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1 RESERVE BANK OF INDIA RECRUITMENT FOR THE POST OF ASSISTANT The Reserve Bank of India invites applications from eligible candidates for 610 posts of “Assistant” in various offices of the Bank. Selection for the post will be through a country-wide competitive Examination in two phases i.e. Preliminary and Main e
  1 RESERVE BANK OF INDIA   RECRUITMENT FOR THE POST OF ASSISTANT The Reserve Bank of India invites applications from eligible candidates for 610 posts of “  Assistant ” in various offices of the Bank. Selection for the post will be through a country-wide competitive Examination in two phases i.e. Preliminary and Main examination followed by an Interview. The  full text of the advertisement  is available on the Banks’ website and is also being published in the Employment News/Rojgar Samachar.    Applications will be accepted only Online through the Bank’s website. Important Dates Website Link Open 07.11.2016 to 28.11.2016 Payment of Examination Fees (Online) 07.11.2016 to 28.11.2016 Schedule of Online Preliminary Test (Tentative) December 23 & 24, 2016. However RBI reserves the right to change the dates of examination. Schedule of Online Main Test (Tentative) January 2017. However RBI reserves the right to change the dates of examination. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA RECRUITMENT FOR THE POST OF ASSISTANT  Applications are invited from eligible Indian Citizens for the post of Assistant in Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Candidates may click on the link below for filling in the online application form. “Recruitment for the post of Assistant”  1. Application form Before applying, Candidates should ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria for the post. Candidates are requested to apply online through Bank’s website   Helpline: In case of any problem in filling up the form, payment of fee or receipt of call letter, queries may be made at candidate grievance Redressal cell . Don’t forget to mention ‘RBI Assistant Examination’ in the subject box of the email.  2 Office Vacancies PWD # EXS # SC ST OBC GEN Total VI HI OH EX-1 EX-2  Ahmedabad --- 8 7 15 30 -- --- 1 1 3 Bangalore 6 2 9 18 35 1 --- 1 2 4 Bhopal 5 9 4 22 40 -- --- 1 2 4 Bhubaneswar 4 6 ---- 10 20 --- 1 --- 1 2 Chandigarh 12 ---- 7 19 38 --- --- 1 2 4 Chennai 6 --- 6 13 25 --- --- 1 1 3 Guwahati 2 9 2 14 27 --- --- --- 1 3 Hyderabad 6(1) 2 8 15 31 --- --- 1 1 3 Jaipur 3 3 4 10 20 --- 1 ---- 1 2 Jammu 1 1 3 5 10 --- --- ---- -- 1 Kanpur &Lucknow 13(2) 1 13 25 52 1 1 --- 2 5 Kolkata 11 --- 5 19 35 1 --- 1 2 4 Mumbai 29 21(3) 25(2) 75 150 1 1 2 7 15 Nagpur --- --- 10 10 20 --- --- 1 1 2 New Delhi 5 --- 7 13 25 1 --- 1 1 3 Patna 3 2 7(2) 10 22 --- --- 1 1 2 Thiruvananthapuram & Kochi 3 ---- 7 20 30 1 --- --- 1 3 Total 109 64 124 313 610 6 4 12 27 63 The vacancies in brackets() indicate backlog (Bhopal includes 5 vacancies for Raipur, Chandigarh includes 3 vacancies for Shimla, Guwahati includes 2 vacancies for Agartala,3 for Shillong, 1 for Aizwal and 1 for Imphal, Kanpur &Lucknow includes 15 vacancies for Lucknow and 5 for Dehradun, Kolkata includes 5 vacancies for Gangtok, Mumbai includes 1 vacancy for Pune and 4 vacancies for Panaji and Patna includes 5 vacancies for Ranchi)  Abbreviations stand for:   SC  – Scheduled Caste, ST  – Scheduled Tribe, OBC  – Other Backward Classes, GEN  – General i.e. Unreserved, PWD  – Persons with Disabilities, VI  – Visually Impaired, HI  – Hearing Impaired, OH  – Orthopedically Handicapped, EXS  – Ex-Servicemen, EX-1  - Disabled Ex-servicemen/ Dependents of Ex-servicemen killed in action, Ex-2  - Ex-servicemen (normal)    3 # Reservation for PWD/ EXS is horizontal reservation and included in the vacancies of various categories. PWD candidates applying for Offices where vacancies are not reserved for them will be eligible for upper age limit as available to PWD candidates. The reservation under various categories will be as per prevailing Government Guidelines at the time of finalization of result. 2. Definition: i) Ex-Serviceman: Only those candidates shall be treated as Ex-Serviceman who fulfill the revised definition as laid down in Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms Notification No.36034/5/85/Estt(SCT) dated 27th October, 1986 as amended from time to time. Disabled Ex-Serviceman:  Ex-Serviceman, who while serving in Armed Forces of the Union, was disabled in operation against the enemy or in disturbed areas, shall be treated as Disabled Ex-Serviceman. Dependents of Serviceman killed in Action:  Servicemen killed in the following operations would be deemed to have been killed in action attributable to Military Service (a) war (b) warlike operations or border skirmishes either with Pakistan on cease fire line or any other country (c) Fighting against armed hostiles in a counter insurgency environment viz. Nagaland, Mizoram, etc. (d) Serving with peace-keeping mission abroad (e) Laying or clearance of mines including enemy mines as also mine sweeping operation between one month before and three months after conclusion of an operation (f) Frost-bite during actual operations or during the period specified by the Government (g) Dealing with agitating Para-Military forces personnel (h) IPKF personnel killed during the operations in Sri Lanka. Note: 1) Candidates, who are released / retired from Armed Forces, or whose SPE is likely to be completed on or before 28.11.2017  only are eligible to apply under this recruitment. They will also be required to submit the release letter along with a self-declaration at the time of joining RBI that he/she is entitled to the benefits admissible to Ex-Serviceman in terms of Govt. of India rules. Those candidates, who have already completed their initial period of engagement and are on extended assignment, are required to submit certificates to that effect. If selected, all such candidates mentioned above, should get released and join RBI on or before 28.12.2017.  Forms of the certificates to be submitted by all these candidates are provided in Annex II and these certificates are required to be submitted at the time of interview invariably. 2) The Territorial Army Personnel will be treated as Ex-Serviceman w.e.f. 15.11.1986. 3) An Ex-Serviceman who has once joined a Government job on the civil side after availing of the benefits given to him as an Ex-Serviceman for his re-employment, his Ex-Serviceman status for the purpose of re-employment in Government ceases. 4) Dependents of Servicemen killed in action are eligible for reservation. 4.5% of the total vacancies are reserved for Disabled Ex-Serviceman and dependents of Servicemen killed in action, clubbed together. First priority in the matter of appointment will be given to the Disabled Ex-Serviceman and second priority will be given to two dependents of Defence personnel killed in action or severely disabled (with over 50% disability attributable to defence services). For the purpose of this concession, the member of the family would include his widow, son, daughter or his near relations who agree to support his family. The relaxation in upper age and educational qualifications available to Ex-Serviceman/Disabled Ex-Serviceman will not be available to Dependents of Servicemen killed in action or severely disabled.  4 5) The following rules applicable to Ex-Servicemen re-employed under the Central Government would apply to Ex-Servicemen candidates appearing for the online examination: (i) Ex-Servicemen candidates who have already secured employment under the Central Government in Group ‘C’& ‘D’ will be permitted the benefit of age relaxation as prescribed for Ex-Servicemen for securing another employment in a higher grade or cadre in Group ‘C’ / ‘D’ under Central Government. However, such candidates will not be eligible for the benefit of reservation on second occasion for Ex-Servicemen in Central Government jobs. 3. Reservation for Persons with Disability (PWD):  A. Persons with Disabilities: (i) Orthopedically Challenged are those who have a physical defect or deformity which causes an interference with the normal functioning of the bones, muscles and joints. The degree of disability should be minimum 40% in these cases. (ii) Hearing Impaired are those in whom the sense of hearing is non-functional for ordinary purposes of life. They do not hear, understand sounds at all, even with amplified speech. The cases included in this category will be those having hearing loss more than 60 decibels in the better ear (profound impairment) or total loss of hearing in both ears. (iii) For being considered as a Visually Impaired candidate, the candidate should fulfill either of the following conditions: (a) Total absence of sight. (b) With visual acuity not exceeding 6/60 or 20/200 (Snellen) in the better eye with correcting lenses. (c) With limitation of the field of vision subtending an angle of 20 degrees or worse. (iv) The Persons with Disability (PWD) candidates should possess a latest Certificate to this effect issued by an authorized Government of India/State Government Department Hospital. (v) Candidates falling in the following categories of the disabled may apply: OA  - One arm affected (Right or Left) –  BL  – Both legs affected but not arms, OL  – One leg affected (Right or Left), PD  – Partially deaf, D  – Deaf, B  – Blind, LV  – Low Vision Note:  Within the overall notified total vacancies, Persons With Disability (PWD) candidates belonging to any of the three categories of disability (who are eligible for the post as explained above) will be considered for selection, subject to their suitability, over and above the vacancies, notified/not notified for PWD in this advertisement, in order to clear the backlog of PWD vacancies in those centers where the backlog exists. B. GUIDELINES FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES USING A SCRIBE The visually impaired candidates and candidates whose writing speed is affected permanently for any reason can use their own scribe at their cost during the online examination, subject to limits as in (i) and (ii) below. In all such cases where a scribe is used, the following rules will apply: ã The candidate will have to arrange his / her own scribe at his/her own cost. ã The scribe may be from any academic stream. ã Both the candidate as well as scribe will have to give a suitable undertaking along with call letter at the time of examination confirming that the scribe fulfils all the stipulated eligibility criteria for a scribe mentioned above. Further in
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