ICCSCM The 6 th International Conference on Computer Science and Computational Mathematics. Program Schedule. Langkawi, Malaysia.

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ICCSCM 2017 The 6 th International Conference on Computer Science and Computational Mathematics Program Schedule Langkawi, Malaysia 4 th -5 th May, 2017 Organized by Science and Knowledge Research Society
ICCSCM 2017 The 6 th International Conference on Computer Science and Computational Mathematics Program Schedule Langkawi, Malaysia 4 th -5 th May, 2017 Organized by Science and Knowledge Research Society Note: Kindly send us a note at if there is any problem about your paper in the proceedings. The proceedings of the conference will be available at the website on submission status page by the end of May 2017. Conference: Morning May 4, 2017 (Thursday) Aseania Resort Langkawi(Langkawi, Malaysia) Venue: Hotel Lobby 08:40-09:00 Arrival and Registration Note: Participants can also register any time during the conference at the registration desk. The Certificates of Participation can be collected at the registration desk. Kindly bring your paper id for convenience. The organiser wont provide accommodation, and we suggest you to make an early reservation. Conference: Morning May 4, 2017 (Thursday) Venue: Aseania Resort Langkawi(Langkawi, Malaysia), Hall 09:00-09:05 Opening Remarks 09:05-09:25 Prof. Dr. Habshah Midi Department of Mathematics Facukty of Science Universiti Putra Malaysia 09:25-09:45 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azlan bin Mohd Zain Faculty of Computing Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 09:45-10:05 Assoc. Prof. Rashed Mostafa Department of Computer Science & Engineering University of Chittagong Chittagong-4331 Bangladesh 10:05-10:20 Photo Session Followed by Coffee Break 1 10: Conference: May 4, 2017(Thursday) Session 1 Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marzanah A. Jabar Session Chair Asst.: Nurul Farahin Jamaluddin Time: 10:20-13:00 A Fuzzy-enabled Neural Medical Data Mining System for Predicting Risk In Coronary Heart Events Dr. Anil George K 10: Determine an Adequate ARIMA-GARCH Model in FTSE Bursa Malaysia Stock Indices Nor Alwani binti Omar 10: Mixed Integer Programming for Two-Block ABC Classification Warehouse: Storage Volume Optimization Ezzah Suraya Binti Sarudin 10: An Application of Laplace Transform of I-Function Prathima J Effects of Horizontal Finite Walls Thickness and Sinusoidal Temperature Variations 11: on Convection in a Local Thermal Non-equilibrium Porous Cavity Ishak Hashim 11: On the Assessment of Robust Parameter Estimation With Different Centering Methods for Fixed and Random Effects Panel Data Models Muhammad Sani 11: Trimmed Mean Direction of Univariate Circular Data Ehab A. Mahmood 11: Graph Factors of Some Classes of Graphs K Arathi Bhat 11: : Two Laplacian Energies of Induced Complements of a Graph Swati Nayak The Performance of Fast Robust Variance Inflation Factor in the Presence of High Leverage Points Shelan Saied 12: Weight of Factors Of Coastal Erosion Using Fuzzy-ahp With Cosine Consistency Index: a Case Study Of Setiu Wetlands Ahmad Termimi Ab Ghani 12: Simultaneous Optimizing Multiple Responses with Contaminated Data 12: : : : Nasuhar Ab.Aziz Mathematical Model of Data Clustering using Kernel Support Vector Machine of Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Sasi Gopalan The Effects of Technological and Contextual Challenges on E-learning Implementation Hanan Aldowah Understanding a Proposed Framework of Telehomecare System Among Health Workers In Malaysia Nor Afirdaus bt Zainal Abidin One-way Image Syn Gateway between Mobile NoSQL database and SQL Serverside Database Abu Zarin Zulkafli 13:00-14:00 Lunch and Prayer Time 2 Conference: May 4, 2017(Thursday) Session 2 Session Chair: Dr. Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam Session Chair Asst.: Abu Zarin bin Zulkafli Time: 14:00-16:30 14: Enhancement and Evaluation of a Mathematical Public-Key Cryptosystem Nazek Alessa 14: Additive Skew-Cyclic Codes over Fp + vfp 14: : : AMIT SHARMA A Parametric Optimization of EDM Conditions on Surface Roughness Using GSO Method Nurezayana Binti Zainal Empirical Evaluation of Test Effort Efficiency of Software GA-based Regression Test Case Prioritization Strategy Samaila Musa Antibacterial Effect of Silver Nitrate on Salmonella Typhmurium and Doze Optimization Through Fuzzy Mathematics Shery Fernandez 14: Natural Convection in a Nanofluid A. A. Abdullah 15: Performance Evaluation for Filtering Methods in CT Brain Images NURWAHIDAH BINTI MAMAT 15: Remarks on Multiplicative (generalized)-derivations Gurninder S. Sandhu 15: : : Phase-Space Simulation of Quantum Squeezing in Multichannel Nonlinear Coupler RAFAEL JULIUS A Review on Search-based Approach for Effective Testing of Non-functional Properties of Software Systems Abdulkarim Bello A Variable Inverse-Multiquadric Shape Parameter Applied with a meshless method for nonlinear PDEs Sayan Kaennakham 15: Detecting and Exploiting Second-order SQL Injection Vulnerabilities of Web Applications Najla a Ateeq Mohammed Draib 16: Kinect-based Badminton Motion Benchmarking Using Adaptive Range of Movement Index TING HUONG YONG 16: A New Aggregation Operator Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Choquet Integral Lazim Abdullah A Framework of Missing Values Replacement using Trustworthy Data Values 16: From Web Data Sources M.Izham Jaya Conference: Afternoon May 4, 2017 (Thursday) Venue: Aseania Resort Langkawi(Langkawi, Malaysia) 16:30-16:40 Coffee Break 3 16: Conference: May 4, 2017(Thursday) Session 3 Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Fadhli Ahmad Session Chair Asst.: Nasuhar Ab Aziz Time: 16:40-19:00 Usability Issues in Healthcare Mobile Applications for the Elderly - a Review of the Literature Umm-e-Mariya Shah 16: Stopping Exploitation of SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Kabir Umar 17: Usage-based Classification of Non-functional Properties of Software Systems Abdulkarim Bello 17: Kinect-based Badminton Motion Sensor As Potential Aid for Coaching Strokes in Novice Level Daniel Tan Yong Wen 17: Detecting Contradictions in Online Review Contents based on Numerical Mismatch Iskandar Ishak 17: Device Failure Prediction Model based on Association Analysis for Industrial IoT Jung-Hyok Kwon 17: Towards the Removal of Detected Cross-site Scripting Vulnerabilities in Mobile Web Applications Isatou Hydara 17: A Brief Review on the Features of University Course Timetabling Problem Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam 18: Rosenau-Hyman Equations using Laplace Transform Method 18: PILASLUCK SORNKAEW Semantic Knowledge Retrieval Kms Components - Validating the Questionnaire Items Abdulmajid B Umar 18: Examination Timetabling in University Malaysia Terengganu Nurul Farahin Jamaluddin 18: Internet of Things: A Vision on the Future of Higher Education Hanan Aldowah 18: Some Properties on Certain Class of Analytic Function Ini Imaina Abdullah 18: A Hybrid GA-FEEMD for Forecasting Crude Oil Prices Nuramirah Akrom 19: : Enhanced Data Integrity Checking in Big Data Environment Using MD5 And SHA1 Algorithm In Hadoop Saiful Adli A Multi-objective Direct Guidance Ant Colony System for Virtual Machine Placement Problem J Srija 4 Conference: May 5, 2017(Friday) Session 4 Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prathima J Session Chair Asst.: Daniel Tan Yong Wen Time: 09:00-10:20 09: The Binary Hierarchical Logistic Regression Model using AIC and BIC 09: SARINNA MAPLOOK Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer Over a Shrinking Cylinder in a Nanofluid Mahani binti Ahmad Kardri 09: Ranking Efficiency Unit by Restriction Using DEA Models: A Fuzzy Delphi Approach Based on Expert Judgement Roslah binti Arsad 09: Raindrop Prediction Based on Weather Condition Using Hmlp Neural Network 09: : : Fakroul Ridzuan Hashim Relationship Between Anxiety and Learning Achievement in Principle of Statistics Neunghatai Chaiarporn Appropriation of Social Media for Fostering Effective Tacit Knowledge Sharing: Developing Conceptual Model Marzanah A. Jabar Eisenstein Series of Level 4 H. C. Vidya 10: Optimal Geospatial Features for Sales Analytics Hui-Jia Yee Conference: Morning May 5, 2017 (Friday) Venue: Aseania Resort Langkawi(Langkawi, Malaysia) 10:20-10:30 Coffee Break 5 10: : Conference: May 5, 2017(Friday) Session 5 Session Chair: Dr. Iskandar Ishak Session Chair Asst.: Ting Huong Yong Time: 10:30-13:00 Influence of Temperature Dependent Viscosity on the Onset of Convection in a Double Diffusive Binary Fluid Mixture Nurul Hafizah binti Zainal Abidin Heart Abnormality Activity Detection Using Multilayer Perceptron (Mlp) Network Jaafar Adnan 10: Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Business Site Selection Jeremy Y. L. Yap A Non-overlap Methodology for Energy Efficient Communication in Wireless 11: Senor Network Degala Satyanarayana 11: Mining Big Data Approach in Telecommunication Industry FAUZY BIN CHE YAYAH 11: Parking Guidance and Authentication System M.Nasir Ibrahim 11: A taxonomy on Customization of Software as a Service Applications by utilizing 5 Ws Method Abu Bakar Md Sultan 11: Defining Problems and Objectives Toward Low Complexity in SaaS Customization Abdulrazzaq Qasem Ali 11: An Integrated Information Security Threat Factor Profiling Model 12: : : : : : Fatimah Sidi Taguchi Delta Analysis Method for Measuring the Impact of Routing Protocol Parameters in VANET Performances Mohamed Elshaikh Elobaid A Comprehensive Study of Different Approaches for Malaria Parasites Segmentation Wan Azani Wan Mustafa Exploring mobile-augmented Reality in Higher Education Aaron Frederick Bulagangm Consistent Fuzzy Preference Relation Approach With Geometric Bonferroni Mean Operator And Its Application to Assess Quality of Life FATIN MIMI ANIRA BINTI ALIAS The Awareness and Challenges of Cloud Computing Adoption on Tertiary Education in Malaysia Nor Hazreeni Hamzah Exploring Eye-Tracking Technique for User Interface Design of Shopping Mobile Web App: A Case Study on Gender Lau King Lieng 13:00-14:00 Lunch and Prayer Time 6 Conference: May 5, 2017(Friday) Session 6 Session Chair: Dr. Anil George Konkoth Session Chair Asst.: Mohamed Elshaikh Elobaid Time: 14:00-16:30 14: An Evaluation of Traceability Model Using Feature Analysis Method 14: : Azri Bin Azmi Hyper-heuristic for Offline Learning in Capacity Planning Optimization Chin Jeng Feng Education and Economic Growth: A Case Study in Malaysia Phoong Seuk Wai 14: A New Formulation of Sediment Transport for Shoreline Changes Mohammad Fadhli Ahmad 14: Stereo Matching Algorithm based on Local Method Rostam Affendi Hamzah 14: A Preliminary Study of Users Emotion Model for Standard Web User Interface using Kansei Engineering Punitha a/p Turumugon 15: Deep Neural Networks for Text: A Review Chiung Ching Ho 15: Ultra-Wideband Communication System for Orthopedic Surgical Maneuver Mustafa S.Khalefa 15: Genetic Algorithms for Minimizing Thin Film Thickness in Tin Coatings 15: Muath Ibrahim Jarrah Gait Recognition using Background Subtraction Method From Videos Containing Illumination Variates Amalina Ibrahim 15: Automatic Scoring System for Archery Target Mohammed Al Khadher 15: Ranking Fuzzy Numbers with Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy FATIN AMIRAH AHMAD SHUKRI 16: : : : Crypt Edge Detection using Enhanced Ant Colony Optimization for Iris Recognition Zaheera Zainal Abidin Review of Security Issues in IPv6 Router Discovery Navaneethan C. Arjuman Artificial Data Generation Approach for Small Dataset in Prediction Model: A Review Mashitah Lateh Stock Prediction By Applying Hybrid Clustering-MGWO-NARX Neural Network Technique Debashish Das 16: A Review on Similarity Measures for Molecular Structure Pattern Matching Siti Asmah Bero 16: Design of SEPIC using FOPID Tunning with PSO VISHNU S 17: Overview of Transmission Power Optimizing Methods in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) Siti Asilah Binti Yah 17: A Review on Image Processing of Eye Redness M. R. H. Mohd Adnan 17: The Magnetism and Critical Behaviour of Layered NdMn1.4Cu0.6Si2 Muhamad Faiz Md Din 7 17: Hybrid Firefly Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for Optimizing Machining Parameters in Turning Nur Farahlina Johari Timetable Creation of BRT Transmusi by Using Branch and Bound Method 17: Irmeilyana 17: A Review on Imputation Algorithm for Missing Value Estimation Azlan Mohd Zain Optimization of Die Sinking Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameters Based on 18: Harmony Search Approach Ashanira Mat Deris Implementation of Cloud-based Mobile PHRS System 18: Mingda Jiang Integration of an Audio Element in an Immersive Virtual Reality Stress Therapy System 18: and Its Effectiveness Ahmad Redza Razieff Bin Zainudin 18: Bridging Halal Interest Community & Geo-location Marketplace based on Vertical Social Network for Knowledge Sharing Yusman Azimi Yusoff 18: Integration of a Heart Rate Monitoring System in a Virtual Reality Relaxation Therapy for Supporting an Immersion Level Measuring Technique Imran Mahalil 18: Algebraic Approach of Order Reduction for Nonlinear Large Scale Systems Marwa Baccouche Concerns Related to Encryption Algorithms and Security Schemes 19: Abdelrahman Altigani 19: Design of an Internal Model Control Structure for a Robot Manipulator Hajer Bouzaouache 8
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