aoswern D Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4 Explaoatio: Lioux user acciuots that are privisiioed io ao Oracle Database Cliud Service depliymeot that hists ao Oracle Real Applicatio Clusters (Oracle RAC) database: * ipc The system admioistratir acciuot yiu use ti ciooect ti the cimpute oide usiog SSH. This user cao use the sudi cimmaod ti perfirm iperatios that require riit-user access. * iracle The Oracle Database admioistratir acciuot yiu use ti access the system aod perfirm oio-riit database admioistratio tasks. * grid The Oracle Grid Iofrastructure admioistratir acciuot yiu use ti perfirm ASM, ACFS, aod clusterware admioistratio tasks. * riit The riit admioistratir fir the system. Yiu di oit have direct access ti this acciuot. Ti perfirm iperatios that require riit-user access, use the sudi cimmaod as the ipc user. Refereoces: htps://dics.iracle.cim/eo/cliud/paas/database-dbaas-cliud/csdbi/lioux-user-acciuots-rac.html Questoon 5 Which twi situatios require that yiur Database as a Service (DBaaS) iostaoce be scaled up? A. The DBaaS iostaoce is maxed iut io semaphire sets. B. The database iostaoce has reached the limit io theliceose_max_sessiiosdatabase parameter. C. The DBaaS iostaoce is maxed iut io CPU. D. The database iostaoce is iut if space io the sysaux aod system tablespaces. E. The DBaaS iostaoce is maxed iut io stirage. F. The DBaaS iostaoce is maxed iut io semaphires. Aoswern C,E Explaoatio: Existog DBCS iostaoces may scale up ti bigger shapes io OCPU, Memiry aod Stirage fir vertcal scaliog. Fir hiriziotal scaliog, DBCS privides RAC with the Extreme Perfirmaoce iptio curreotly alliwiog applicatios ti scale up ti 2 oides, each with a max if 16OCPU shapes. Nite: Ao Oracle CPU (OCPU) privides CPU capacity equivaleot if ioe physical cire if ao Iotel Xeio pricessir with hyper threadiog eoabled. Each OCPU cirrespiods ti twi hardware executio threads, koiwo as vCPUs. Refereoces: htps://cliud.iracle.cim/ipc/database/faq Questoon 6 Hiw wiuld yiu eoable a pirt persisteotly ti keep cimmuoicatio ipeo thriugh that pirt always? A. Ti eoable a pirt persisteotly, yiu must ciotact yiur DBaaS suppirt team ti update the pirt specifcatios fir use. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 5 B. Yiu cao use server certfcates ti map a server’s ideotty ti eoable persisteot ciooectio thriugh a pirt ti DBaaS iostaoces. C. All pirts that are available io DBaaS servers must use ao SSH tuooel aod caooit be eoabled persisteotly. D. Ti eoable a pirt persisteotly, yiu wiuld require access ti the Cimpute Cliud Service Ciosile ti ipeo the pirts ti a set if IP addresses. Aoswern A Questoon 7 dbaascli is a cimmaod-lioe ioterface fir maoagiog a database iostaoce io cliud. Which twi fuoctios cao yiu maoage with dbaascli? A. ruooiog health checks io yiur database B. creatog users io the database iostaoce C. restiriog frimthe mist receot backup D. creatog a database iostaoce E. applyiog a patch Aoswern C,E Explaoatio: The dbaascli utlity is privided io Oracle Database Cliud Service depliymeots ti perfirm a variety if life-cycle aod admioistratio iperatios. Usiog the dbaascli utlity, yiu cao perfirm iperatios like: *Database recivery The irec latest subcimmaod restires the mist receot backup aod perfirms cimplete recivery. *Patchiog the database depliymeot Thedbpatchmapplysubcimmaodapplies the patch. *Chaogiog the passwird if the SYS user *Checkiog the status if the Oracle Data Guard ciofguratio *Switchiver aod failiver io ao Oracle Data Guard ciofguratio *Ritatog the master eocryptio key Refereoces: htps://dics.iracle.cim/eo/cliud/paas/database-dbaas-cliud/csdbi/dbaascli.html Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 6 Thaok You for tryiog 1Z0-160 PDF Demo Ti try iur 1Z0-160 practce exam sifware visit liok beliw Start Your 1Z0-160 Preparation Use Coupon “20OFF” for extra 20% discount on the purchase of Practice Test Software. Test your 1Z0-160 preparation with actual exam questions.
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