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Table of Contents INTRO... 2 CHAPTER 1 - HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY BEING A CRUISE SHIP DJ?... 2 CHAPTER 2 - WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BEST WAYS TO TRAVEL THE WORLD?... 3 CHAPTER 3 - HOW CAN YOU ESCAPE THE REALITY OF NORMAL, BORING DAY-TO-DAY LIFE?... 5 CHAPTER 4 - HOW CAN YOU GET BETTER WEATHER, AND ESCAPE FROM THE COLD WINTERS?... 6 CHAPTER 5 - WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BEST WAYS TO MEET PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD?... 7 CHAPTER 6 - HOW CAN YOU LIVE RENT FREE A SAVE A TON OF MONEY?... 7 CHAPTER 7 - WHERE CAN I MEET NEW PEOPLE IN CITIES ALL OVER THE WORLD, AND OPEN UP NEW OPPORTUNITIES... 8 CHAPTER 8 VIDEO DOCUMENTARY OF A CRUISE SHIP DJ... 9 CHAPTER 9 - START YOUR NEW CAREER CHAPTER 10 - WHO IS ROB?... 12 Intro Hi there. DJEmotion Rob here. Many DJs just like you have dreamed about living the coolest lifestyle on the planet. I have done it, and for longer than most. I learned all the secrets. I want you to get into the richest experience of a lifetime. How cool is that, that someone wants to share their knowledge and experience with other DJs? DJs ask me all the time. They have many questions about the cruise ship entertainment business. I have captured the top seven and answered them just for you. This book will is a quick read, take just 15 minutes and you ll get your questions answered. SPECIAL BONUS: I included some awesome bonuses, because you are a special DJ and took initiative to learn more. I have lived the life you ve dreamed of. Now it s your turn. Chapter 1 - How do you make money being a cruise ship DJ? You can make more money being a guest entertainer DJ. Being a DJ is not just a fun job. You are an entertainer whether you believe it or not. You are in the spotlight. You are in charge of the experience and energy in the room. On a cruise ship, they have a number of ways you can work. You can work at only a small bar with a small dance floor, and only from 9PM to 2AM or similar. Or you can get jobs where you have many gigs on the ship in many locations. You can be the hired entertainer for the largest night club on the ship, the pool parties, private parties, weddings, and other smaller venues. Remember, a cruise ship is like a traveling city. 2 Rob Nadigel and Caribbean Princess: Skywalkers Nightclub You make consistent money. You have a job, instead of worrying about where you next paycheck is coming from. Consistent money coming in will provide a calmer, more fun, stressful life. Have more money by not spending so much. When you DJ on a cruise ship many normal living expenses are covered by the cruise ship. Think how much rent you ll save. Better marketability reduces the roller coaster of monthly income. When you get to know more people, you have more exposure, so you can market to everyone you meet. The job of a DJ, whether on a cruise ship or not, requires getting to know more people. Those people are ones that will help you find your next job, gig, or opportunity. Chapter 2 - What are some of the best ways to travel the world? You can pay for vacations and use your own money to see the wonders of the world. Another popular way is to get a job where you travel on business. Typically these jobs are high paying, require a quite a bit of education, and are often reserved for executive positions in corporations. 3 Rob Nadigel and You can be a cruise ship DJ and see the world. From St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, to Sicily and Turkey in the Mediterranean, to Mexico, Amsterdam, and Paris. You can see the world with the opportunities a cruise ship DJ offers. You can join the military and travel to a number of countries. This experience stays with you for a lifetime and gives you a small income but long-term benefits it you stick with it. Many people setup a hiking expedition and travel through Europe, Asia or South America with a friend. That s a great way to see the world, but being a vagabond for any length of time can get old. Plus, doing this doesn t usually pay very well, though it can also cost very little. 4 Rob Nadigel and Chapter 3 - How can you escape the reality of normal, boring day-to-day life? Many people take several vacations every year. If you have the money, that s great! You can see all kinds of places this way, and if you have a great full time job that pays you for vacation time off, even better. But you can easily spend $2,000 to $10,000 on a single vacation. Those add up over the years. A better way for you may be to get one of the coolest jobs on the planet where you make money, meet the finest, most sociable people on the planet, and one that s different every single day. There s no excuse that anyone should have a job they don t love every single day. If you are bored in the same city with the same people and want the adventure of a lifetime, put together your DJ Press Kit and start down the road to your new lifestyle. Some people take on a new sport like waterskiing, mountain climbing, snow skiing, or bungee jumping. But it s hard to make a living at those. Those are hobbies. Being a cruise ship DJ is not a hobby. It s a serious business with endless benefits. If you treat it like a hobby you will fail. Go to China and teach kids English at poor schools or join the Peace Corps. That s not boring and you get the chance to make a difference in the world. Travel writers/photographers can have quite the stamps on their passport. They can make some decent money, and see places few others have. Only the top 0.1% makes really good money, and they are at the mercy of magazines and others who buy their material. Be an international Tour Guide. It s a low paying but rewarding job. Often you get to show people the same places over and over again, and many times these guides get bored quickly. 5 Rob Nadigel and Chapter 4 - How can you get better weather, and escape from the cold winters? Buy a second home in Florida or the Caribbean. Most people can t afford that, but if you can, spending the winter months every year away from the cold is a great way to setup a second set of friends in a warmer climate. Being a travel writer, you can go places where it s warm. However, you may also get stuck covering disaster situations or the coldest, snowiest places on the planet. Move. Most can t or don t want to move away from their family and friends. Many can t afford to move with the real estate market in its current condition. Get a job as a DJ on a cruise ship. Not all cruise ships cruise warm climates, but many do. You can have warm, sunny days nearly every day, basking by the pool and visiting great tropical locations. You get to know the local people and create new networks of people that can boost your career. 6 Rob Nadigel and Chapter 5 - What are some of the best ways to meet people from all over the world? Get on a plane and go somewhere different. A vacation is one thing, to relax, read, do nothing, or partake in your favorite sport. Some people travel the world to meet interesting people. They satisfy their need to engage and learn about different cultures. This can get expensive. Some younger folks join a foreign exchange students program and study abroad. They get to learn all about the local customs and become part of the local, international community. Some people take a cruise on a ship. There are so many activities to do and so many great places to see and people to meet, especially if you go in a group. One excellent way to meet people from all over the world is to go where people from all over the world go. As a cruise ship DJ you meet those people. Many resorts host people from all over the world. Those like Club Med, Sandals and Beaches are popular destinations for crowds young and old. Think about the locations you ll visit when being a cruise ship DJ, and the possibilities that exist to get to know the movers and shakers at these resorts. It s not a stretch, and you could even land a full time at one of them, just from your experience and exposure as a cruise ship DJ. Many people travel to trade shows or conventions. Those have people from all over the world, plus, it s a great way to network and meet people that could help you find your next that you truly love. Chapter 6 - How can you live rent free a save a ton of money? Get roommates. That works for a while, but most people don t get along well forever, and it can be a revolving door. When 2, 3, or 4 people share rent, it can 7 Rob Nadigel and cut a large expense down tremendously. That way you can afford nicer things or save more money. Those who don t have the room for that, well, this won t work. Work on a cruise ship and get a friend to stay at your place and charge him rent. Now this is a wonderful way to save money. When you re a cruise ship DJ, your expenses are reduced considerably. You don t pay for: Room and board Most food Gasoline for your car Vacation time Travel to the coolest places on Earth And many, many more expenses. Become a house sitter. That s how you can save on rent, staying in someone else s home while they travel. Wouldn t you rather be the one traveling and have to get your own house sitter? Grants and housing assistance programs are a great way to save money on rent and housing. Those can take a while to get, and you end up living in not so decent locations. Chapter 7 - Where can I meet new people in cities all over the world, and open up new opportunities Being a cruise ship DJ is one great way. Here s how I know: With Princess Cruise Lines, 60% of my cruises were Caribbean cruises. One of my most favorite places to go was St. Thomas. If you haven t been there before, the beaches are turquoise, the shopping is outstanding, and the people are wonderful and know how to treat visitors. Here s why it s my favorite place. Get off the ship, take my laptop, take the bus, go through the city, tour areas, go to an internet cafe, connect with friends and 8 Rob Nadigel and family, catch a bite at a local restaurant, do some shopping, feels almost like home in many ways. Meet people in the local bars and coffee places. Get the local contact information. Most people know each other that work there. Follow up with them and gives you great people to follow up with at the night clubs and beach bars, event planners. Meeting new people that can help you get your next gigs. It s the network that counts. The diversity of a Wedding DJ is perfect for a cruise ship DJ. The people I was introduced to, and the people they know, have benefited me for years. DJ work is a relatively tight knit community - the key is to be one that is known and the networks you create and nurture will get you more work for years to come. If you are already an internationally renowned DJ, club owners and others are calling you or your agent all the time to have you entertain their high profile audiences. These people know the right people and have the right connections all over the world. Their biggest problem in life is deciding which gig or job to choose. The successful DJs understand it s not about just a good resume. They know is not optional to build a better network of connections. That s where becoming a cruise ship DJ can give you far reaching and long-term opportunities not found in any other profession. Chapter 8 Video Documentary of a Cruise Ship DJ The following is a video documentary of my days in the life of a Professional Cruise Ship DJ. It s more than a documentary, its zany, fun, and radical. But it s also serious business. These videos are everything you need to know about being a DJ on a cruise ship. Have you ever wondered what life at sea was like? Imagine being in the Caribbean and getting paid to DJ on a cruise ship, how about Europe? 9 Rob Nadigel and My name is Rob Nadigel (google me) and I spent 10 years at sea DJing for Princess Cruises. I got to travel all over the world and got paid (How cool is that?) Do you have good mic skills? Can you play a variety of music? Cruise ships are very different from land gigs and I can't stress how important it is to watch this video. I took footage on and off the ship. This video is supposed to be entertaining and hopefully gives you insight to this incredible opportunity. Make sure you join my Facebook group You will find free remixes, DJ Sound effects, job postings and so much more. If you need to get in touch with me, me ay - Check out (Stand out from the rest) Get paid to DJ on a cruise ship - Must see for mobile DJs Here are the next videos in the series: 10 Rob Nadigel and How To Go About Getting A DJ Job On Cruise ship - DJDoubleii is going Chapter 9 - Start Your New Career If you want to get started on your cruise ship DJ career, there s only one source that has all the experience and counsel. One tool to get started is located at where you ll find packages for every budget. 11 Rob Nadigel and DJPressKits is just one tool to get you started. My passion is to help other DJs do what I have done. I have helped hundreds of DJs get into the Cruise Ship DJ business. Click here to get my insights on the whole enchilada. Chapter 10 - Who is Rob? Rob Nadigel as his alter ego DJ Emotion has been DJing around the world since he was 16. Growing up in Montreal, Canada he was able to spin at the legendary musical hotspot s hottest clubs including Stanley s Pub & DJ s Pub. When he relocated to Calgary, Alberta he continued to spin, but he also found a passion for working with underprivileged children and served for years as a Big Brother with the organization of the same name. these can be found on YouTube). Adventure seeker Rob joined Princess Cruises and sailed with them as resident DJ for over 10 years. It was truly the adventure of a life time. From his mid-twenties to mid- thirties he traveled the globe on a luxury liner. He explored the world and was privileged to see exotic locales. One of his many passions during these adventures was documenting the highlights of his travels on video (some of Born with an entrepreneurial spirit Rob took every adventure in life and turned it into an opportunity. At an early age he purchased vending machines and arcade 12 Rob Nadigel and games later selling vinyl to other DJs and later still started recruiting fellow DJ s for positions on various other cruise lines. Now, with over 30 years of industry experience including his connections with the Cruise Ship Industry, Rob has embarked on a new journey. Rob now dedicates his time sharing his love of being a DJ by creating helpful products, apps and consultation for those wishing to DJ at sea or dry land. All my best, Rob Rob Nadigel (DJ Emotion) 13 Rob Nadigel and
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