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Headway NAME CLASS New Unit test 7A Elementary FOURTH EDITION 1 Complete the sentences with the Past Simple form of 3 Read and tick (✓) the true sentences. Corr
  1 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 7A 1 Complete the sentences with the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets. 1 Where did  you  go  (go) to university?2 Einstein __________ (publish) his theory of relativity about 100 years ago.3 Yuri Gagarin _____ (be) the first man in space.4 ABBA __________ (not have) many number 1 hits in the USA.5 _____ people _____ (listen) to CDs 20 years ago?6 I __________ (not bring) an umbrella.7 How much pocket money _____ you _____ (get) when you were a child?8 We __________ (not have) dishwashers when we were young!9 _____ you _____ (enjoy) your holiday last month?10 Our parents never _____ (talk) on mobile phones when they were children. 1 point for each correct answer 9 2 Write the questions. 1 Who did you go with?  I went with my friends. 2 _____________________________________ The film started at 9.30 p.m. 3 _____________________________________ We went to the airport by bus. 4 _____________________________________ I bought two shirts.5 _____________________________________ He paid £35.6 _____________________________________ No, she didn’t like it.7 _____________________________________ I didn’t come because I didn’t feel well.  2 points for each correct question 12 3 Read and tick ( ✓ ) the true sentences. Correct the wrong sentences. Swim Girl, Swim! On 23 August 1926, Gertrude Ederle, a famous American swimmer, became the first woman to swim the English Channel.In 1924, Ederle won a gold medal in the Olympic Games when she was only 17 years old. She swam across the English Channel two years later.She started in France at 7.05 on the morning of 6 August. The swim took 14 hours and 30 minutes. The weather was bad, with wind and rain. The first person to meet her on the English coast was an officer who asked for her passport!When she got home, she became the star in a movie called Swim Girl, Swim  and she also met the President of the United States.Unfortunately, in 1933, she fell down the steps of her apartment building, and because of the accident, she couldn’t swim in competitions again. She never married and died on 30 November 2003 at the age of 98. 1 Gertrude Ederle was a famous swimmer from England.   Gertrude Ederle wasn’t from England. She was from the USA. 2 Ederle wasn’t 20 years old when she swam across the English Channel. ___________________________________________3 She started the swim across the Channel in England. ___________________________________________4 She left in the evening of 6 August 1926. ___________________________________________5 The weather wasn’t good when she swam across the Channel. ___________________________________________6 The officer in England gave Ederle a flag. ___________________________________________7 She married a movie star. ___________________________________________8 After 1933 she couldn’t swim in the Olympics again. ___________________________________________  2 points for each correct answer 14  2 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 7A Continued 4 Make notes about a famous first event that you know. Write a paragraph describing the person and the event. Write 60–90 words. ã Name?ã Early life?ã What did they do? ã Life after the event? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  20 points divided between accuracy and content 20 5 Choose the correct word to complete the conversations.A  (1) Did you invite  / invited   Maria and Jens to the party? B  No, but I (2) asked   / did asked   Tomas and Maria. A  I (3) waked   / woke  up at 7 a.m. B  But you didn’t (4) eat   / ate  breakfast until 9 o’clock! A  Did you (5) meet   / met   Professor Ramirez at the airport? B  No, Walter (6) does  / did  . A  How long did the flight (7) take  / took ? B  It (8) did take  / took  about 90 minutes. A  Did you (9) waved   / wave  when you saw them leave on the plane? B  Yes, I waved but they (10) didn’t see  / saw   me. A  (11) Did   / Do  they sell many fireworks last year? B  Yes, they (12) selled   / sold   a lot. 1 point for each correct answer 11 6 Write the names of the special occasions. 1 In Italy, M o   t    h   e   r   ’s D a   y  is in May.2 V _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ’s D _ _ is on 14th February.3 It’s my w _ _ _ _ _ _ d _ _ today! I have a beautiful white dress!4 T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is an American holiday.5 H _ _ _ _ _ _’_ _ is at the end of October.6 N _ _ Y _ _ _’_ E _ _ is on the 31st December. 1 point for each correct answer 5 2 7 Write the correct preposition. 1 I got up at   eight o’clock this morning – two hours ago.2 She finished school ___ July.3 What did they do ___ the weekend?4 We usually have coffee and toast ___ the morning for breakfast.5 What did you do ___ New Year’s Eve in 1999?6 21st June 1945 was a very important date ___ the 20th Century in Europe. 1 point for each correct answer 5 8 Write the adjective or the adverb form of the word in brackets in the correct place.   fast  1 She walks . (fast)2 I write important letters. (careful)3 Rafael often gets up. (late)4 We worked before the test. (hard)5 I dropped the cup, but it didn’t break. (fortunate) 6 Learning a foreign language is work. (hard) 7 Please talk, the baby’s sleeping. (quiet)8 Matthew’s a driver. (bad) 9 Luigi speaks English. (fluent) 10 We phoned the police. (immediate) 1 point for each correct answer 9 9 Put the words in order to write sentences. 1 rain. / started / It / to / suddenly    It suddenly started to rain. 2 took off / plane / immediately. / The ___________________________________________3 flight / The / well. / went / really  ___________________________________________4 well / went / Everything / into / until / fog. / they / flew ___________________________________________5 news / world. / quickly / round / The / went / the ___________________________________________6 the / got up / We / this morning / and / late / bus. / unfortunately / we missed ___________________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 5  3 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 7A Continued  10 Translate the sentences into your own language. 1 We got up at 6 a.m. ___________________________________________2 He earned two million pounds last year. ___________________________________________3 How long did the journey take? ___________________________________________4 Happy Birthday, Mummy! ___________________________________________5 What beautiful flowers! ___________________________________________6 He drives badly. ___________________________________________7 They won the match because they played well. ___________________________________________8 How much did you pay for those shirts? ___________________________________________9 When did you arrive at school this morning? ___________________________________________10 You’re going to pass the test easily. ___________________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 10 Total  100
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