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Headway NAME CLASS New Unit test 5B Elementary FOURTH EDITION 1 Put the words in order to write questions. 1 Miroslav (1) can speak Russian but he (2) ca
  1 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 5B 1 Put the words in order to write questions. 1 mother she your cook was when twelve? Could  Could your mother cook when she was twelve? 2 your when speak he Spanish was Could brother five? ___________________________________________3 seven? were when you Could skateboard you ___________________________________________4 you you when ten? were Could paint ___________________________________________5 you when six? use Could a you were computer ___________________________________________6 a your motorbike when he father was twenty? Could ride ___________________________________________  2 points for each correct answer 10 2 Write the sentences in the past tense. 1 My friend isn’t at home.  My friend wasn’t at home. 2 I am a student. _______________________3 Are your friends from Poland? _______________________4 Is your mum a businesswoman? _______________________5 My grandparents aren’t on holiday. _______________________6 My brother and I are happy. _______________________7 It’s cold in Canada. _______________________ 1 point for each correct answer 6 3 Use the correct form of the verbs and the information to complete the sentences. drive play run speak speak   Russian marathon car cello Japanese  Miroslav   ✓   ✓    ✗   ✓    ✗   Anita    ✗   ✓    ✗    ✗   ✓ 1 Miroslav (1)   can speak  Russian but he (2) can’t speak  Japanese.2 ‘(3) ________ Anita ________ the cello?’ ‘(4) ______________ .’3 They (5) ______________ a marathon.4 ‘(6) ________ they________ a car?’ ‘(7) ______________ .’ 1 point for each correct answer 5 4 Complete the sentences with the correct adjective from the box. hard important busy independent hard-working proud passionate1 Your brother is always studying – he’s very hard-working   .2 Please listen carefully – this is ________ .3 I don’t like maths – it’s too ________ .4 I passed all my exams with A grades – I feel very ________ .5 My best friend loves to laugh, but she also cries a lot – she’s ________ .6 I can’t help you now – I’m ________ .7 My dad doesn’t work for a company – he’s _________ . 1 point for each correct answer   6 5 Complete the conversation using was/were  or could  .B  What (1) could  Mozart do when he (2) was  a child? (3) _________ he a child prodigy? A  Yes, he (4) _________ . When he was five, he (5) _________ already write music. B  Which musical instruments (6) _________ he play? A  He (7) _________ play the violin and the keyboard – an instrument like the piano. B  (8) _________ his mother a musician? A  No, she (9) _________ . But his father (10) _________ a music teacher and he wrote music, too. B  (11) _________ his parents rich? A  I don’t know. But Mozart (12) _________ rich – he was poor when he died. 1 point for each correct answer 10  2 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 5B Continued 6 Read and answer. Hassan Rashid: Maths Genius? Hassan is a twelve-year-old boy who lives in England. When he was two he could do mathematics. Both his parents are teachers but Hassan doesn’t go to school. On week days, Hassan goes to university and at weekends his mother teaches him at home. ‘Hassan is a happy child. He loves going to university and I can teach him other things. He was at school when he was five but the teachers couldn’t help him because he’s a genius.’ Hassan studies mathematics for five hours a day. ‘I can’t have friends because I study a lot. I was at school when I was five  years old – it was great, I could play with other children. I don’t think I’m a genius, I just work very hard.’ 1 How old is Hassan? He’s twelve. 2 Where does he live? _____________3 What do his parents do? _____________4 Where does he study maths? _____________5 What does Hassan do at weekends? _____________6 Why doesn’t he go to school? _____________7 Why can’t Hassan have friends? _____________8 Why does he think school was great? _____________  2 points for each correct answer 14 7 Read the clues. Write compound nouns. 1 This is where you can catch a train: r a   i   l   w    a   y   s   t    a   t    i   o   n 2 I wear these when it’s sunny outside: s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _3 A woman puts her money, mobile phone, etc. in it: h _ _ _ _ _ _4 I relax on the sofa and watch television here: l_ _ _ _ _ r_ _ _5 Cars can drive fast on this road: m_ _ _ _ _ _ _6 You read and write these on your mobile phone: t_ _ _ m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1 point for each correct answer 5 2 8 There is a mistake in each sentence. Correct it. 1 I can speak three languages brilliant.  I can speak three languages brilliantly. 2 Ralf’s uncle can play the guitar bit. _____________________________3 She can’t say anything not at all in Spanish. _____________________________4 My dad can cook quite good. _____________________________5 They can’t dance all. _____________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 4 9 Choose the correct prepositions to complete the sentences. 1 He wants a new car for   his birthday. a for b in2 What are you listening ________ ? a to b from3 I was ________ school today. a for b at4 You can buy a sandwich ________ the petrol station. a at b on5 Do you want to go skiing ________ me? a with b for6 My girlfriend is ________ Albania. a for b from7 Yoshi is married ________ Erica. a with b to8 Could I speak ________ the chairman, please? a of b to9 What’s ________ TV tonight? a in b on 1 point for each correct answer 8  3 NAMECLASS New Headway Elementary FOURTH EDITION Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 2011 Headway New Elementary  FOURTH EDITION Unit test 5B Continued  10 Choose the correct questions and answers. Can you give me a hand with this bag? Could you give me your telephone number? Sorry, I haven’t got any money. Yes, of course. Could you open the window, please? Certainly, sir. Cheese or chicken?1 A   Could you give me y   our telephone number, please?   B  Yes. I’ll text it to you now.2 A  ____________________________________  B  Sure … It’s heavy!3 A  ____________________________________  B  No problem. It’s hot today, isn’t it?4 A  Could I have a sandwich?  B  ____________________________________5 A  Can you lend me 50 pence, please?  B  ____________________________________6 A  Could I speak to you for a moment?  B  ____________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 5  11 Read the advertisement. Write a formal letter. Write 80–100 words. WANTED Hard-working person to work in a busy music shop. Do you play a musical instrument?Is music important to you?Can you talk about rock and pop / country and western / classical?Are you free from 9.00 – 2.00 on Saturdays?Please write to:Seamus Keating, 84 Totteridge Lane, Muswell Hill, N11 5PP 1 point each for position of addresses and date, appropriate salutations; 15 points divided between accuracy and content of body of letter 20  12 Translate the sentences into your own language. 1 Do you want to come to the party with me? _________________________________2 Where’s your girlfriend from? _________________________________3 Could you tell me the time, please? _________________________________4 Where were you born? _________________________________5 I can’t play the guitar. _________________________________6 Sorry, that’s too expensive. _________________________________7 Chen is at work today. _________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer 7 Total  100
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