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Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________ Unit test 6A 1 Correct the mistakes. 1 Did she had a happy childhood? have 2 We didn’t had much money. 3 At 17 he maked his first million. 4 I could sang before I could talk. 5 Ben couldn’t read and wrote. 6 Oprah goed to work on a TV talk show. 1 point for each correct answer 5 2 Complete the sentences with Past Simple form of the verbs in
  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Unit test 6A 1Correct the mistakes. 1Did she had a happy childhood? have  2We didn’t had much money.3At 17 he maked his first million.4I could san !efore I could talk. #en couldn’t read and $rote.%&prah oed to $ork on a '( talk sho$. 1 point for each correct answer    5 2Complete the sentences with Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets. 1)y mother  studied   *study+ #usiness at uni,ersity.2When *are+ your randparents !orn?3&prah’s parents *!e+ ,ery poor.4I *not start+ school $hen I $as fi,e. )y !rother *catch+ the train this mornin.%Why you *$ant+ a ne$ computer?7Who he *inter,ie$+ last $eek?-Where )ichael helps eiht old medals? *$in+ 1 point for each correct answer7 3Write Past Simple questions. 1$hat / !e / your fa,ourite food in your childhood?  What was your favourite food in your childhood?  2$hat / $atch / on '( last $eek? 3$here / meet / your !est friend? 4$hat / you / ha,e / for lunch last niht?  $hen / you / last / ha,e a holiday? %$hen / you / last / send an email?  1 point for each correct question5 4Answer the questions in 3. Write sentences. 1  My favourite food was sticky toffee pudding.  2 3 4 % 1 point for each correct answer5  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Unit test 6A Complete the te!t with the Past Simple form of the verbs in the bo!. earn ha,e $ant !e $rite marry !ecome o lea,e start *02+#ill ates *1+ was   !orn in eattle Washinton A. ates *2+ his first computer soft$are proramme at school 5 a computer ame. In 167 at the ae of 1  #ill ates and his school friend aul de,eloped a computer  proramme called 8'raf9o9Data’ that *3+ them :2. #ut ates’ parents *4+ him to finish school and !ecome a la$yer. o ates * + to ;ar,ard ni,ersity. #ut he *%+ after only one year. 'hen he *7+ a ne$ company $ith aul in 167 . 'hey called this company )icrosoft. ates *-+ one of the richest men in the $orld.ates met )elinda <rench in 16-7. 'hey *6+ in 1664 in ;a$aii and *1+ three children. 'hey also *11+ the #ill and )elinda ates <oundation in 1664 i,in !illions of dollars for health and education pro=ects all o,er the $orld. 2 points for each correct answer    20 #ea$ an$ answer the questions. The King of Pop Michael Jackson was born on 29 u!ust 195 in #n$iana% &'( )e was the ei!hthchil$ in a famil* of ten chil$ren + he ha$ three sisters an$ si, brothers( )e ha$ a$ifficult relationship with his father( )is brothers pla*e$ in a ban$ calle$ -he Jackson.i/e( Jackson was a musical pro$i!* an$ soon became the star of -he Jackson.i/e( )e was a fantastic sin!er an$ $ancer(#n the 19 0s Jackson left the ban$ an$ be!an sin!in! on his own( )e was /er*successful an$ sol$ millions of recor$s( ut he ha$ a lot of problems too( eoplewere worrie$ about his beha/iour% an$ he nee$e$ a lot of help from $octors( #n 19 he built a house calle$ Ne/erlan$ which cost 17 million + he close$ the house in2003 because he $i$n4t ha/e enou!h mone* to keep it(Jackson marrie$ twice an$ ha$ three chil$ren + two with his secon$ wife% ebbie6owe( )e calle$ them Michael Joseph Jr rince8% arisMichael% an$ rinceMichael ## lanket8( -he worl$famous :in! of op $ie$ in 2009 at the a!e of 50(resi$ent ;bama sent Jackson4s famil* a letter sa*in! Michael Jackson was a !reatmusician( 1Where $as )ichael >ackson !orn?  In Indiana, the USA.  2;o$ many children $ere !orn !efore him? 3Who did he play in a !and $ith? 4Was he a ood musician? Why $ere people $orried a!out him? %;o$ many $i,es did he ha,e? 7;o$ old $as he $hen he died? -Was >ackson only popular in the A?  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Unit test 6A 6Who did resident &!ama $rite to? 2 points for each correct answer13 %&n$erline the correct wor$. 1)y $eek $as tiring   / tired  .2I’m annoying   / annoyed   !ecause I can’t find my hand!a.3&ur lessons $ere really interested   / interesting   this $eek4he’s boring   / bored   !ecause the film is too lon. I’m ,ery eciting   / ecited   !ecause it’s my !irthday tomorro$. %'hat ne$s story is ,ery worried   / worrying  . 1 point for each correct answer5 '(ake notes about a famous person from )our countr). @ame @Barly life@#orn in@What they did@<amily Write a para*raph about the person. Write +,'+ wor$s.  ! was born in !  20 points $i/i$e$ between accurac* an$ content20 -Complete the table. We $riteCWe sayC112/ /21 the twelfth of May, two thousand and ten 2the second of eptem!er nineteen oh se,en321/12/2143/4/16-4 the fourteenth of >uly se,enteen eihty nine%31/1/1- 1 point for each correct answer5 1+Write the Past Simple verbs in the chart. e0ported finished asked inter,ie$ed mo,ed opened started talked $atched  Name _____________________________ Class ____________________________  Unit test 6A /t/ /d/ /Id/  finished ovedstarted  1 point for each correct answer3 11ranslate the sentences into )our own lan*ua*e. 1I sent an email =ust !efore this lesson. 2We ot up early yesterday. 3)y randfather $as !orn on the 4th of >uly. 4Bntrepreneurs can earn millions of dollars.  When did you last o to the cinema? %Did she ha,e a happy childhood?  1 point for each correct answer  % -otal100
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