Hw Elem Trd Unit Test 10a 1

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Hw Elem Trd Unit Test 10a 1
  1 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 10A 1 Complete the sentences with the Present Continuous form of the verbs in brackets. 1 I ’m waiting  at the bus stop. (wait)2 He _____________ TV. (not watch)3 The Chinese ___________ against the Japanese and the Koreans. (compete)4 ______ the scientists ______ a lot of experiments? (do)5 We ___________ about the universe at school. (learn)6 ______ you ______ anyone this evening? (see)7 I can’t speak to you now, I ___________ the newspaper. (read)8 Everybody ___________ the party. (enjoy)9 ______ Bella ______ on her laptop? (work)10 ______ we ______ shopping today? (go)11 No, they ___________ emails. (not write) 1 point for each correct answer 10 2 Complete the sentences. Use the Present Continuous or the Present Simple form of the verbs in the box. cook drink stand study wear watch1 My sister usually watches  films on Saturday evenings.2 Jorge ___________ French in Paris for a month.3 The train is full, so we ___________ .4 She never ___________ coffee.5 Can you answer the phone? I ___________ lunch.6 I always ___________ designer clothes. 1 point for each correct answer   5 3 Write the questions using the correct form of the Present Continuous or Present Simple. 1 What are you cooking?  I’m cooking spaghetti.2 ____________________________________ He’s talking to his dad.3 ____________________________________ No, he doesn’t usually have toast for breakfast.4 ____________________________________ She works in an office block near here.5 ____________________________________ I’m wearing a suit and tie.6 ____________________________________ No, I never go to work by bus.7 ____________________________________ They get up at 7.30 a.m.8 ____________________________________ I’m laughing because I heard something funny. 1 point for each correct answer 7 4 Underline the correct answers. 1 I saw anybody   / somebody   today who had one blue eye and one brown eye.2 Is there anybody   / everybody   here who is crazier than me?3 Everybody   / Nobody   has got the most incredible clothes! They all look fantastic.4 I’m really annoyed. Everybody   / Nobody   helped me do the washing up.5 I can’t see nothing   / anything  . Please switch on the lights.6 Where are you going? – I’m not going somewhere  / anywhere !7 I’d like to go somewhere  / nowhere  special for the bank holiday.8 This party is amazing. There are good-looking people somewhere  / everywhere .9 What shall we have for lunch? – Nothing   / Something  . I’m not hungry. 1 point for each correct answer 8  2 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 10A Continued 5 Read the text. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? Write (?) if the answer isn’t in the text. My name is Renee and I am teaching English in Africa for one  year, before I start university. I live in a small village and I have my own little hut. I get up at 6 a.m. every day. I have a ‘shower’ using a bucket of cold water. I eat a quick breakfast, and then I get on my motorbike and ride to school through the jungle.When I get to school, the kids are all waiting. Everyone is wearing T-shirts, shorts, and trainers – it’s very hot! Today I’m teaching the younger children some English. We are studying numbers 1–10, colours, days of the week, and we’re reading a story about a family of rabbits. Incredible things happen to them! The other teacher, Zac, is teaching the older children. They are studying maths today. My class are laughing and telling stories in their own language. Zac’s class aren’t making so much noise. They’re studying hard!In the evenings, I usually eat supper early – around 6 p.m. Then I relax and watch the sunset. And very often I go to bed early. Teaching is very tiring! 1 Renee is working in Africa for 12 months. T  2 She is studying English at university. _______3 She lives in a hut with some other English teachers. _______4 She gets up early in the morning. _______5 She enjoys having a cold shower. _______6 She rides to work on a bicycle. _______7 The children arrive at school before Renee. _______8 Some of the children are wearing hats. _______9 Renee is teaching ten children in her class. _______10 The older children aren’t reading a story today. _______11 Zac’s class are louder than Renee’s class. _______12 Renee sometimes reads in the evenings. _______  2 points for each correct answer 22 6 Make notes about two people you know well. ã Their namesã Their descriptionsã Where they liveã Their jobsã Other information 2   Now write a paragraph comparing them. Use the words in the box and your notes. Write 50–60 words. although because and so but both for example______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8 points for accuracy and content, 4 discretionary points for additional information,8 points for correct use of linkers 20 7 Complete the sentences with the correct preposition, at  , on  or in . 1 Sorry, I’m busy at   the moment.2 Václav’s going _____ the train to Warsaw.3 What are you doing _____ the kitchen?4 Where are you? – We’re waiting _____ the bus stop.5 Hi, mum. I’m _____ my way home.6 They learn English and Russian _____ school.7 He can’t talk now. He’s _____ a meeting.8 They’re going _____ holiday for two weeks.9 Please take a seat _____ my office.10 Where’s your dad? – He’s _____ work. 1 point for each correct answer 9 8 There is a mistake in each sentence. Correct it. 1 I going to work everyday by bus.  I go to work everyday by bus. 2 Jack’s busy – he writes emails at the moment. ___________________________________________3 I don’t know nobody in this town. ___________________________________________4 Who do you talking to? ___________________________________________5 I’m sometimes studying in the library. ___________________________________________6 I don’t have nothing to say to you. ___________________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer   5  3 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 10A Continued 9 Complete the conversations. We’re just looking, thanks. That’s great. Can I take a message? Never mind. Let me have a look. A  We’re going to get married next year. B  (1) That’s great.  Congratulations. A  Excuse me. This computer isn’t working. B  I’m sorry. (2) ____________________ A  I’m afraid I can’t come to the cinema tonight. B  (3) _______________ Let’s go another time. A  Could I speak to Lorraine, please? B  Sorry, she’s not in her office. (4) __________________ B  Can I help you? A  No, it’s OK. (5) ____________________ 1 point for each correct answer   4  10 Translate the sentences into your own language. 1 What’s Rebecca doing? ___________________________________________2 I’m sitting in my office, drinking a cup of coffee. ___________________________________________3 My wife is on her way home. ___________________________________________4 Where does Mustafa work? ___________________________________________5 I didn’t switch any lights on. ___________________________________________6 Somebody is at the door. ___________________________________________7 She hasn’t got blue eyes. ___________________________________________8 Are you wearing a skirt or a dress? ___________________________________________9 It’s a bank holiday tomorrow. ___________________________________________10 I hope you enjoy the film! ___________________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 10 Total  100
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