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  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Unit test 8B 1Write Would   or  Do . 1‘  Would you like some aspirin?’ ‘Yes, please.’2‘ you like an ice-cream?’ ‘No thanks, I’m not hungry.’3‘ you like Frank?’ ‘Yes, I uite like him.’!‘ you like a rink?’ ‘Yes, tea, please.’#‘ you like $ooks $y %ostoe&sky?’ ‘Yes, I o.’'‘ you like a ne( )pple *ac?’ ‘Yes, I (oul .’ 1 point for each correct answer5 2Write true answers for you. 1%o you like learning +nglish?  Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.  2oul you like to ha&e a cat? 3hat (oul you like or inner this e&ening? !hat sort o car (oul you like to ri&e? #hat sports o you like? '%o you like rasp$erries?  1 point for each correct answer5 3Complete the conversation with some , any , much  or many . A et’s make /10  some san (iches or lunch. B . o( /20 $rea is there? A 4here isn’t /30 5 6ust our slices. B 4hat’s . Is there /!0 cheese? A Yes, there’s /#0 7he ar cheese. B )nything else? A 4here are /'0 tomatoes. B o( /80 tomatoes are there? A  Not /90 , 6ust t(o. B :reat; cheese an tomato san (iches< A oul you like /=0 6uice? B Yes, please. Is there /1>0 apple 6uice? A Yes, I think there’s /110 in the ri ge. B . ere’s your san (ich. 1 point for each correct question10 4Put is  or are  in the correct place in each sentence. are  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Unit test 8B 1)pples goo or you.24his $utter ol . It smells terri$le.34he potatoes in the ri ge.!I think milk elicious.#4omato 6uice nice in the morning.'I on’t like &egeta$les. eas horri$le. 1 point for each correct answer5 5Write a , an , or some . 1  an onion2 pasta3 stra($erry! ruit# egg' $iscuit8 san (iches9 milk  1 point for each correct answer7 Put the wor!s in the correct column.  plasters $roccoli scissors potatoesrasp$erries computer maga@ine shampoo                               scissors 1 point for each correct answer7 #ea! a$out four recipe we$sites. A You tra&elle aroun the (orl an lo&e all the ierent oo . No( you can make it at home (ith  Herbs and Spice  5 it’s easy< earn to cook your a&ourite recipes rom In ia, Aapan, *eBico, ungary ... Cse tra itional ingre ients rom aroun the (orl ; interesting her$s an spices, elicious honey, nuts, an yoghurt ... an much more. B  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Unit test 8B  Passionate about Pasta  is the perect site or  people (ho (ant eBciting pasta recipes. %elicious tra itional Italian recipes rom inormal meals or rien s an amily to antastic party menus or special occasions< C )re your chil ren typical ussy eaters? 4hey (on’t eat any &egeta$les? 4hey on’t like ruit?4hey on’t (ant to try anything ne(? 4he  Food for Kids  (e$site is the ans(er 5 hun re so recipes that make goo , healthy oo interesting or chil ren.% Te Sand!ic Store  site is ull o a$ulous $ut easy-to-prepare san (ich recipes an i eas. +&eryone (ill lo&e them, an you can make them in a e( minutes. You can in many o the san (ich ingre ients in your ri ge. Choose the $est we$site for these people. 1I lo&e oreign oo . I al(ays try ierent things (hen I tra&el.   2*y mummy thinks I nee to eat more apples an more $roccoli. Dut I like ish an chips. 3I gro( &egeta$les an her$s in the gar en. I lo&e cooking Eouth )merican oo (ith lots o spices< !I make my o(n lunch to take to (ork e&ery ay. I nee some simple i eas< #e (ant to cook a special inner or our parents. 4hey lo&e spaghetti. '*y ki s only eat ast oo at high school. I’m (orrie they on’t eat anything green. 8I (ant some interesting recipes so I can cook goo oo or my little nephe(s. 9I (ant something +uropean I can cook or the amily’s supper. 4hey on’t like her$s an spices. =I (ant something uick an easy to make that I can eat (ith my ingers in ront o the 4. 2 points for each correct answer16 %Write instructions for &hepher!'s Pie. (se the notes to help you. Write full sentences an! )*%) wor!s. nions 5 chop an ry) lour, thyme4omatoes 5 chop, a to onions*ince meat 5 ry, miB (ith onions an tomatoes) salt, pepper   Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Unit test 8B otatoes 5 $oil, miB (ith $utter an milk *eat 5 in ishG potatoes 5 o&er meat&en 5 19>H7 until top is $ro(n  You cop and fr# te onions $ 20 points divided between accuracy and content   20 +Complete the conversations with wor!s from the $o. sort large small else latte take a(ayeBpensi&e much $ottle (hat o&er  A ello, (hat can I get you? B I’ like a large /10 latte , please. A Eure. a&e in or /20 ? B a&e in. A . a&e a seat an I’ll $ring it /30 . A I’m looking or a nice shampoo. B /!0 a$out this one? A o( /#0 is it? B 12.== or the small /'0 . A h, that’s too /80 < A hat /90 o en&elopes o you ha&e? B Emall or /=0 . A 4hose are too /1>0 . I’ll ha&e large. B )nything /110 ? A 4hat’s all, thanks. 1 point for each correct answer10 1)Complete the sentences an! write where you can $uy them. -ou can use each shop's name more than once. har (are shop stationer’s ne(sagent’s chemist’sYou (rite in this; n o   t    e   b   o   o   %   .  stationer’s 2You use these or cutting; s . 3You put it on your tooth$rush to clean your teeth; t . !You rea this in the morning; n . #You use this to (ash your hair; s . 'You put letters in these; e J . 2 points for each correct answer10
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