IMP 02212017 - Computation for Adjusted Price Due to Declassification of Shares

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  Computation for adjusted price due to declassification of Imperial Resources, Inc. ( IMP ) shares:Step 1:Weighted average for Class A 78,300,000x19.52=11.712Step 2:Weighted average for Class B 52,200,000x116=46.4Step 3:Computation for price of declassified shares=A + B=11.712 + 46.4Adjusted Price=58.112 Adjusted Closing Price inclusive of the change in par value: Adjusted Closing Price =Adjusted PricexNew Par ValueOld Par ValuexLast traded price of Class A shares130,500,000xLast traded price of Class B sharesTotal issued and outstanding Total issued and outstanding of Class B ====Total issued and outstanding A130,500,000Total issued and outstanding of Class A B  =58.112x=11.6224Adjusted Closing Price = 11.62 *Based on the Board Lot Table, the Minimum Fluctuation is 0.02 for prices ranging from Php 10.00 to Php 19.98 1.005.00
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