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Rocket Lab Report By Dylan Brock For Mr.Hendricks’ Honor Physics Class Academy for Math, Engineering and Science Period A4 Abstract This project was done to calculate the height traveled by a rocket using various engines, which included calculating the engine thrust of individual engines. That was followed by calculating the drag force on certain rockets by using a wind tunnel and determining the amount
  Rocket Lab ReportBy Dylan BrockFor Mr.Hendricks’ Honor Physics ClassAcademy for Math !n ineerin and#cience Period A$  Abstract  %his pro&ect 'as done to calc(late the hei ht tra)eled by a rocket (sin )ario(s en ines 'hich incl(ded calc(latin the en ine thr(st of indi)id(al en ines.  %hat 'as follo'ed by calc(latin the dra force on certain rockets by (sin a 'ind t(nnel and determinin the amo(nt of dra force on indi)id(al rockets thro( h act(al calc(lations and thro( h ed(cated (esses. A n(merical model 'as (sed to calc(late )ario(s items of interest that 'ere needed to predict the hei hts tra)eled by each indi)id(al rocket 'ith )ario(s en ines. Rockets 'ere then la(nched 'hich thro( h the (se of a protractor an les of the rocket *i hts 'ere determined allo'in the (se of tri metric e+(ations to calc(late the act(al hei hts of the rockets. Predicted Hei hts of RocketsAct(al Hei hts of RocketsR,# A- /mR,# A- 0mR,1 B2 334mR,1 B2 42m#5 3,0A $m#5 3,0A 64mR,# B2 -7mR,# B2 -0mR,# C2 36-mR,# C2 3/$mR,1 A- 6-mR,1 A- -0m Introduction  %his pro&ect 'as done to e8amine and e8plore the complicities of calc(latin the hei ht of a rocket 'ith )ario(s en ines. Ho'e)er this oal is shallo' somethin that 'o(ld be assi ned in a 9r. Hi h physics class 'ith the needed e+(ations i)en to calc(late the hei ht 'ith )ario(s data. %his is not a 9r. Hi h pro&ect the pro&ect assi ned isn’t &(st to sho' basic math skills. %he pro&ect assi ned 'as desi ned to p(sh participants to (se all the skills that had been ta( ht and de)eloped thro( h the class and to (se )ario(s parts of those skills to s(cceed in this lab. %he oal of the lab 'as to master and cement )ario(s physics concepts and skills. %ho( h skills and concepts ha)e been ta( ht there are some )ario(s terms and ideas that re+(ire some disc(ssion before be innin into the body of the report.:inematics is the st(dy of motion 'itho(t really kno'in 'hy it is accr(in . Dynamics is the ;'hy< of kinematics beca(se of the foc(sed st(dy of forces in this =eld of physics. >mp(lse is )ital to this lab d(e its impact on the hei ht of the )ario(s rockets so it is )ital to ha)e a solid (nderstandin of it. >mp(lse is de=ned as bein e+(al to force times time or 9?F@t. Moment(m is e+(al to mass times )elocity or P?m@). Dra force is also kno'n as air resistance is e+(al to force times s(rface area speed air density shape 'hich can be simpli=ed do'n to F d ?k) 0 .  %his e+(ation is deri)ed by ha)in s(rface area air density and shape bein represented by k and speed bein simpli=ed to ) 0 . Dra coecient is represented by k 'hich is determined e8perimentally. o' there are many en ines that 'ill be  i nited 'ith m(ltiple rockets. Ho'e)er not e)ery en ine is made the same and some are more po'erf(l than others. #o ho' are rocket en ines identi=ed and classi=edE #imple the letter stands for the imp(lse deli)ered by the en ine 'hile the n(mber is the a)era e thr(st i)en o(t by the rocket. Ho'e)er the thr(st deli)ered by a rocket en ine is not constant meanin a 'ay to calc(late the area (nder c(r)e m(st be fo(nd to determine the thr(st. A 'ay to =nd area (nder the c(r)e is to add all important )al(es and times that by the 8a8is d(ration 'hich 'o(ld look like thisG s(m of y )al(es@the scale factor of the 8a8is. Another important topic to note is that rocket en ines )ary like A- or C2. %he dierence bet'een these t'o en ines are +(ite si ni=cant. %he letters si nify the imp(lse i)en o by an en ine startin 'ith 0.6 s  for en ines and do(blin after that. %he n(mber represents the a)era e thr(st i)en o d(rin the b(rn time of a en ine. Engine Thrust Analysis Report  %he ;task< of this lab 'as to =nd 'hat rocket en ine 'as i)en by (sin )ario(s tools and techni+(es in physics and math. Ho'e)er the act(al oal of this lab 'as to be able to calc(late the imp(lse from a nonconstant force 'hich 'o(ld be (sed later in the main lab to predict )ario(s thin s and )ariables that are presentlater in the main lab. o' the act(al set(p of this ;minilab< is )ery reminiscent of the second lab of the year the karate chop lab. >t is similar to that lab beca(se of ho' the data is calc(lated and stored in this lab. %he recordin machine in this is the )ery same as in the pre)io(sly mentioned lab both 'ill (se a calc(lator 'ith a CBL attached calc(lator based laboratory. %he calc(lator is hooked (p to a sensorythat 'ill record p(llin ,p(shin forces in e'tons. %hat sensory is on taped do'n to a track 'here there is a cart 'ith a candy bo8 taped to the top of the cart. %he bo8 has a hole in the end of the bo8 'here the en ine 'ill be placed. Ho'e)er the cart needs to be to(chin the sensory before the e8periment meanin that the track 'ill be ele)ated 'ith &(st a book. o' that means there a force that is acti)ely impactin the sensory ra)ity p(shin do'n on the mass of the cart. #imply Iero o(t the sensory before yo( li ht the rocket o thro( h the CBL. An i nitor 'ith phosphor(s co)erin it 'as inserted in theen ine. %he i nitor is connected to batteryallo'in for the en ine to be set o and be =red. o' (nto ho' to set (p the calc(lator to record the data from the rocket i nition. Access the pro ram DatamateJ after 'hich set the recordin time to e)ery 3,3/ of a second. !nter in / for the amo(nt data points recorded meanin that the estimated time the e8periment 'ill take 'ill be  seconds. %he rocket is prepared to
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