Hw Elem Trd Unit Test 11a 1

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Hw Elem Trd Unit Test 11a 1
  1 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 11A 1 Write sentences with  going to . 1 What / we / eat this evening?  What’re we going to eat this evening? 2 I / not write my blog today  ______________________________3 Careful! / You / drop the plate ______________________________4 Look at the time! / They / be late ______________________________5 Stefan / go skiing in the USA next month ______________________________6 Lois and Ben / not visit any museums ______________________________7 When / Zoe and Leo / get married? ______________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 6 2 Put the words in order to write questions. 1 is going who to the washing up do ?  Who is going to do the washing up? 2 do is washing going the he to? ______________________________3 going in long is live she to the USA how ? ______________________________4 home are going we to when get ? ______________________________5 going are married next get they to year ? ______________________________6 is going she to at the post get office what ? ______________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 5 3 Match the questions in 2 with these answers. a Susan is. 1 b No, they aren’t. ________c Three or four years. ________d Some stamps. ________e Yes, he is. ________f Tomorrow. ________ 1 point for each correct answer 5 4 Write sentences with  going to  and the infinitive. 1 Yusef / chemist’s / get some aspirin  Yusef’s going to the chemist’s to get some aspirin. 2 Edgar and Eileen / go to Wales / climb Mount Snowdon ____________________________________3 I / take / my guitar / play folk songs ____________________________________4 She / save money / go shopping in New York  ____________________________________5 We / visit Yellowstone Park / see grizzly bears ____________________________________6 Chun / buy a motorbike / ride through Mongolia ____________________________________ 1 point for correct use of going to  , 1 point for correct infinitive 10 5 Write about your plans with  going to . 1 This weekend, I’m going to see my friends. 2 When this test finishes, _________________________3 Next month, _________________________4 Tomorrow, _________________________5 In a year’s time, _________________________6 When I retire, _________________________7 Next Saturday, _________________________8 When I get home this evening, _________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 7  2 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 11A Continued 6 Complete the weather words. In summer, Bangkok is (1) h o   t   and (2) w _ _ .In March, British weather is often (3) r _ _ _ _ and (4) w _ _ _ _ .Let’s not go to the beach today – it isn’t (5) s _ _ _ _ .It’s very (6) f _ _ _ _ . I can’t see the road.Is it going to be (7) s _ _ _ _ _ _ tomorrow? I want to go skiing.It’s too (8) w _ _ _ to wear a coat today. I’m just going to take a jumper.It was very (9) c _ _ _ in Helsinki – the temperature at 11 a.m. was – 20°C!It wasn’t a good day for taking photographs. The weather was (10) c _ _ _ _ _ .Yesterday was warm. Today, it isn’t cold, but it is quite (11) c _ _ _ . 1 point for each correct answer 10 7 Write true answers. 1 What’s the weather like today? _____________________________2 What’s the weather like in January in your country? _____________________________3 What was the weather like yesterday? _____________________________4 What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow? _____________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 4 8 Read the text. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? Write (?) if the answer isn’t in the text. Safia Hasni is a mountain runner. As a child, Safia enjoyed most sports. When she was a teenager she started running in the hills near Bradford, where her family lived, in the north of England. Safia trains every week – in all weather. ‘You can’t stay at home if it’s wet, cold, and windy. You have to go out and run.’Earlier this year, Safia won a place in the team to go to the World Championships in New Zealand. Her trainer expected her to do very well. However, Safia fell over the week before the race and couldn’t travel. ‘I was disappointed, but I’m definitely going to run next year.’ 2 1 ?  Safia’s parents are runners.2 ____ Safia started mountain running when she was six.3 ____ She played different sports when she was younger.4 ____ Safia grew up in the north of England.5 ____ When it’s bad weather, Safia doesn’t train.6 ____ She sometimes goes to the gym.7 ____ She didn’t get a place in the team going to New Zealand.8 ____ She didn’t go to New Zealand.9 ____ She fell over and hurt her foot.10 ____ Safia isn’t going to race again.  2 points for each correct answer 18 9 You are on holiday. Write notes. ã Where are you?ã Who are you with?ã Where are you staying?ã What did you do yesterday?ã What are you going to do tomorrow?ã What’s the weather like?ã What are you doing today?   Now use your notes to write a postcard. Write 50–80 words. Start: Dear … I’m in … with … ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3 points for each piece of information divided between accuracy and content, 2 points for layout 23  3 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 11A Continued  10 Complete the conversation.A  It’s a (1) l _ _ _ _ _ s u   n   n   y  d _ _ . (2) W _ _ _ s _ _ _ _ we d _ ? B  (3) L _ _’_ go on a river cruise! A  Oh no! It’s 2°C! It’s (4) t _ _ c _ _ _ to go on the river. B  Well, (5) s _ _ _ _ w _ watch a DVD? A  OK. Which film (6) d _ y _ _ w _ _ _ to see? 1 point for each correct answer 5  11 Translate the sentences into your own language. 1 I’m going to the Yemen next month. ___________________________________________2 When the children are in bed, I’m going to have a hot bath. ___________________________________________3 What a pity! It’s going to rain. ___________________________________________4 I sat near the window to watch the passers-by. ___________________________________________5 When did you go to Cambodia? ___________________________________________6 What’s the weather like now? ___________________________________________7 Shall we go out for a coffee tomorrow? ___________________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 7 Total  100
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